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I know I have asked this before, but there is something about gratitude which I am still a bit confused about.

How does being grateful for something you have now (job, home, town you live in etc) allow/attract something entirely new and better?  (Rather than just more of the same thing). 

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Well to some degree when you are in a state of gratitude, you are in a state of allowing (rather than resistance) so in essence you are in a place of non judgment.  This is why gratitude is say a higher vibration than love, because with love, even unconditional love - its usually conditional.  Its pretty hard to love your enemy, but with gratitude you can have gratitude for someone you hate right.  Its about lowering the barriers and perceptions and being in a state of allowance and acceptance and non judgment (which all push things away).  So when you are in a grateful vibration you are usually in the present moment (not reflecting on the perception of the past), present and open to all possibilities rather than a fixed, limited possibility.

When you are appreciating and feel satisfied with what you have, you are allowing yourself to receive more satisfying things you appreciate.

I think I'm getting this now, it's all about the VIBRATION YOU ARE OFFERING.  So if you hate your current circumstances, you will attract change, but not the change you want.  You will just attract a devolution until there is nothing left (ie job --- devolving job --- unemployment, no money coming in, and well and truly stuck).  But if you appreciate your current circumstances, then you allow positive change and a better future to come in (current job --- improving current job --- entirely different job which matches your new vibration). 

There is no limit to how much something can improve, and what the Universe can give us.  It knows what we want, and it also knows that once we get used to something and even like it, then we will start desiring for better.  That is his progress comes around, and the Universe knows this as well.  But hating where you are wont allow any good new things to come in.  Appreciating though, creates a flow of improvement, both in the current circumstances, and then in entirely new circumstances which are in alignment with that.  

Things which are meant to last a long time (such as relationships, marriages etc) will continuously improve within themselves.  Things which don't last as long (such as jobs) or which have defined limitations, will improve until they can't 'contain' a flowing gratitude vibration any longer, and something newer and bigger is required.

I’m not so sure its “offering vibrations” because you are doing that every single second. So its more about choosing to focus on a particular type of vibration that opens things up. So in the example you give, the “hate” is a resistance that literally acts like a barrier or wall between you and your desires. When you are in gratitude, it is in essence a higher vibration that is attracting and pulling your desire to you without any effort. Its almost like being in a perfect state of acceptance with no judgment.

There is no limits other than those we create.   Universe will support us even if we create limits. Progress is subjective and what I consider progress may be different from what you consider progress etc.

Sorry everyone, I'm not being deliberately obtuse, but I'm still confused about this.  (I can go from being understanding to confused again, on a daily basis).  So how does gratitude for something in the present actually then attract positive change and improvement, rather than just more of the same?

Might well be better if I put my confusion into some kind of context.  Numerous changes have been made in my workplace, and I think management have just made a hash of things.  I have changed to a department where not a lot happens, and there aren't many staff, and at the moment, I'm feeling a bit meh and lacking in purpose. (To be honest, I don't really feel like even staying in the job, I desire to move on to something new and much better)

Wouldn't giving gratitude for the job I currently have, just recreate more of the same, and keep me stranded there (so to speak) rather than bring about real positive change and improvement?

Well understanding is an interesting word and one worth deleting.  Trying to “understand” anything means to stand under it.  So its actually a limitation.  You don’t have to know how electricity works when you switch on a light do you.  Same with Gratitude. 

So when you are in gratitude about the present, you are actually not creating any resistance at all (good or bad).  There are no barriers up because you are actually in joy in that very moment and in harmony with the universe around you.  There is no space of lack, no needy or desperateness about the future or what may happen!  So in essence it puts you in the present moment and opens you to the bigger picture of possibilities at that very moment in time. 

Now in your present situation, rather than just express gratitude, here is what  I personally would do.  I would actually bless the job and the company you are working with and energetically wish them the very best but also say to the universe that you are ready for a new opportunity and that you trust it will orchestrate and let you know what your next step should be and then step back.  Start to be appreciative of whats right in that environment right now – and it may just be that the job is offering you security in the present moment. 

Thank you ML, that's very helpful, and blessing something with love is something Louise Hay suggests in her main book.  In a sense, it's a big like the gratitude practice of magic dusting, only that you are doing it with blessing instead of giving thanks. I shall start doing this now. 

When I did Louise Hay's workshop she didn't use that terminology (of blessing with love) and I know she wrote the intro to a book I read about blessings, which was kind of suggesting that when you bless something you do so from a place of non duality.  So its more food for thought.  Its worthwhile going back to Louise's book though as she had a few suggestions relating to work that may help you further.

Appreciation of anything, attracts more things to appreciate.

When you appreciate, you are focused on what you want, and so you attract more of what you want where you are, and are guided to where you want to be.

Exactly Brian!


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