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Some people are diagnosed with fatal diseases and told they have months to live and go on living for years and years and/or become COMPLETELY HEALED. This is no surprise to me as I do believe 100 percent, as Louise Hay says, (and so many others) that we can cure ourselves.

 But WHAT IF the person doesn't believe, has been told they only have a short time to live, and finds life challenging in general anyhow.

Can they attract their own death?

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We all attract our own death, and no it isn't predetermined because it changes all the time.

Zewin, what are your references or sources for you answer?

I got that answer from a few different sources, and some research. One that sticks out in my mind right now is the movie "Tuning In" (It's awesome, you can find the whole thing on youtube)

Also, it only makes sense (to me) If our thoughts, beliefs and emotions create our whole LIVES, then it only makes since that they have something to do with how and when we die. 

Thank you Zewin, I will look on You Tube.

oh heck GC, I was interested to see your response! ;) Thanks Zewin!

Ok, FP, the reason I hesitate to give my response is because I don't think it's a very popular viewpoint, but here goes:

I believe that we made a sacred contract when we were spirits and we picked our date of death in advance of becoming humans.

Have you ever seen people in horrific accidents, or those that have tried suicide, and they walk away from that without having death be the outcome.  Some people will claim "I guess it just wasn't my time" Although they don't really know what their time is, they know that they shouldn't have been able to walk away unscathed, so horrible was the accident.

I have asked my spirit guide to tell me if I am able to change my agreed upon date of death, and I was given a firm "NO" as the answer.  I think we have to live out the life we chose because that is the time frame we need to live in order to fulfill what we came here to learn.

People who do die from accidents, illness, or suicide, I believe, have fulfilled their contract and choose to go back to spirit form.

I told the story before of a little boy I used to babysit, he died on his 5th birthday in a house fire. His stepfather tried to rescue him, but could not.  Years later, I had a reading, and the little boy came through, I asked him why he died, and he told me that it was his arrangement to die that day, so that his stepfather could be viewed as a hero, because everyone thought of him as an idiot.  From that day forward everyone reacted differently to the stepfather, and I became a true believer that we pick our death date in advance.

It is my belief that once we completely understand the life we chose, it is then time to die, because we learned what we came here to learn, so what is the point of going on any longer, we have expanded to reach our highest good.

Sorry for the length of this post.

GC, PLEASE do not apologize. I enjoyed your response very much. I am very grateful for you taking the time to answer. I respect you IMMENSELY. :)

Lots to think about. So then do you think it is possible for someone to actually know they arent going to live long? Can there be a subconscious "understanding"?

Fascinating story of the five year old boy....

Cheryl, I am being perfectly honest with you, when I say that I, myself know that I will not be alive in 2 years. There is a certain knowing that I have, and I have had this feeling for many years that I would not live past 56 years old. I don't know how I know, but I am 100% sure of it. No, there is not going to be a suicide, just to make myself fulfill that thought, it is just that I know I chose that time to leave and I will. As a matter of fact, about three weeks ago, I had my mother remove me as the beneficiary of her will, and name my daughter, so that I don't have to update my legal documents. This may even sound ludicrous to some, especially since I stood to inherit over a million dollars, but it is this knowing that gave me the notion to do this.

Then I intend to enjoy every minute with you , GC. I think you are so beautiful.

Wow Grand Creator, that's very interesting. I never even thought of it like that, you make a good point. I've heard several stories of people just "barely escaping death" and suicides, and it may be because it just wasn't their time yet.

This is a very interesting discussion indeed.

now it made me wonder..

how does LOA fit into this then? if we were to die at the age of 30 from suicide it means our life was pre destined so I can't see how loa fits into this? GC how do you explain it? just very curious..

Mimi, using your example of dying at 30 from suicide to me suggests that before you came here, you decided that you would live the kind of life that would make you feel suicide was your only way out.  Where another person may have decided that they would die at 30 from cancer, and yet another may choose 30 and get hit by a bus.

Just the same way a small child before entering a human body decides when they will leave, as in my example of the little boy.  He knew, absolutely that he chose that day to die before he came here.


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