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Can someone explain these particular manifestations to me please?


I have been aware of the LOA for the best part of six years. I have read a good few of the mainstream books and I find some of the youtube channels interesting. I do believe in the LOA strongly. I am not claiming to be an expert, far from it, in fact a lot of it confuses and frustrates me.

Anyway I am looking for peoples opinions on these two particular things that have happened to me over the years I have been aware of the LOA. These two instances really freaked me out and made my blood run cold when they happened. I have never spoke with anyone about these as I do not think my friends would believe me. Anyway here goes.

First one happened about four years ago. I was at my local gym doing a spin class. I was working away on the bike following the examiners instructions with the rest of my group. I don't know how or why but I started to think completely randomly about a girl who I had been talking to the weeks previously on tinder app. I cannot explain why she popped into my head. I had a couple of briefs conversations with her and it wasn't going anywhere. I do not think we had spoken for at least a fortnight.

Me and my friends are in a whatsapp group chat and some of my other friends had tinder. I remember saying to myself in my head it would be funny if my friend John was also talking to that girl and he put a picture up of her in the group chat asking our opinion of her. I do not know why this popped into my head. The thought came and went and I got on with my class.

When I got back to my car I opened glove box and took out my phone. Looked in the group chat to catch up with messages which I always do and my friend John had posted a picture of the exact girl who had popped into my head during the class. The same friend I imagined posted the picture asking our opinion on her. My blood ran cold. It was the EXACT scenario which had popped into my head innocently from out of nowhere during the class. I started to doubt myself it was that freaky and impossible. I checked when he had posted it in case I had tricked myself and seen this before I went in to class. He had posted it when I was in class and phone was in car. 

Second story happened about three years ago. I was driving in my car on my way to pick up my brother to take him to the movies. Out of nowhere the local mob boss/gangster popped into my head. I remember thinking about his wife and how it was not much of a life for her knowing every time the phone went it could be to tell her that her husband had been murdered. I started to think specifically about him being killed for some reason like in the movies or the sopranos. I do not know why. I can't explain the thoughts. When I was standing in line for the popcorn I received a phone call from a friend of mine to say that the guy I was thinking about, the mob boss had just been murdered 30 mins ago, his mother stayed in the block that it happened in.The police were all over the place and it had not been made public yet just the locals had been told of the record. It had not even hit the news yet so there was no way I had heard it on radio and not picked up on it. Again my blood ran cold and I was completely dazed and freaked out.

I know these are random stories but the reason they have came back into my thoughts is due to me trying to manifest specific things and not having any joy with it. It is frustrating me as I know the LOA works. I have manifested things which I have thought about in the past. I don't know how many times I have thought of an old school friend innocently in my passing thoughts and then 20 mins later have seen them walking down the street for the first time in fifteen years. Stuff like that happens to me. It's what I would describe as innocent, random manifestations but when I focus on something I like or want I can't seem to have much success with it.

Right now I am trying to manfiest a text from my Ex, yes I know how much this has been spoke about in the past and I am sorry to be that guy but it is something I want and it will make me feel better. Anyway, I have been watching a particular video on youtube from a well know LOA guru who said this works. I am looking at the comments and all I am seeing is people saying stuff like "OMG this works I followed these instructions and within 24 hours the text came in" etc. When I am doing it I am not really feeling it. It's as if my logical mind is telling me the things I want I can't manifest but the things I think about randomly are manifesting so I know the LOA works but I can't seem to get it to work for me you know?

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1. You were playfully intending with no insistence or resistance. 

2. Sounds like it was intuition.

Notice how you weren't really attached to the outcome in scenario 1 versus being strongly attached and needing (repelling) a certain outcome in manifesting the text from the ex.

Welcome to the lifestyles of mediums and psychics! You opened up to allowing premonitions. You have just relaxed and gave up conscious thought long enough to pick something up out of the eathers. I have been doing it since I was about 8. Contact me privately if you want more info. or places you can talk to others lime.


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