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So according to Abraham and others, if we can get into the vortex and stay there all over our desires will come to us.  Abraham says that all over desires are waiting for us in vibrational escrow.  The bible also says "seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all else will be added". 

So my questions is, doesn't some music out there have the ability to raise our vibration?  And can we have such music playing in the background 24/7 for the purpose of raising our vibration?  Can we use music to get into the vortex and stay there?  Can we use music as a short cut to the vortex?

What about listening to 528Hz frequency on Youtube?  It's suppose to be the love frequency - the frequency of love.  Would playing that in the background 24/7 help to raise one's frequency?

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If you believe that it will help get into the vortex, then it doesn't matter what you choose to use. =)

But the problem is not getting in the vortex, it's staying in the vortex for extended periods of time. I'm not sure if music could keep you in the vortex.  If everything is energy then it seems like high vibrational music could have a high vibrational effect on you and thereby help you stay in the vortex. 

You're allowing for judgment here. If you say and believe that music keeps you in the vortex, then that is what will happen. If you say that only certain music will do this, then that is what will happen. 


You can decide it's okay to be in the vortex for as long as you like. 

Yup, it can.

Sure as long as it isn't focused on some behavior you do not wish o draw into your life from others. For example Gangster Rap about killing, use if guns, die in any way.....When u get it that u must be careful what you focus on, you will enjoy better attractions to you that supports keeping you into the vortex too.

Yeah I was kind of thinking of music that doesn't have lyrics.  Just something uplifting I guess that you could play in the background all day long.  I guess it would need some variety so it doesn't get annoying.  And it would need to be of a high vibration I guess. 

Yes! You can. I used to do this quite a bit. Not sure about 528 though, didn't find those too effective, but feel free to experiment nonetheless.


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