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There's one thing that comes to my mind every now and then. I've seen tons of threads on multiple forums where people talk about their problems and very often, people that give them advice say "Choose better feeling emotions, feel like you would if your manifestation already happened, you can always do that in an instant." That's what confuses me. If it really were that easy to just say "I'm feeling so and so" and actually feel like that instantly, people would simply do it all the time and no one would ever experience any low frequency emotion. What are your thoughts on that?

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It sounds easy, and like most things the answers are often seemingly simple but to actually do them takes courage and its not always easy to process emotions.  I really like Abe's emotional scale as its a great starting point to understand how to move up through emotions.  However the trick with any real emotion is to actually feel it - as often times even with discomfort when you start to actually feel it - it starts transforming at that very moment.  Emotions are just energy in motion - - we all know that, but we tend to shy away from seemingly negative emotions, whereas really if we feel them, often they transform into positive emotions.  I realise this is a bit confusing, but simply try it out.  Now the reason it seems simple is that it really is about recognising where you are and then moving up the emotional scale.  Again, it sounds easier, but when you are feeling anger or frustration - to tell a person to really feel that - seems like an impossible or uncomfortable task to them, but till they actually do they will rarely transform that emotional energy.  The emotions are like a compass on your journey that can transform and empower people, but negative feelings are often shyed away from. 

People don’t feel better for two reasons: There’s so much negative momentum and they try to reach for emotions they don’t have access to. For example, when people feel powerless they try to be happy when they can’t. Instead, feeling better would be meditating, taking a nap or feeling anger and blame.

The other reason is people don’t actually believe they create their emotions. They believe conditions create how they feel. So when you believe someone else creates how you feel, you feel powerless and don’t focus on relief. That belief is enhanced by the first point of so much momentum and trying to feel good when you can’t you think, “Well, I wouldn't choose to feel this way, so it must not be me.”


i think a very easy way to choose joy is realizing that there's nothing but joy and love and light in our life even if things don't always seem to work out.

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It really is that easy. Of course, you do have to allow it, and you do have to understand that it's that easy, and most people are not that conscious to do that, so they don't. But you aren't most people are you? You are asking questions and wanting to know. So, in this, and in most every other thing, you have to deal with yourself, and not care what anyone else is doing or not doing.

They're having their evolution, and you're having yours. All that matters is what are you doing with yours. If you want to shift your emotions, decide it's okay to do so at any time, for whatever reason you choose and you will. Just like anything else, the more you practice it, the better you'll get at it.
Wise Tolemac

It's not that you choose emotions, you choose focus and thoughts that create the emotions.  

This is where understanding the idea of duality can be very useful, as it allows you to understand you can move your focus from dark to light, positive to negative etc.  The Hicks used to refer to it as two ends of the stick.  You choose which end you focus on and no matter how short the stick, there are always two ends (or as another saying goes no matter how flat the pancake, their are still two sides).

So you get to choose with emotions you create in you by the stories you keep telling yourself.

People want to attach themselves to the "truth" of their story as opposed to seeing it as an interpretation of the events.  Someone hurt me. Fact, it happened.  You were hurt.. now what? If you tell yourself someone hurt me and I can't move on it's a story.  Someone hurt me and I'll never be the same again is story.  Someone hurt me and I'm the better for it is story.  Understanding that our emotions are often linked to the stories we tell ourselves and can inform us as to whether that story is serving us or holding us back is at the very heart of the LoA. 

The power comes from writing the story of your life around the events that you can't always control.  Emotion is your guide to the stories and narrative you are writing about your life. 

Exactly! Super helpful

It's a skill one can learn, and like all skills it requires practice. However, it also helps to be in the vibrational vicinity of it.

Also the thing is to recognise is that it is a choice,  It doesn't mean you have one choice that has to last forever, you an simply at any given point choose again.  So when I first was learning about LOA our teacher was great and usually he picked up on things in the class.  So if someone was angry (and being a spiritual self development class no one wanted to label themselves as angry) he would openly ask us questions to stir the emotions a bit, and then encourage us to express and release that anger in a healthy way that was beneficial to us and the planet.  So I'm reminded, he once said to a person having a negative emotion - not to avoid it or suppress it, but to do whatever was needed to rid that energy from their body.  So they were feeling angry and annoyed and he had them do a few star jumps.  At first, they were getting madder it seemed, but then after a while you could see something had changed.  He then asked them if they were done with feeling anger (and they replied that they were) and he then asked "okay great, so now what do you choose to feel?".  That in itself was a thunderbolt to most of us - the idea we could choose how to feel - but its something that I've practised so much now, I freely admit  constantly choose the emotions I wish to feel and expand upon (although if negative emotions show up, I don't surppress them, but I express them and then choose something else).  It sound simplistic and it really is that easy!


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