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Lets say your dream is to have a brand new car. Now pick one you really like but don't go crazy. In other words stay within a reasonable Belief system. Let's say you would love to own a new Lexus.

                                                           Conceive stage

Go to the Lexus showroom, bring a friend, pick out the car you like, sit behind the steering wheel and have your friend take your picture. Negotiate the price with the sales rep as if you are going to buy the car that day. Find out what it would cost to lease the car. Tell the rep you need to look at other cars but you really like the Lexus and you will get back to them. Important fact--- Buy those things that increase in value (like a house) and rent those things that decrease in value (like a car).


                                                             Believe stage

The Belief stage is where 95% of the people fail. We live in a Seeing is Believing world.If you are only earning $10.00 to $15.00 per hour you are not going to believe you can afford to pay $800 to $1000 per month to lease a car.It's the same where we have some members who want to grow taller by using LOA. The Conceive portion is there but the Believe portion and achieve portion are not so the LOA is not fulfilled and the person gets frustrated and says this LOA stuff doesn't work.


                                                              Achieve stage


Since our example here is a new car we need to increase our earnings to achieve our goal. Again a lot of people are on a fixed income and earning an additional $800.00 per month seems impossible so they give up and continue driving their 10 year old Dodge which spends half it's time in the garage fixing things that wear out.



1. Ask your Boss for a raise

2. Get a new job

3. Earn the extra income from a part time job.

Step 1 Yeah sure you might find yourself out of a job

Step 2  Good idea the best time to look for a new job is when you are already employed. If you are unemployed you might get desperate and settle for anything.

Step 3 The best part time opportunity is to earn money from the internet. the only problem is there are a lot of scams on the internet. However if you are serious to earn extra money in your free time contact me at LeonardMRubino@Gmail.com

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Great post!


But I would like to say that the price of depreciation is factored into the lease of a car (by the dealers), except that you don't keep the car for life and are not getting stuck with the final depreciation... which is an illusion, because you replace that car with a lease on a newer one, and pay for the depreciation of that car, and so on....


Plus, I just think the feeling of having your own car (without payments) is ecstacy.  ;-)  (Not to mention, paying off a car loan will help your credit rating if you have your first home mortgage in the future.)


But I digress... ;-) .... I like it!

Valid points but cannot replace the trill of getting a brand new car every 3 years. Len


True... if we agree that the depreciation cost is irrelevant in the spirit of things.  :-)

I love these posts Len. I look forward to the next one :D

Thanks what subject would you like me to cover. Len

Awesome post Len!! Hmmm...i shall contact you for the extra money thing ;) Is it for online work?

Renee, Yes there is no selling all you do is invite your friends to view the page, the program does the rest. We all know the Internet is bombarded with illegal Spams and Scams. Our program will allow our members to REPORT the spam or scam to the FTC and other regulatory agencies with just one click of the report Icon from your email page. I don't want to give away everything I would rather you review the page when it is done which should be sometime next week. Love to everyone and Happy thanksgiving. Len

Hmmm sounds awesome Len!! You will be a life saver for me! You already are by posting the steps to manifest certain things! I cant wait to see the page!! Love to you too!

That sounds aweseome, Len!  I'm interested as well to check out your page! Awesome post as well!


The Floating Cork Blog

It's a Little frustrating every time I think we are ready to go my staff adds more benefits for the users, this program may very well be the answer to many who can use extra income on A MONTHLY BASIS  sorry for using all caps my cap lock key is next to the "a" key and I have no control of my little finger. anyway be patient I gave the order be done by next week or heads will roll. Just kidding. Love Len


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