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I mean physically, for real, can we turn back time to correct some mistakes, or to relive some years all over again?

I've never read anything related to the law of attraction about this, but I heard they consider it impossible... Yet the motto here is "Anything's possible" so it got me thinking... could this maybe... be true?

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Yes, I have read about this, and it somehow makes sense... the past is what you believe it is, but it is not the memories themselves that bother me, so just replacing them with other memories is not what I need, because I was talking about really changing some events in the past... There are some actions that could have changed the current present completely and I can't replace that by just making myself believe the past was different.

You see, I don't want to correct something I have done, my mistake is NOT DOING something at the right time... and now the moment is gone... I can't just imagine I have done it, as if I had done it I would've had a totally different life right now.
I've made many mistakes in my life, and wasted many important years for me, it feels like I've missed on my life so far and I just can't live with the thought that I can't repair anything. It's just like... my life is so messed up, filled with mistakes, that all I want is to just take it all over again and relive those years. It just feels pointless to go on when I know I can't change anything from the past...
Hi Seranya

The one thing I read that helped me in the LOA is abraham said to make peace with were you are. When you can really make peace with were you are, then the past no longer matters, just the now matters.

warm regards Dale
Hi Seranya,

I guess you could say that I have "turned back time" because I have gone back, in my mind, to some times when I wish I had acted differently and looked at those mistakes with a different view and a better understanding. I now see them as times when I was doing the best I knew how with the information and skills I had at the time. I now understand that I did not know any better ways to act when I made those mistakes. We just simply don't have wonderful and wise knowledge or information until we do have it.

After forgiving myself for being so blind and unwise, I was able to let go of the mistakes and replace them with better thoughts and feelings like - "Wow, I am glad that happened because I was able to learn so much from it". or "Now I understand how to treat people with more kindness". or "I do not have to react to other people's anger with more anger because it is not about me. Their anger is about them".

As for reliving certain good events, I sometimes use them to get into the Vortex when nothing else is working or I need to find a better feeling about someone by remembering a great time we shared together.

Since we are always and forever learning and expanding, there will always be something that we wish we had done differently in our lives no matter how wise we think we have become. Mistakes are what we learn from the most.

Forgiving ourselves is the key to learning to forgive others also.

Joyous memories and a joyous future to you,
I know, I've often thought about this as well, that somehow... the only good thing that came out of all my mistakes was experience... and a different view on life, a better understanding of some things...
But really, as I thought about it, I was asking myself - was it really worth it to go through all those things just to get a "wiser" mentality?(though that's not the word for it at all :D I can't find a better one now...) Most of the time I thought it wasn't. I could live without those "lessons", I'd rather be shallow and unaware of some aspects of life, like so many others, just to be happy like them! They don't go through these "lessons" and they are much more relaxed and get to actually live their lives...

I agree, of course, we learn new things our whole life, but those things could be just minor actions we wish we had done differently. I could live with that... but what I wish to change is more important than like... having a fight with someone one day, or saying something I might regret later... it's something that would have changed my life completely. It's not about reliving some pleasant memories, I want to go back in time so that I could change my actions. I feel like I have missed on my life, I was always waiting for something to happen... to finally start living and now it's like I woke up that life actually passed by me all this time. I feel like I need a second chance, I want to change my life, I never would have thought it will go this way.

I need to relive some years, and not just imagine some actions happening because I want to FEEL those actions, I want to live certain things that wouldn't have the same meaning now. I just can't imagine my future without those things...
Sounds like you're still WAITING for something to happen. Seryna all you have is RIGHT NOW, THIS MOMENT. The past does not define YOU, YOU define YOU. Unfortunately, when we allow ourselves to dwell on our past, we cannot see our future because we cannot move from our past - it holds us, it prevents us from realizing all we truly have is NOW.

There is nothing you cannot be, have or do with this knowledge even change the past - but that requires a much deeper understanding of LOA.

All you can ever control is right now. You can't physically go back and you can't leap into the future - NOT YET AT LEAST.....

Focus on the moment at hand and allow yourself the opportunity to do the things you want.

You are correct when you say that you would be a different person and your life would have completely changed if you had made different choices. But you have no guarantee that you would like that other Seranya any better than you like this one. Can you honestly predict exactly what would be different? Or is that wishful thinking?

With a deeper understanding of law of attraction and learning to identify with your Inner Being instead of identifying with "events in your life" you will come to love who you are NOW and be grateful for every experience you have had up until now.

The reply by Awesome is telling you the answer. You can still become who ever you want to be, regardless of what you have done or have not done in the past. Start NOW. Start from THIS moment and be who ever you choose to be.
We can predict everything, since we are the creators of our lives, right?
But it's not that, I am SURE I would have loved that life, it's probably the only thing I'm really certain about, that if I had done something at the right moment, my life would have changed in a good way.
It can't possibly be bad, that path is definitely better than my current lifestyle anyway! It's not perfect and I don't expect it to be anyway. I know that path has bad parts, too. But I am willing to accept them, all of them! Because I love what it has to offer.

I'm not talking about changing myself, my personality or the way I think... I wish to go back in time with the exact mentality I have now, I want to be aware I'm travelling back in time, so that I can make the changes I want.

