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I mean physically, for real, can we turn back time to correct some mistakes, or to relive some years all over again?

I've never read anything related to the law of attraction about this, but I heard they consider it impossible... Yet the motto here is "Anything's possible" so it got me thinking... could this maybe... be true?

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If you believe that you didn't choose this life or have a hand in anything that has happened to you, then you are, in effect, choosing to think of yourself as a victim.

I didn't give you this information to attack you -- it's supposed to be empowering. 

Your soul wouldn't have chosen this life if it didn't think you were capable of overcoming your issues or having a great life in spite of them.

So you're deriding the idea of past lives, and the soul making intentional choices about the experiences it will have while embodied, and calling it "ezoteric bs"--and yet you're here on an LoA forum, posting multiple times a day about how you need to travel back in time to this, that, or the other date in order to fix your life?

Well, okay then. Suit yourself.

And yes, you may have been the victim of bad medicine and a horrible father and stepfather in the past--but you are the one keeping all of that alive and active in the present. You are the one creating all of your own misery right now.

Travel back to the past? You're already stuck there, in all the misery it holds for you. And that's your own doing.

The way out of it is to decide that the past doesn't matter, that it no longer has any power over you, and that you can find ways to be happy right here, right now. That's it.


   You know , Love is all there is and ever was and you know this in your Heart.  Yes, whatever seems to be not 100% Love , is not and never was, and Love could never be anything else than pure Love .

If you think of yourself as a victim then all you will attract is more circumstances that make you feel like a victim.

Basically... Yeah

I say this because you are right when you say the motto is "Anything's Possible"

The question is , Do you believe that ? or Do you consider it impossible? 


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