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I know it sounds crazy but is it possible? Then change something we really didn't like?opinions? Comments?

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True... Hahaha doesn't hurt to dream :)
Hi, Jennette!

Thanks, for your question! :O)

I think, sure! It may be happening all the time. What are strange feelings like Deja Vu all about? Possibly exactly what Shannon mentioned--a feeling that something's been altered. I suspect it may be detecting a "disturbance in The Force." In other words, noticing a time traveler. You can't see the person, Jennette, but you can feel the presence of something that doesn't "belong" in your world.

Anyway, there was already a discussion on this matter. (Hahaha! Sounds a bit like time travel, already.) Here are the coordinates:


If you make it to the second page and beyond, I offer some specifics. A number of people have claimed to be time travelers, and some have left behind (supposedly) technology.

I share what I'm aware of and some book and author info. Oh, I didn't mention this book: THE TIME TRAVEL HANDBOOK: A Manual Of Practical Teleportation & Time Travel, edited by David Hatcher Childress. This has a lot of the history and some interesting info about Time Travel Mechanical Services, Ltd. Seemingly, someone associated with this company no one's heard of walked into the Adventures Unlimited Bookstore in New Zealand, and dropped off a folder. All he said was, "With compliments from the future" and walked away, never to be seen again.

The diagrams are reproduced in THE TIME TRAVEL HANDBOOK (published by Adventures Unlimited). Not that useful, but intriguing.

Hope that satisfies your curiosity a little, Jennette! :O)

Sunshine & Blessings,

Yeah, time is an illusion.

That's just as good an argument for why time travel IS possible as for why it isn't, however.

I mean, we travel forward in time even though it's an illusion--don't we? Sure, you can argue we're always in the present, but what does that mean? If you traveled back, you'd still FEEL like you're moving forward in time, it's just that you'd see evidences that contradict that.

The universe is certainly weirder than any of us is likely to imagine. Flight was "impossible," too, you know? You may be 100% right, though. Who knows???

Sunshine & Blessings,
"Greetings from FacebookCashInsider!"
My theory so far:
Time travel IS possible
HOWEVER I don't think anyone's discovered it yet or if they have why don't WE all know about it?
Though as some of you say there COULD be a reason we haven't found out about it. I mean, for e.g. maybe someone has done it and knows how to teach it but thinks if they do bad people will go back in time and do more evil for e.g.
But it is possible that it hasn't been discovered and it will be discovered in the future, and that's why noone has come back and told us about it because it hasn't been discovered yet.
Hi, Athena!

Well, your heart is sure in the right place! :O)

However, if time travel's been discovered in the future and anyone at any time decides to come "here," we'll experience it, right away, Athena. That's the nature of time travel (as it's usually imagined). So, the fact that it hasn't been discovered yet isn't a reason for no one coming back to tell us.

Furthermore, if you'll read my earlier post, there are several claims of time travelers coming into our general time and even sharing details about how time travel works.

Sunshine & Blessings,
"Greetings from FacebookCashInsider!"
For me always nothing is impossible...But the problem is this that we dont know how to..
Remember my sentence "nothing is impossible.."
because the world is an illusion..And we can do anything with illusions..
Actually my heart doesnt want to believe that the world is illusion..May be its not...
About time travel...Its possible and i always believed that deja vu is related to time travel..
I think when someone travels in past than he stays in his space time position and every other thing changes and the other things start moving backward in time..
When he stops travelling we forget everything and start over life from that point from where he wants..
But because of some reasons...Some memory stays in our mind of future..Thats why we feel de ja vu,..
I think real magicians can do it..And may be a brilliant scientist..
Hi - I read this earlier and would just like to throw in my two cents - in a Reiki sense, you can. There is a symbol you learn at Reiki level 2 which allows for both long-distance healing and also the ability to send energy back to your younger self or someone else's younger self or whatever.
Weird because I used to sometimes wonder where I got my strength from at difficult times, and then years later found myself sending energy back to my younger self and wondering, is THAT where I got it ?!

As for physical time travel, I think theoretically it's possible if it's true that time is the 4th dimension, but it probably won't be possible for a while yet !
As for people coming back with the technology/telling us how to do it - I think these future people capable of this will be more evolved in many ways - possibly existing in a quantum state, and they'll have wisdom and knowledge we don't have about such things.
If you could go back to the dawn of civilisation, would you give a caveman a laptop and try to explain to him how to use the internet ? Well I wouldn't, because he probably wouldn't get me : )

Hey Ciar,

Well, obviously someone WOULD share advanced technology, as this video demonstrates.




I'm just sayin'! :O)

Sunshine & Blessings,

I've pondered this a lot myself . . . and I think the laws of Paradox are intended to be immutable.

The very act of showing up in the past, without even doing anything, would immediately change that past from one in which you never went back to one in which you DID go back, and there's no way to predict what alternate realities might evolve from that point forward, from the simple fact of your suddenly being there when before, you were not.

More specifically, say you went back ten years to warn yourself of something you wished you had been able to avoid. Now the "past" you is armed with information the "present" you didn't have then, so the "past" you made different choices which caused the "current" you to be someone else entirely, therefore the "current" you had no reason to go back and warn the "past" you, therefore you didn't go back, therefore nothing changes.

Paradox -- the circle of physical impossibility.

But even without all that . . . I don't think a physical "past" even exists in the first place, so it's not there to go back TO, because it's all moved into the Present even as the Future is always becoming the Present, and all that really exists is the One Now Instant being experienced from ever-changing perspectives giving us the illusion of linear Time progression, when in fact there is no such thing.
There is an angle to the LOA called "Matrix Energetics" that uses a manifestation technique called "two-pointing", and another technique called "time traveling". I have gotten a near 100% success rate with these two technoques (I also get good results from other techniques as well, such as One Command, gratitude writing, etc). It is too complex to describe here, but for those who are interested, you can google for Matrix Energetics and find out more, but yes, I have time-traveled to get what I want, and that was one technique that I used to get my ex back...I time traveled myself for this and did get the results I wanted.
I myself have been trying to time travel recently and I have googled Matrix Energetics. I haven't really found out how to do it yet though and since you have, I was wondering if you could message me or something to try and help me out? I would appreciate it so much.
Thanks :)
^^ you time traveled wow...
Btw did you travel physically ?


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