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Different methods work. Gratitude works. Meditation works. Journaling works. EFT works. And so on. Often you have to make it your own or add on to it or what ever, but bottom line is it works.

For example I noticed, for me, when I do my gratitude lists, I need to (choose to and want to b/c of the outcomes I get) to make them very detailed. So it sounds something like: "I am so grateful that I can be a dancer with this particular studio. This is the best studio in the city. I have an amazing dance instructor, who is fun, skilled, we communicate well and get along really well. We are comfortable with each other. Besides him, the whole studio is supporting me. I am surrounded by really fun people. The energy there is great and I'm a part of it. I am a great dancer and I just keep getting better. That is really exciting. I dance with confidence, ease, I keep getting complemented on how natural I look dancing, my posture is great, my steps are accurate, I feel elegant and in the moment. The studio is very easy for me to get to. I can easily afford my lessons." To me this creates a much bigger sense of gratitude than just saying "I'm grateful I can take dance lessons."

Now, the above statement of gratitude is nice, but on a bad day it's easy to slip into "I'm a lousy dancer. I'm not progressing. They're only nice to me b/c these classes cost and arm and a leg." You get the idea. You don't have to be a dancer to relate. This can be in any other area- your work, your relationships, some other skills you have, etc. Change the activity, but that low feeling of insecurity and self doubt will be there.

They are there because we trained ourselves to think in those terms- putting ourselves down, being critical, negative and mean. Even if it's not true, we tend to side with the negative. We got really good at it. WE practiced it for years and now with very little effort (if any) here they are and we believe them. And keep creating a reality that supports these lies. Yes, we chose to believe a lie and now we're dealing with a crappy circumstances. Circumstances we're so eager will change. But they're not changing. They're not changing b/c we keep believing the same things.

So we've been shown many techniques. Some say they work, others say they don't. Whether they do or they don't is up to you. They can serve as powerful weapons or useless toys. If you decide them to be powerful, you'll get incredible results. Making a list of 10 things I'm grateful for in the fashion I did above makes me feel really good. Except that doing it once doesn't have lasting effects. If something upsets me, I can easy fall back into old doubtful beliefs. However, if I make a habit for doing that for 30 or 40 days in a row, my results will have significant results. There will be days when I'm tired and have a lot going on, there will be days when I'm in a bad mood or simply don't feel like it. Yet that I do the list anyways and I force myself to really dig deep into what I'm grateful for creates transformations on a deep level. in as little as a month my dominant thoughts may be those of confidence in myself and my abilities, ease, flow, well being, happiness.

Imagine if you did yoga or tai chi or some other form of exercise for 30-40 days straight. Maybe you're feeling down, what if you watched funny videos and movies everyday (you may not have time for a full movie but a few min youtube video is realistic), or if you have a lot of bottled up feelings, what if you journal them out. Just imagine what a 40 day meditation would do! You decide. But trust me, with that consistency, you'll have incredible results. It may seem like a lot, but it's not in the big picture. Plus it's an investment into you, your life, your well being and an enhancement of your whole life.

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Consistency is indeed a major key to our growth. =)

This is my problem! I will do something a few days, feel a little positive but nothing big at all and then stop because I think to myself, "what is the point, it isn't working"

Another thing I am struggling with at the moment is my current reality, I mean, I really have made a huge change in my though process, it has been a year now since I was introduced to LOA, yet as positive and as happy as I feel, it seems, my current reality gets worse, so again I am thinking what the heck is the point! I am trying to get my husband to change his thought process and he is doing well, being positive and happy but it is so difficult to help him stay in that mind frame when things in our life seem to be getting worse. I think I really need consistency! This HAS to work, things HAVE to change!!!!

Hurrah. This is why I have often said in my posts, that if you want to attract something or allow something to happen, you have to keep on doing the things which you think will get it to you. The affirmations, or the forgiveness, or the gratitude, or the EFT. Whatever you are using, you get consistent results from consistent practice.

