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I'm a fan of Dr. Patrick Flanagan who is supposedly a genius and like one of the top 10 minds of our time.  I just discovered that he has created a medallion that you can wear around your neck and it increases your energy, protects you from negative energy, and gets you into alignment with the Universe.  He says be careful what you wish for while you're wearing it because it will happen. 

Sounds to me like it can help you stay in the vortex all the time, and if that's the case, then it's probably worth the price.  It's on sale for $502.00 right now.  I don't really want to pay that much for it myself, but I thought maybe someone on here who has a lot of money to spend might want to try it out and report back to us on how well it works. 

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    What do you mean by "vortex" , in your own words ? 



The vortex is Abrahams word for in alignment with your HigherSelf or the Universe.  When you're in alignment you attract things easier.  Like the bible says - "seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all else will be added".

In a word, no. Don't waste your money on snake oil claims. $500 pendant? A pendant that could make you stay in the vortex 24/7 would be worth billions...but no such pendant exists on earth. You are responsible for your energy, external objects themselves don't do much.




I can't even feel bad for people who throw their money away on such a blatant, shameless fraud as this, hoping they can buy their miracles ready-made. This is a straight-up con, a sucker's bet, and his "explanation" for how it allegedly works is gibberish.

And it's not even pretty! I'm totally okay with spending hundreds of dollars on a piece of jewelry that helps me feel happy and powerful when I wear it--hell, I do it every year for my birthday. But damn it, it had better be pretty.

Haha agreed, and very relevant username!

Does the answer matter ?  no

"To believe in" air, food and water ... and so-called physical body ..... "keeps me alive.... in life " ...

Is this any different ?

So what about such a belief in a "medallion" , since it is no more/less limited and self-contradictory as any other ?   And no .... there are not "degrees" of such , either Existence is Truth ItSelf , Self-Complete ... or it is not at all.  And since the One in whom this question is, IS THAT, TRUTH ... that's that and not not. 

Truth is All That Is , Absolute Truth is Absolute and Truth

Amazing and I agree. 

I see you all think it's a bunch of crap, and I can see why you would think that.  But I have a hard time believing that because of who created it.  If you do any research on Patrick Flanagan, they say he is a genius and possibly one of the top 10 minds of our time.  I can't see him created crap. 

I have heard people testify to the positive effects of orgone jewelry which you can buy for less than $25.  If everything is energy, who's to say that you can't effect the bio-energy of your body with a piece of jewelry. 

Who is "they"? Just because someone says it doesn't make it true. I'm not saying he isn't a smart man, but the claims are on it are ridiculous. It's just some external objects do have their own vibration and can boost your energy, but the effects are small, and this definitely isn't worth the 500.

A medallion that keeps you on a positive frequency?   You could put your trust in a medallion but you're limiting your power by doing so. Being dependent on objects or people to keep you at a high frequency may work but it's only for a short period of time because no object or human beings can keep you on a certain frequency. All of the power is inside of you  so it's still up to you to maintain it.   There are crystals and stones that you can buy right now that will align your energy but they can't keep you from being negative .

I don't say this to offend anybody but I would like for more people to think about something.  If a individual claims some spiritual teachings or some object can bring them health wealth and happiness then why do you they need to make money off it?  I know the answer is  "well this is the thing that Law of attraction is guiding me to use as my means of profit " but there are stories of people manifesting money without doing anything and I've seen some people do that myself. If this Universal energy creates the whole entire Universe with the same energy that is inside of you then logically you should never have to  do anything for "money" ever again because you could just focus and attract money to you. Which there are stories of people doing that.  Just something to think about. 

It's interesting that people put their trust in objects to help their energy when every object that comes into your life is manifested out of your energy.   You could manifest that medallion using LOA if you really wanted it but I could think of better ways to spend 520 dollars but that is me not you. If this medallion will make you happy then use LOA to attract it and try it for yourself. Aways remember you have all the power inside you and anything outside of you is just a reflection of whats going inside of you.

I use healing crystals myself because they are relaxing but it's still up to me to maintain my energy even after I've used the  crystals but I don't need those  crystals because I've been manifesting some pretty amazing stuff before I started using crystals. 

If this medallion is going to make you happy then let the Universe bring it to you and try out for yourself but always remember the power that creates your reality is inside you not some object.


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