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I know it sounds crazy but is it possible? Then change something we really didn't like?opinions? Comments?

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Well, i cannot bring the dead back, so i have to pick a date when all loved ones were already dead who are dead today. The most logical date is june 27th, 2011. I wake up in Josika Street in the dungeon. I have all my memory deleted about what happened, i only want to remember the following: the stocks, everything about b12, gluten, dysbiosis and what books to buy and translate, about Maitland and what i want to do for hobbies and when to buy real estate in Hungary. So the stocks are the following: gmcr right away until it goes up to 111 dollars, hw from 1.32 to 7.47, netflix from 7.78 to 64, apple from 75.78 to 118, netflix from 47 to 130, gmcr from 54 to 91, nvidia from 25.73 to 114 in feb of 2017. This small sheet of paper comes with me under my pillow. I go for a blood test for B12 in Hungary. I rent out Timi's apartment for the days my Mom and my brother are in Budapest. We do not sell the vineyard and we leave the apartment in Koszeg until 2012 summer. We spend a lot of time together. When we come back to the US, i first go to spectracell for bloodtest, then i take all the milgamma shots and we go for a cross-country tour in the US and Canada. We take Frici bacsi along. In Nov i go to Hungary like i did. In December we go to Florida for xmas, we stay at the beach in a condo. Then in 2012 spring we go to South America with George. In May we go to Alaska and we sell the house. We only take the china home with the cabinet, the rugs (April 19, 2012- kerman rug from Einstein Moomji) and the Oliveri painting (ebay 2-27-2012). For my Mom i know to take her to gerson diet in Dobogókô, order supplements quercetin, resveratrol, indo-3-carbinol, soy isoflavones, curcuma and spirulina, cod liver oil, omega 3 and separate vit D in high dosage. These i order today so it would come before she leaves for Hungary. In south america we tank up on b12 vitamins and give injections to everyone.
2006 april 4th. I found the date that will work. I wake up on this day with my current knowledge but the up-to-date knowledge is also there to there is no hiccupp in my daily life.
Here is what will happen tomorrow. I wake up on April 4, 2006. The whole world regresses back to this date. I have my current knowledge and the up-to-date knowledge of that day. I get up and go to the gym. I make an appointment with an MD to get bloodwork done: b12 and gluten anti-bodies, also with spectracell and enterolab. I order GAPS and could it be B12? books. I start the diet right away and i translate the books. I put all our money into Corvel across all accounts. I open a Roth IRA for me and my Mom and fund it with 10,000 dollars. I request a modified shift so i can go to salsa dancing in the city with TK. In September i go home for the class reunion. At the end of the year i transfer all my money into first solar. In January of 2007 we go to Punta Cana for my brother's birthday and i tank up b12. The whole family gets injections. On March 7th we celebrate my Mom's birthday at Garfield Club. We call my grandfather to tell him not to sell the wine cellar. My Mom does not do the Ribavirin treatment. I give notice at work to go home for the summer. I go to Rovinj and i meet the gang. I publish the two books and if the put your heart in your mouth book comes out i translate that too. I start my hobbies: tennis, piano, horseback riding,tango, salsa and pole dancing, painting, ceramics. In the fall i go to Euro language school. I look up Pataki Dalma to take the Maitland class. At the end of 2007 i put all the money into ebs. In the spring of 2008 i go to don quijote language school in Latin America, in the summer i go to Hungary for festivals. I come back and i work for oarc but we go to dance classes with TK. In dec of 2008 i put the money into select comfort. We spend the weekends in the city and traveling around. In 2009 summer i go to croatia again for the salsa festival. Then we get married with TK on the beach and in the Garfield Club. We go to Hawaii for honeymoon in December. In the summer of 2010 i go to Hungary again with the family. I stay until November in Spain to learn Spanish. Then my stepfather dies. We go to Mexico to tank up on b12 again. In the spring of 2011 we go us cross-country after we submit for citizenship. In 2011 we go home for the summer and submit TK's papers. We come back and we start working on a baby. I take a part time job and i pursue my hobbies. In 2012 i get pregnant. I complete the maitland courses in europe, i translate the courses in Hungary, i translate the books as they come out, i put tigether a presentation. On april 13, 2012 i sell select comfort and i buy netflix on aug 5th. In 2012 we sell the house and we buy a residence in coral gables. 20 tahiti beach drive. On March 26, i buy apartments and businesses. We spend 6 months in Europe and 6 months in Coral Gables. I work in Coral Gables and i raise the kids. So in 2013 i give birth. I have three kids. In 2015 december i sell netflix and i buy the house in oregbükk street. In 2018 we move to Hungary for good so the kids can go to school. That is it.

You can go back in your mind and change memories you didn't like. Because memories are just movies we keep playing in our heads. Neither past nor future exists anywhere, except in our minds. So we can't go back since just now exists. Always. And just now we can find peace or joy, never in the past or the future.

1995 july 10th, Monday. I wake up in Amanda's room with my current knowledge. Everyone else's memory gets deleted. At this point i tell my stepfather that the only way to legalize our status is by marriage. I tell my Mom to give Steven Mike-mayer a call to see if he is willing to get married on paper and how much he would ask for. This needs to be resolved before the end of the summer. When we come up to Fair Lawn we put all the money into Ascend communications. I start babysitting, play tennis, horseback riding, scouts and go to the city to take salsa lessons 3x week. My Mom starts english at Bergen and i teach her. I take Spanish in high school. At the end of 1995 we put the money into Viasoft. By 1996 summer we have the greencard. If it is with my stepfather, then i go Rutgers alone if it is with Mike-mayer, then together. I take out a loan and get grants and scholarships for Rutgers.
I think that i will go to 1994 june 16th with all my memories deleted, except for my language skills, Maitland, everything about gluten, b12, dysbiosis and psychiatry. Everyone else's memory gets deleted.
I wake up in Érd on the day you posted this with my current and today's knowledge. The whole world has to go back to the way it was on that day.

I don't know about going back, but I think I figured out how to go into the future. I went to sleep, and I woke up tomorrow. It's crazy! :) 

Seriously though, as others mentioned, there is no such thing. Every time you "retrieve" a memory, you're actually recreating it in your working memory, and experiencing it there. Equally so, when you're thinking about the future, you're just envisioning it in your working memory as well. Even further, your conscious mind is ALWAYS in a delayed state (roughly 82ms), so it is never experiencing "right now" or the "present," but a continual residual state of the past. There is no present, past, or future - simply your experience and idea of it all. As such, the only thing of any importance is your current perceived experience. Master your experience. 

September 11, 2010. It is a Saturday. Érd is where i want to wake up with my current knowledge.
Yes, it is possible - tomorrow we wake up on 1994 June 14th. I wake up in Garfield with my Mom. Everyone's memory gets deleted, except for mine. I am surprised but very happy. It will be a great beginning of a new life. First: we go to the lottery store to buy the lottery ticket. Even if we do not win, we try. If we win, we move to Ridgewood right away. If we don't then we work some until August and play the stock market. Then from that point on: happiness.


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