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What do you guys think about changing your past. Like literally, going back in time to be yourself in the past. Like a do-over? I know George Orwell said "It's never too late to be what you might have been." Nevertheless, it's a cool concept I'm constantly brought back to. 

Or what about going to a parallel universe? What if you went to a parallel universe and brought back something?

Any thoughts on this I would surely appreciate!

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whats up with seeing who we are moment to moment why does it take so long if it is so constant and steady a change...

There is no There, and there is no Then . . . there is no Where, and there is no When . . .


. . . there is only Infinite, Eternal Now.


The reason things from the "past" or the "future" sometimes bleed into the present Here And Now is because all that ever was, is now, and ever shall be simultaneously co-exist in different dimensions vibrating at different frequencies -- each super-imposed upon and within one another irrevocably and inseparably.  Occasionally when vibrations match through Fear, Desire, or Expectancy, yesterday's ghosts and tomorrow's catastrophes become briefly apparent to those who are fearing, desiring, or expecting.


Remember -- you can't experience anything you're not utterly convinced is real . . . but you MUST at some point experience all you ARE convinced is real.

"Now" is all there is.  If you keep looking at things from a purely physical, Human-oriented point of view, like those mentioned and commenting in the article, you'll never grasp this concept.


4-dimensional Space/Time is a 100% idea.  Neither could exist without the other.  Without space, there is no time.  Without time, there could be no space.  The more of one you use up, the less of the other you have available.  That's the gist of Einstein's Time Dilation Theory.  But the kicker is -- Space/Time is an ILLUSION!  It has no empirical reality.  Only our EXPERIENCE OF IT is real.


Like everything else, whatever you choose to believe is true, is true FOR YOU :-)


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