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i have a question for you guys, what do you do when u find you are suddennly thinking about something negative, or doubting loa, or worrying about the hows and whens?????????????  how do u guys turn negative thoughts to positive????????


lots of love emma xxxxxx

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I have been dealing with this a lot lately. What I have done that has really helped is I write a list of all of the reasons my logical mind thinks that my desire won't manifest. This really helps you to understand where your resistance is coming from. After contemplating the list I the. Reverse each entry to the oppisitte of what I've written and then carry the list with me and read it whenever I start doubting. This has helped me so much.

Hello Emma

The answer for me lies in the focus to pivot or shift from pos.to neg. It can be as easy as 1st being grateful you've noticed and then simply say "no thank you" or as difficult as having to exhaust yourself from every moment the negative enters and applying a little more mental force by saying "scat". Really depending on how much resistance a person may or may not have.




the easiest way is to just say to yourself... 'ok, now that I have listed everything I DON'T want, what DO I want' .. and start talking about what you want instead. 

You may have to build a bridge from the negative to the positive by using 'what if...' statements... or 'now that....' statements.

But its all good. There is nothing wrong with having negative thoughts, in fact I suggest to my clients to have the biggest pity party they can when wallowing in the negative. 

As long as you move back to positive, in whatever way you can, and build on it until you are feeling fantastic.

I starting asking the Universe the question, what can you show me that I love?  What do I love? etc.  Whenever you ask the Universe a question, it does all it can to give you an answer.  Start asking a bunch of afformations (affirmations in the form of questions), like what can I do to show your love, and you'll find yourself focusing on something other than the negative. 

Well, Emma, you obviously have taken the first step which is RECOGNIZING THE NEGATIVE THOUGHT.

You know what to do from there. PIVOT. Feel good NOW any way you can. Watch the laughing baby video or Christian the Lion Reunion!!! Think of your buddy Cheryl or all you are grateful for girl!!!!

You feel better already dont you? ;) 

thanks guys, really great advice there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i realised the tune in my head i have been humming/singing is the one from annie .its a hard knock life...............................i quickly changed this to dont worry about a thing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and believe by boyz 2 men, i am coming up with resistance but i thank the negative thoughts and release them !!!!  cheryl i love ya !!!!!!!!!!  maybe i could come up with a PIVOT dance along with my tune !!!!!!!!  ha ha can u see me dancing in the middle of my supermarket !!!!!!!!

I usually look for something I can love.  Something I can make a difference with...  something to take my mind away from my powerless or doubtful feeling.  Not something I can control, something I can simply add/give energy to, something to help me forget the "feeling" of doubt.  

Yesterday, it snowed 6 inches here... 1st time all winter it snowed all day long.  I shoveled 3 times, and it really took my mind away from a frustration that was bugging me. 

It's already started melting again.. but I don't feel like my shoveling was in vain.  I think any kind of exercise can do it for me, but so can just finding cool stuff on Facebook to share, or answering discussion on here.  


And of course, playing with my kids is always helpful.  


With doubt, I have the ability to say to myself.. this is temporary.  That helps me a lot. 

thank u steve !!!!!!!!!!! xxx  sometimes i guess i need to take a step back and realise how grateful i am for my life, my children and my friends and family xxx i agree totally with the exercise part, im a lover of taking a walk to clear my mind but have now realised i need to do this more to appreciate stuuf, and yep playing with the kids is a definite pick me up, children are so positive xxxxxxxxx

If you do decide to make that pivot dance, please put it up on video so it may serve as other people's indicator to pivot out the negative ;)

I keep elastic prayer beads around my wrist that serves as my indicator. I simply pop it against my wrist as it induces my shifting. I would pop that thing like a jackhammer around bill-paying time. lol

Just lately ive been getting thoughts about the past popping up and as off before i knew loa i would av dwelled there but now i recognise this and replace the thoughts by thinking that was then it helped me learn and my future is great and think of my goals instead.

great point rachel xxx thank u all so much

lol michael , i may just video my pivot dance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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