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I ended up coming into a state where laws completely make sure the homeless cannot have both a driver's license and medical insurance, and food stamps!

I need to manifest leaving, like immediately. My public phone is to be turned off based on the laws of this state interfearing with my whole daily life/self-care too. How would you work with this mess?

*I literally didn't visualize this state becoming such a completely and utter nightmare before I arrived!

*I wish to god I didn't manifest this mess. I've started warning others about all of the laws in this state, so they do not end up in the same terrible nightmare.


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The belief that you cannot fix your situation (and that you are stuck in it) is what is keeping you stuck in un fixable situations. 

  • I am going to do whatever it takes to get back out of it asap!
Yes! You can do it!

I'm gonna do a quick bit of online research for you here but end of the day I'm not taking responsibility for any of it, you decide where to go I take no responsibility for this OK? But I did a quick search for best states if you are homeless cos I wanna see if I can find any suggestions of places for you to look into.  I realise I don't know how feasible it is for you to move to them, but I just wanted to see where might be good choices to move to instead.  It will be as current as poss, though already some is 2018 and it's just people's opinions etc. 

Without further ado:

Quora: "

For me!! I traveled up and down west coast 5 states .! I tried in so many towns! I ended up in Sedona az! Reasons , people are not against it. We’re surtounded by national forest. The food banks here are off the hook! Everything comes from Whole Foods. But you can either camp alittle outside town . You can camp 2 weeks, or until you get tagged also and in town in woods but got to find a place no one hikes. You don’t get the feeling of being a complete outcast. Your excepted here! If your beat up from life and such this is the place. People are open and receptive to homelessness. We have so many coming trough. There’s a lot of help here. From churches. State, the best state mental health help here. People are out to help here.

I always tell people this the best place at getting second chance. You can be so shit out of luck and still life changes here !! It’s the best place to heal, even being homeless. The beauty here is healing in itself! People help each other here. If your homeless and have nothing , cloths and such. Your set on this. If you truly want change. You have the best chances here to get back up. The churches supply expenses cloth here, due to the high retirement community and the giving back .

Weather is great for being homeless

You don’t get messed with by people and other homeless people. You can slowly regain some peace here" 

"As you can see, all these places are in warm climates. I have heard of homeless people saving up their government check of public assistance or SSI and buying a one way ticket to Hawaii. If you are going to be homeless, why not in paradise? Hawaii has the highest percentage of homeless people in the US because of that. The problem is so bad that the state is considering deporting non local homeless people back to wherever they came from or wherever they want to go in the mainland for free. Whether they can legally do that is up for debate."  (I am aware Hawaii may be too hot for you though)

Source: https://www.quora.com/Where-is-the-best-place-to-be-homeless-in-the...


Different state

Oklahoma (though you may have been there?) Downtown Denver or Eastern WA were recommended for someone with disability in a comment in reply to this video: 


I don't know if any of this is helpful to you.

Please contact any links on here that might be helpful for people with your health condition:  Yes,  I am including links on this too


I'll also narrow that down a bit:





You probably have seen all these links and know all these things charities info already but just in case even if one little thing is a bit helpful, well I've done my job here. 

Hugs & best of luck with this. 

Unfortunately, people are largely ignorant of realities and misinformation regarding the homeless prevails everywhere. I am going to Nevada next. I was in AZ, and conditions are very tough. I know you are trying to help. The gov't laws need to change. This is what needs to create major relief. I just got it that shelters are getting HUD money to house homeless but also in certain tragic places taking money from local jail systems to place parolees in with the main population housing comprising if domestic violence victims and elderly and disabled homeless to further victimize them. Do not recommend shelters. Laws should Require 2. A notice is clearly posted at entry to shelters informing those chose to check in about how many parolees are housed and what levels of comes they did. And 2. The govt should completely require all parolees be housed in a separate dwrlli g and eat and shower at seperate times!

What non-is non-is ...... what IS .... IS ...... and there is only IS. 

"no not"  


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