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Next to us or in another country?
Just like one cannot make another person do something (through visualization and stuff) i find it hard to believe i can help or ask for vibes or positive energy from other people, unless they're right next to me and i can feel them somehow, or they write me a message that makes me have more faith or something like that.
What do you think?

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Yes, I believe you can -- and why not? I think that even if it perchance might not reach them, it still changes ME, and that's what leads to new things in the other person -- it's an interesting thing because the change in us is what brings about changes in others because we attract different things.

Someone shared with me this -- which I really like:


Mary Jo
Hey Monica,
Yes it is without a doubt possible...
Time and space are illusion... Your spirit does not know time nor space...
Have you ever been lost in thoughts of maybe when you were little to the point that you could actually feel everything?
Listen Monica... Do the following experiment... Pick one of your friends that maybe you have not really seen for a while but one who is able to reach you via phone or Email or whatever... Sit down or lay down, relax, and think about this person and try to feel this person... Then say something like 'call me'... I can bet you my last cent that if you do it the right way, this person will call you if it is not the following day...
I have done it myself more than once... It is possible to do anything with your resonance... Communicate to any type of life form from any plan, suggest, heal, give light, just name it...
Hope that I have been of help
Light and Love
OH! I get it now! It would be useful to keep remembering the 'no time-space limits'. Yes, my thoughs can often times become very real, i think that is what helps me the most, because i really get a lot of things i want by just thinking andfeeling them.
The thinking about someone and getting a caal from them is a classic!
You helped a lot, thank you!
I'd really like to stress here the "no time-space limits". Our minds are infinite, and not only can you send positive vibrations to someone in the present, but also the past and future. The sequence of events (time) is irrelevant beyond our physicality; So too is the sequence of thoughts/vibrations influencing those events. This means, relating to Logos example, when you send out your positive energy to your contact, that energy, outside of space and time, could have influenced your friend "the day before" to be reminded of you in some way while it occurred. Basically the events would start to come into play "before" you even thought the thought. I put "the day before" and "before" in brackets because again this is a time thing, it's really not happening before, because without time it's all in the now.

I've even had an experience where I've sent a direct thought to someone! The thought was short, but very clear. I was at a friends house, and I was drawing little pictures to fill up a page just for fun. My method was to let my mind go blank, and then quickly as I could think a word without using any outer stimuli, and draw it on the page. I did this, and somehow picked the word "lemon", but when I thought it, because I pulled it out of nowhere so fast, and put such emphasis on it in my mind, as I drew, I sent out a very powerful thought or vibration. I was literally half way through drawing it when my friend who was across the room talking about world of warcraft suddenly stumbled over his words. He then said "That's funny; I almost said the word "lemon". Now a lot of people might just say that's a coincidence, but I know that there's no such thing.
Oh I absolutely believe you can... I have two friends that I have a very strong connection to, one in Italy, one in China..I am in US... The syncronicities that happen between me and them amaze me, and I have no doubt it is the energy that we exchange between each other.

Just as I can text them instantly halfway across the world on my iphone... always amazes me we can do that in real time so far away.
That amazing to hear!! It's insipiring and i'll work on this immediately! Thank you.
I think you are way more powerful than that!

Most people feel powerless to help others, when in fact every single human being has a power within them that, when directed properly, will help beyond anything else. You can direct this power by focusing on people in difficult situations being in joy, by imagining them in joy right now. Hold to the outcome of joy for them. By doing this, you will cause the unfathomable Creative Power to move through you to bring them joy.

Pray! You are more powerful than you could ever imagine!

Yeah it seems like i (like other people usually) underestimate the power we all share. I'm slowly letting go of all doubts and that feeling of powerlessness. I remember when i was little "i could do anything", lol i was a little super heroine. Thank you for your help.
If you want to see how powerful energy is (which is vibration), watch Derren Brown's Mind Control and see the really cool things he does. I would highly recommend watching the "mind punch" he can do. It's amazing how he can manipulate energy.
Oh wow! I just watched a video 'kung fu mind punch', it's impressive. I'll watch more vids and read about this guy, this is so interesting! I was looking forward for something new, thank you. Blessings.
Hi Monica,
I would like to say that if it is hard to believe you can then you are right. The old saying, "Ill believe it when I see it", is (from what I know and heard from a course from Dr. Wayne Dyer), is actually the other way around to, "Ill see it when I believe it".
Belief goes along way. However, believing and Knowing are not the same. To know and to act are one in the same. I know alot of people "know" alot about something without knowing "it" at all.
I have always said to my students of the arts--Jesus didnt love anyone,----Jesus was and is Love. Not an act, but being. So back to the basics, you said, "I find it hard to believe".
Ok, then you are right. And if believe, then you are right also. You decide.
Now on faith. Faith is "Gnosis" or knowing. "the mustard seed knew itself". If you know that you are like what you came from, and a piece of what you came from, then you will be unlimited. Bring love to everything , dont try to get love. Be love. and you will see.
You're right. Thank you.
"Ill see it when I believe it". That's awesome!


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