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A friend of mine tonight told me he finally figured out what love truly meant.  So, intrigued I asked him to explain.  He said love was a feeling and he couldn't explain it but he'd know when he felt real love in the future.  This is how I defined love to him:

'Love isn't about the other person, it's about you and how you feel inside that makes all the difference.  That's where people go wrong they think their happiness is caught up in the other person but real love is all about being happy with who you are and the rest just happens naturally.

It's not about dying for someone or giving them the moon its about giving them the best version of you that there is.  Love is about feeling complete, happy and safe all at the same time and wrapping someone else in that feeling too.

It's the greatest gift you can give someone, the gift of their true selves.

That's love to me.'

So, what is love to you?

Aravelle xxx

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Love is when despite all outer circumstances you still feel appreciation or gratitude for whatever it is you love. Be that love for yourself or another person.

Love is when you get that warm feeling inside and the whole world feels just perfect.

Love is comfort.

Love is every good thing :)
Love is not like a rose, a rose is like Love. It's source is in the unseen, and only it's expression is in the seen. That portion which is seen, however beautiful, pales infinitely to that portion which remains in the unseen and divinely creates and re-creates the seen over and over again, giving all and never asking for anything in return.

Perfect Health and Clarity of Mind,

-- Victor
Love for me is creating values for others. When you create you naturally generate feelings of happiness and the desire to love.
Love is for me when I want to be the best person ever to my lover. When I absolutely can't get enough of him.
I thought I knew what real love was and I do but...I have been in a very abusive, hurtful, unloving, relationship...I hope one day I can meet a real man who loves me because I truly would give someone ALL of me!
Love is love...... pure, boundless freedom. Both in the being and the giving.
Love is not a dependency on others.
Love magnifies inside us when we accept and believe in ourselves.
Love is the freedom to choose who I share my life with and feel happy.

Love is faith...knowing that you deserve the best things in life!
For me, Love is a recognition...

...of my highest self,
...of the highest self in another
...of the highest Self in Source/Spirit/God.

When we love someone, we see ourselves in them. When we love our country, our religion, our family, clan or club, we see ourselves in them and we see the highest view of ourselves reflected back.

Love is a recognition of the BEST that exists in what we love, and wants to express that fully. So Love gives us the freedom to find out what that BEST is and then supports the full expression of it.

Love is the recognition of the BEST in ourselves and is also the desire to give it.

Love isn't control or ownership. Rumi said that "what we think of love is nothing more than subtle degrees of domination and servitude." Love isn't fearing "losing" someone or "getting" someone, because that only thinks of the best for ourselves.

We're called to "love God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind' This means that we are to recognize the best in God at all levels. Many of us do this halfway, or with our soul, but not our mind, or spiritually but not physically. But when we love God with ALL of ourselves, then that recognition reflects back to us...and we begin to see the BEST in ourselves, and give our best.

i love your definition! it is soooo true!!!
Love is GOD!
yep, Love is GOD.


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