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You don’t need to change your beliefs. Just feel better and they change on their own. Oh, I’m sorry. Did you think it was more complicated than that?

Whenever you don’t feel good, you’re focused on a disempowering belief. It doesn’t matter what the belief is. You don’t need to identify it to release it. Your negative emotion is all the information you need. As long as you’re not pushing against the beliefs you have, they will improve. Redirect to something that feels more satisfying and any disempowering beliefs will fade with ease.

“Isn’t it good to get to the root of a belief?”

It can help, but it’s not necessary. Also the more you look for the cause, Law of Attraction keeps brining you more causes so there’s no end to it. Your focus is on releasing beliefs you don’t want, not on allowing beliefs you do want.

Let’s say you have unwanted beliefs about money. If you focus on beliefs you have and enjoy about anime or a soothing shower, or belief in your ability to draw or be a really good friend, if that was your dominate focus that would carry over to having easier access to more empowering beliefs about money. Focusing on anything that feels better gives you access to better-feeling beliefs on all subjects. Stay on easier subjects and more challenging subjects become easier.

Law of Attraction is about what you have access to in the moment. And you only have access to beliefs within a certain emotional range. When you don’t feel good, if you look for what’s causing it you keep yourself within the same range and slow your progress. Whereas when you feel better anyway, you now have access to previously elusive beliefs.

Uncovering a belief is a lot of work and a waste of your time, really. Source does that for you. Let your Inner Being do all the work. Just be the receiver of it already being figured out and any beliefs that are relevant will become very clear for you.

You might think your limiting beliefs are limiting you (hence, the name). But really, you needing to know what the beliefs are before you feel better is what’s hindering you. When you feel better anyway you attract what you want, all without ever identifying or changing your beliefs. When your emotions are more important than your beliefs, then your beliefs will fall in line with your emotions.

Negative emotions are more obvious than negative beliefs. For example, if you feel bad when you think about relationships but don’t know why. By shifting how you feel, you’ve automatically shifted your beliefs from less to more empowering. If you believe uncovering a belief is the quickest, most efficient path to changing it, you’re probably a masochist because that’s just the harder way of going about it.

“Changing a belief seems hard.”

Because you practice a belief that changing a belief seems hard.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if it was a little easier than I’ve been making it? If I bought a cute top 10 - 20% off, I’d like that. If changing my belief about something was 10 - 20% easier, that’d be pretty neat.”

“Manifesting a relationship feels impossible. I know working with the Law of Attraction has helped people, but I don’t feel I can trust it.”

Do you believe it’s possible to manifest a lack of relationship?

Do you believe it’s possible to manifest being single?

Do you believe you can trust that you can’t trust the Law of Attraction to bring you what you want?

These are all things you do believe. You have tremendous trust in yourself, which is wonderful. You really believe in your ability to not have what you want. That takes some determined focus to deliberately think about what doesn’t make you feel good. You want to celebrate the strong trust and belief you do have, not trying to figure out what beliefs you don’t have and change them. Focus on the good, your strengths, and that will expand.

Plus when you think about those questions, it sounds silly because it’s not a normal way of looking at things, so the shift in perspective helps you lighten up. You will always have some disempowering beliefs, so learning to appreciate the experience of them adds to a sustainable life of consistent joy.

Make sure you’re not changing your beliefs so you can manifest something, because that messes things up. You won’t feel better and won’t manifest what you want. When you care more about how you feel than the stuff, you feel better, change your beliefs and get your stuff. Win-Win-Win. Taking the indirect route can be the fastest and most satisfying way to what you want.

“Surely there must be a more difficult and tedious way of changing beliefs?”

Absolutely. They can be effective, just not efficient.

What happens is, people can do things a more complicated way, it works, and they get comfortable with cumbersome processes because it helped them before so they don’t bother considering another way that’s way, way easier.

Or is this too simple? Do you like the unnecessary twists and turns to make it more interesting for you? That’s alright. It can be as easy as you want it to be. Just like a video game, you choose the difficulty setting.

“What about a process I’ve been using that’s helped me a lot?”

Keep doing it if it works for you. It just doesn’t have to be any more involved than thinking a better-feeling thought. That is the simplest way to uncover and release any and all unsatisfying beliefs that aren’t allowing what you want. All of this work is tremendously easier than people are allowing it to be.

Since a belief is just a thought you keep thinking, better-feeling beliefs will naturally build by consistently focusing on better-feeling thoughts. Your beliefs will follow like a cute little puppy. When nothing is more important than how you feel, your beliefs will have no choice but to fall in line with what you want them to be.

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Brian: Nice post. What about gratitude? Doesn't that play a significant role in changing one's beliefs or attitude?

Gratitude is a better-feeling thought, so yes.

This is one perspective and one path, and there are other valid ways of approaching it as well. I agree that feeling good on a long term basis will eventually transform beliefs. However, the path of changing beliefs in order to feel better emotionally, is also a valid way of doing things. 

In my school of thought a belief is just an opinion, assumption that we make about something,all you have to do is change what you think  about given situation, person , etc. If you change what you think, create a differen opinion  about something ,belief follows suit, but first you have to be aware you can make a choice like that. So It's like Astro says, there's more ways than one to achieve something. 

Sometimes it's hard to just feel good for some people, and that feeling good can feel forced, so in order to feel good  they have to change what they are thinking. 

I agree with you but i think Brian did this post because sometimes we find soo difficult to change beliefs, for many pple it can be an almost impossible task, in that case Brian's words are incredibly helpful.

p.s. Thank you Brian

“Sometimes it’s hard to just feel good for some people . . .”

Which is why you want to feel better instead of feeling good. You can always think a better-feeling thought. For example, if you feel depressed, anger and blame would help you feel better. As you focus on feeling better you will get back to feeling good.

Reading this, I am reminded of the Esther Hicks post on Youtube called Your Beliefs Aren't as Important as You Think.  She says that it's all about feelings rather than the beliefs which create them.  Have a belief about feeling better, and focus on that, and she says that that will serve you better than trying to heal the numerous negative beliefs you may have.

Good article. I’m going to study it!

I think Joseph Murphy said, “A thought is a belief.”

Catching up on all posts during the 2 weeks that I was away. Another great post!

I used a process to change a deep rooted belief. It worked well, I felt the belief dissolve, and I haven't given it another thought since. 



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