It's not that I identify with the past events, I don't believe they define you. But I'm talking strictly about certain actions I only had the opportunity to do THEN, which I can't do now. I'm talking about real events I would have loved to be part of at the right time... and now I've missed the opportunity. I want to live certain things, I can't just choose to live them from now on as I can't anymore! It's really hard to explain...



There is only the Now. The past, the present and the future are just different perspectives of the same moment. To put in other words, God's power is infinite. So yes, it is possible. Not that you should believe me, I haven't done it, and if I were to claim that I had, it would be reasonable to believe that I was just crazy. So consider the possibility that maybe it's not ideal. Would it not be easier to change your life from where you are than to move to a different place in time? Considering the level of "miraculous" that time travel is, are there not "lesser miracles" that would accomplish the same desired result?


My feeling on this is that yes, you can turn back time & relive & change things.

I don't think there's much point to it, when all is said & done, but this sounds like it's either an idle thought for you or a burning question. In either case, you deserve to have someone just plain answer the question as they see it. Most who've considered reality for a while seem to conclude that life as we see it is an illusion. So the present's as much an illusion as the past. If reality is undifferentiated consciousness observing itself, then whether time moves forward, back, or sideways (which would be how you "change" it) is all the same in the great scheme of things.

Reading the book BUSTING LOOSE FROM THE MONEY GAME by Robert Scheinfeld may help you wrap your brain (& reality) around this.

However, the changes you make by altering time are no more (nor less) real than the time-line you've lived. & your present mental programming may tend to make you forget the way it WAS, which would make it difficult to appreciate the changes you've brought about. Except to the degree that this is a burning question which you feel destined to embrace at all cost, I doubt that playing with it will bring you much satisfaction.

One easy way to simply play with this is through lucid dreaming. You'll understand why I say there can be frustration in appreciating such global life changes after taking control of a few dreams, I think. If you're intent on shifting time, I suggest you look into Tantric sex. In your case, it may be good to find a partner interested in things esoteric & willing to have all kinds of sex. Sex is VERY powerful & can help you slice through reality as we know it. The right book for this would be TANTRIC SEX by E.J. Gold.

(See the kind of title Gold puts out?)

Sunshine & Blessings,j
In my case yes, it's really important, as it can completely change the course of my life. Right now I don't think I could ever be completely happy or at peace with myself knowing I can't change anything and I can't ever accomplish those things. Going on just like that, feels like resigning and I'd always feel there's something missing...

I've heard that theory, too! But I don't know much about it, that's why I started this discussion, hoping someone here has more knowledge about this and maybe even tried something like this... and could help me.

Ok so if the past is no more real than the present or the future, how exactly do we go back and change stuff? And how can it work? I mean, if I think about it, changing my past would also affect the others around me, my life would change but it will also have a certain affect on the world. Everything is connected in some way.
So if everyone would just change their past as they wish, how can it still be the same for everyone else? It's just getting weirder as I think more about it... :\
After all it's not a separate reality, so could we really change the past no matter how it would affect the others? (Not that my wish would have any negative effect on people, just asking...)

And no, it's not that I'm not appreciating what I've learned and experienced all this time... in a way... but they don't even compare to what I would have experienced through that lifestyle.
I don't want to change my personality, I want to go back in time with the mentality I have formed, but the thing is... getting that mentality cost a lot... meaning awful experiences and some of the best years of my life wasted. That's why I need to go back.
I don't think those changes are worth it. I've learned a lot from them, but I'm not exactly happy, so I'd rather never have them, not learn anything, but at least I'd be happy.

I want to read this ebook...

Yeah, that's exactly the problem, it seems harder than anything to do! I'd rather have more confidence to jump off a building, I still think it could be possible to get away without a scratch, I can see that as a possible reality, but not turning back in time.
I do like to believe it's possible, and somewhere deep down inside I do think anything is possible, including time travelling. But I don't have that much confidence in it to just manifest it. And I'm afraid to try anyway... because I've tried manifesting other things that were really hard to get at that time and I still couldn't obtain them, so what are the odds that if I couldn't manifest those wishes, I will be able to accomplish this one - which is even HARDER?
I'm just afraid, cause I already spent much of my time wishing and trying to use the law of attraction for some dreams I had, just completely trusting the law, and it didn't work out. I focused only on them and gave up everything else, I don't really know how to explain... I knew that if I chose that path, all the others would be closed, and there was no turning back. I wanted it so bad that I was willing to give everything up, trusting the law will definitely get me there. And it didn't...

I'm afraid to try anything else that seems impossible for me right now, and I know that if I have doubts I won't manifest it anyway. On the one hand, I'm afraid to go for it, because I it could not work (I might have a wrong attitude) and waste even the chance I have left, but on the other hand, if I give up on the idea of going back in time, I will miss on the opportunity of changing everything I ever wanted to change about my past, and truly create the life I want for myself, that will make me truly happy.

There were times when I had no doubt about my dreams and they still didn't manifest... that's why I'm afraid...there was probably something else I did wrong... and I don't even know what.


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