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As of lately I've been listening to numerous abraham hicks recordings and I feel more powerful than ever. One of my desires has been to manifest a soulmate whom I can share life experiences with, travel, experiment, and love profoundly in every way (and have lots of sex with). The idea of having that person who really cares about me is really fulfilling. But today I wondered, what about having many lovers? Not romantically involved with, but sexually. There are lots and lots of faces and personalities I would like to experiment with, and that is not possible if I follow my desire of a monogamous relationship (I wouldn't like it) I guess what kind of holds me back is my own judgement, like, what if I catch something, what if I end up with a psycho, what if I get the whore reputation, what if someone starts spreading things in the internet to affect me, etc. But I guess it all comes down to being a vibrational match to those things. But really, now I can't decide! I like the idea in my mind of travelling, going to places, bars, clubs etc and meeting adequate people to experiment with and get the most of it. At 22 I have had very few sexual encounters that did NOT fulfill me in any way, and I actually regretted. But it was done through crappy apps, and I got with whoever I was a vibrational match with (not my types) and the experiences were just meh. How could I choose? I think that if I were to choose between the two I would still be thinking about the other option.

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Well, if you decide the latter make sure you clean up on your beliefs in that are first. Even if you don't decide on it, if you clean up your beliefs in that area it will more obviously be a less or more likely attractive option. 

Thanks for your reply Astro. Now that I cleaned up my beliefs on it, I gained more clarity and I definitely prefer a committed relationship lol. I guess it was an a-ha moment after realizing that the "ideal encounters" are possible after all, I just had negative beliefs on it based on past experiences and sense of self worthiness at the time. 

You're so right! I agree with what you said. I also recognize the never ending - ever evolving state of this universe, and perhaps I won't be a vibrational match to one of my lovers in the future! Meaning I wont remain the same all my life. Question though, do I really need to be specific in the aspects of someone I desire to attract into my life? I know exactly what I look for in a person, personality-wise, but physically I have many types! Ones may be a bit taller, ones may be slender and others more fit, ones may be brunettes and other blondes, there's a lot! If I do not get too specific with it will the universe just bring me whatever falls into my desired "spectrum"?

I mean I appreciate beauty so I look for a partner which I consider attractive (Its not the most important thing to me but that's not the point here)

Focusing on a specific type of guy physically may feel good, but I think I may be limiting myself to something better or different that the universe may provide to me and I would love. I like surprises, I like seeing unexpected kind of people and not just the one in my mind.

I'm always a fan of just starting with one, what is available, and see if more or different is necessary. It's like if you haven't eaten anything for a long time, and you get to start eating again, and you wonder if you should enjoy a nice single meal, or go to a huge buffet and try everything. Very different experiences, both equally valid. Well, if you're trying to decide something from a place of hunger, of needing to eat, that skews everything. Once you're not so hungry, more relaxed, once you've eaten anything...it becomes much more clear what kind of eating experience you prefer. 


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