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Hi all, I know i've had a lot of giveaways recently yet I want to do more.

If you choose to 'enter' it will be for a 1 card reading.  **Only people who have never received a reading from me are eligible, this time.** The first six people to comment with one (brief - and to the point) question, or no question, will receive a reading.

I'll be using my new Fairy cards. :)

EDIT: another thing to consider.. This reading will  be a paragraph at most, so choose wisely in terms of how specific your question is. Wide spanning questions will not be fully covered due to space, if that makes sense.


Certified Angel Card Reader - angelreading.webs.com

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Hey Irina,

That really resonated with me and it's something I've struggled with for a while. Thank you so much for the reading, and for the guidance you've provided me!!

Just want to know I'm on the right path

Hi Philip,

I'm getting a confirmation that Yes, you are on the right path. If your path seems dark or dwindling at times, remember that your true purpose, along with any other interests you may have, is to be a spiritual teacher to others. So how much kindness do you show others? Are you patient? Do you live life with humbleness and gratitude that would draw universal support and would also teach others for how to handle situations with grace and tact. That is what you should focus on at this point. Know that being a spiritual teacher doesn't equate with poverty. You can still be materially successful yet handle it all with grace. Be the light that guides others and show kindness, above all. Show others how to heal yourself by your wonderful example and then you will see how quickly doors open for you... As for now, yes, you're on the right path. But this path can be cut shorter as you focus on love - if that makes sense. :)


Hello Irina

Thank you for the reading. All of that makes perfect sense. I have had a feeling lately that maybe my path should be of a Life Coach or a  motivational speaker. Just yesterday I saw an ad from Anthony Robbins about taking his training course on to be a life coach. So your reading just hits the nail on the head.

I love it. Another message that came in while i was writing, but I think i forgot to mention, was "you've got the power". That you can do the things that you want to do, just make sure it's done with grace and you will be taking your natural role as a teacher, REGARDLESS of the 'exact' path you take in life.

2 most important days of your life are.. The day you are born and the day you find out why. Just might have found out why :-D

I would love a reading, but might be too late!

I just want to know about my love life :)

Hi Layners,

The message that I'm getting is that everything is okay and that you are on the right track towards a fulfilling relationship. Sometimes aspects like divine timing play a role in our romantic lives, and both people must be in a state of readiness before they can meet. Until that time, focus on yourself and enjoying yourself as you are. Things are working out beautifully, behind the scenes. In forefront however, things are still working out but you are missing the beauty and magic of life as you are seeing what is lacking in your current situation. This is a nice time of transformation for you and please see it as such. Any negative feelings that come to the forefront, regarding loneliness and not feeling good enough, should be fully felt by you and processed so that you see that underlying all of the physical details of life, the truth is that you are eternally good enough and 'there'. So give yourself time, focus on your own light, love from your heart center (extend the love to yourself and others), and really be patient with divine timing. Being patient for the 'right' partnership to come along isn't waiting, it's more like enjoying where you are until that time comes. That's the guidance at this point.


Thank you! This validates what another psychic told me and I have been doing just that, focusing on myself and being generally happy on my own. You are dead on, because I do sometimes feel an empty space in my life right now, because I just ended things with someone, but the more time passes, the more I know it was the right decision and i'm generally happy on my own.

But yes, dead on! I am taking this time to just gain back my confidence and work on myself. I kinda decided I wouldn't date until I met a couple of personal goals, but who knows what will happen in the meantime :) I usually try online dating, but the other psychic said that she thinks i'll meet the right guy in person, which I would love for a change lol.


I may be too late, but I would like to know if I will get to move to the nice house I've been visualizing in 2016...

Hi Ana,

So oddly, the message is relating to a birthday. Honestly I'm not quite sure what this means. One possibility is that your desire will be realized by or around your next birthday, or another idea that I'm connecting with a little more strongly is that an upcoming birthday will provide a gift or an opportunity to move yourself forward with your desire. Not sure if it's increased income, something like that. But learn to celebrate life as it is without imposing so many details on it. I feel that you are desperate to change your life and this desperation will tend to keep your desire away from you. Maybe the message involves being excited, as a child is for their own celebration, and as you do this you will allow the universe to "gift" you this opportunity. You're putting a lot of limitations and time frames into your creative process. It's time to relax a little and focus on the magic. It's not about where you are, it's about your attitude, and if your attitude is one where you feel that something is not enough and the ego is tricking you that better things are 'out there', then you will never really be happy. Somethings will keep being 'wrong'. So the guidance I think is to change your attitude, and worry less about timeframes. I wouldn't take the initial thoughts about it being around your birthday to heart. Just focus on lightening up for now.

The time frame is really up to you. But with your current attitude and the ways that you think, even if you move into this desired house, you will find something or attract a circumstance to keep you unhappy.



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