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As a nurse this year I wanted to try and get into two areas of nursing that interested me and recently I applied for Palliative Care Nursing and did not get accepted for an interview.  I asked for the Universe's guidance, if I am to stay in nursing I would get accepted for an interview/job.  I feel the Universe has spoken and knows whats best.

Now feeling anxious as to what to do?  I could try and steer my career towards retail at the grocery store I am at.  Still I am awaiting the Universe's guidance to help me get to where I need to be and would like that to happen before end of year or new year would be great.

Appreciate any advice tips, anything to help alleviate this little anxiety feeling.  Thankyou :D

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Just listening to an Abe Hicks video, holding a thought for 17 seconds :)  All I want for work is the following:  good hours, good pay, good team members, good location, good environment to work in, positivity and joy in the work place.  Whatever my new career path is specifically, I have no idea at moment :)

Focus on anything that helps you feel better.

You don’t need to figure any of the details out. Your Inner Being knows everything you want and your relationship to it. Your want to allow yourself to receive the clarity and guidance from your Inner Being. And you do that by feeling as good as you can.

Bless you Brian :D thank you heaps xoxo

Brian to aid in the clarity from my soul.  Do you reckon decluttering would help attain clarity in life?  Thankyou

Decluttering your resistant thoughts? Sure.

Oh, you mean physically decluttering.

That can help. But you want to focus on getting into alignment first, and then do what is fun. If it’s fun for you to reorganize and simplify, hop to it. But you’re not doing it so that you’ll feel better. You want to focus on feeling relief first, and then do whatever you’re inspired to and sounds like fun.

Fantastic :) thanks for your helpful advice Brian :D

This makes me feel good when I affirm like a mantra

The Universe knows the best career path for me

The Universe is aligning me towards my new career

The Universe has my back

I am supported by the Universe in all aspects of my life, The universe knows best

I feel my nursing career is not quite over yet. My intuition/higher self or guides or universe is giving me this idea to try and get experience at Residential Aged Care Facility that is under the same company I am working now.  I did 2 years ago went to this facility and it was dismal experience, now under new management and have heard better report.  Hope to speak with the manager this week to see if I can be retrained and hope to at least get two weeks mentoring, that is what I want.  I will ask for one week of voluntary and if I like the first week, see if I can be paid the second week?  I feel I need to do this before I throw in my nursing career in, so that I know I tried :)

Okay then, I tried to meet up with the manager last week and she ended up not being available. I left my contact details and never received a phone call.  I feel the Universe has declared  NO.

Yesterday I received a phone call from my partners mum, who told me to get in contact with this employer in which I did get a job with a year or two ago however I declined unfortunately.  I sent a text without a second thought to tell her I am interested and ready to be employed.  I received a reply back and she wanted to know which area either nursing or support work.  

I messaged her today to say I am interested in Support Worker role and I am ready to start next week :)  I am awaiting her reply.

Honestly, I am not sure what is going on, what my block is.  The nightfill position at the grocery store has stopped, no more shifts.  Not that they have told me, but I know why as it is obvious, not fast enough.  I really enjoyed, I felt good and now no longer.

Doing my best to remain calm, positive and go with the flow.

Woo hoo, received application form.  So I am gonna go for the Support Worker role, even thou I am a Registered Nurse, would like to have time off from nursing and see how I fair with Support Worker Role, see if it is doable, I believe it is :D

I feel good :D


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