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Hey everybody. I hope everybody is having a great day or had a great day..depending on where you are in this world. lol. So I seem to have hit a dilemma. I don't know if the universe is playing with me.

My story is:  I dated this guy last year for two months. Its about to be a year since we have broken up. We ended up breaking up because he had to move away for work. The "relationship" went fast but it felt right. Anyways, he is currently back for good. So the rest of the last year I was sort of dedicated to moving on. I went on dates. I concentrated on myself. But sporadically over a few months...the state that he moved to kept coming up. Where he is from kept coming up. I was like ok..so maybe this is a sign he is coming back. I ended up bumping into him on a dating app. He doesn't seem to want to anything to do with me. I got to the point where I felt that I was completely over him. So I sent him a message and told him goodbye. Its been two months since then. So after I told him goodbye...its like the universe doesn't want me to move on. Another cycle of constant "signs"..again the state that he moved to kept coming up, the city he lives in. Also now adding more to the mix..is through the dating app...people from the city he lives in will start a conversation with me. Or I will end up talking to somebody on the app randomly and they will end up saying that they are from the same place my ex is from. Guys that look like him..I end up bumping into when I'm out and about. He has an pretty uncommon name, and that too has been coming up!. With all this happening, he tends to be on my mind constantly. I understand coincidences. But there can only be so much coincidences. At some point, there are signs. Besides my ex has moved on. He is a new relationship. I want to move on, but with all these happenings, its hard to.  I'm not going to lie...it would be great if we got back together. We were good together. It felt right, but the timing was off. There are more things to this story. But these parts are what I'm trying to make sense of.... 

So I'm left to wonder...is this all happening for a reason? I wish there was a way to know. *sigh*

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The Universe has such a great sense of humour, it just wants us to play with it and have fun! :-)

what Stardustrial.Living said!  :D  spot on!  and an indication that you haven't really moved on, despite your efforts, they are information reminding you to let go.

good luck!

You liked him so much and were so open and didn't buy into what is deemed resistance, that things that are similar to him keep getting attracted in. Basically you are on his channel of the radio 24-7. If you start looking for other men that please you on dating profiles, or in malls, blondes if he is a brunette, you will start switching your dials around and may find another one that you like to be on longer where the new other guy likes to be on your dial and is open to dating you regularly instead.


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