At the start, it may not seem like much is happening for a few days, and this is where you will get doubts: but this is because the mind is getting used to a new message you are feeding it, or new energies which you are sending out. Once your mind gets used to this (and you get a tipping point after about 3-4 days when 51% of your thoughts are positive and only 49% negative) you build up the energies by doing the things each day until the desired results are obtained.

By doing this, you start building up momentum of helpful events and positive developments (synchronicities) and these then help your desires and intentions to come to you. But if you get carried away and start coasting on this momentum, it will eventually stop happening; rather like a bike will slow down if you freewheel instead of pedalling.

Consistency is key. Positivity and mind power have a 'strength-in-numbers' effect.

Consistent ease is the key for me, consistent efforting was not. I manifested more in a few days of practicing ease than in years of efforting. Sometimes I still get into efforting from the habit, and then I remember - ease, fun, and softening of the beliefs.

Consistency is not the same as effort, peoples like say " be happy " , if you do it consistently, theres not effort ( being happy is not hard work).

Many peoples really struggle to have consistency, but is normal at least in the beggining some disconfort, if they keep going this will pass.

What is the difference in being consistent and "not letting go", I feel that If I keep repeating my desires over and over again, its a form of me not letting go and then creating resistance to it?


What the original poster says (as far as I can see) is that there are certain practices oriented to keep the mind (or the being) "fit". Lets say meditation, appreciation, self confidence, stop of negative self talk, search of like minded company... --you name it- that are not goal oriented, where being consistent can be very beneficial. 

 But... what is a desire? It is the FEELING/THOUGHT/BELIEF that you will feel better when (if) you achieve/have something specific... or the feeling/thought/belief that that you will feel BAD/WORSE if you "lose" an specific thing. 

  A desire, in the first place, is a belief, and a very LIMITING one. 

 You don't need to have the physical manifestation to be happy. It is possible to be happy believing that it is coming.

 Because YOU KNOW that it is not necessary a bad thing to happen to begin worryng about it. 

 It works both ways. If you can worry "in advance", YOU CAN BE HAPPY "IN ADVANCE".

 I disgress...

 My appologies to Emma :)

 And thanks for keep posting about what I call "core issues". 

Thank you. That's a great answer!

Well, you want to be consistent with ease, love, relaxing and such. These happen when you let go of any sort of resistance. Even resistance to negative thoughts. Which is a delicate balance.

  Like I have various challenges with a car, and my thoughts keep coming back to it, even when I focus on my "wants", so I have to find the way to gently guide my thoughts to wanted things and relaxing without resisting those other ones. I could relax into those negative thoughts and observe myself thinking them -that usually takes the intensity off of them or find other way. When you are in front of the large wave, resistance just makes more damage. Sometimes you just let the wave pass and go with it for a while until momentum is gone, and then paddle where you want to be.

Sometimes if you are having a worrying time, you want a particular LOA method to work straight away. You want gratitude, or prayer, or visualisation, or affirmations, or forgiveness to work immediately, but in your desperation for an answer, you don't give it chance to let it become a habit. When you live like this (and I'm guilty of this) nothing can take hold in your mind.

For future use, if you are having a worrying time, work on one particular thing for long enough to allow it to take hold in your mind, and then work in you reality. But keep in mind that whilst it's starting to become habitual, the Universe is looking after you and has your back. It understands your progress, it also knows what you need to learn, but it also knows that it's hard to create or break a habit when there is something hanging over you. It will protect you from negatives as long as you believe it to, and that will buy you time for your technique to become habitual.

I totally agree.  I am working on this. I only stick to one method at a time. I am on day 18 of my 40 day affirmations.

In fact I will go past that but have the 40 days as a marker. Like most folk I have given up in the past after a couple of days or dropped the ball. However when I do stick to it I get AMAZING mind blowing results, knowing that I have had success before with consistent I can be sure the same thing success will happen again, and it does.

I did do a 40 day mantra which didn't work but I believe it was my own fault because I didn't feel comfortable with the man behind it teaching the mantra...

What really helped me bigtime with consistency was when I joined a online group where everyone was manifesting money and we all used the same affirmation and gave tips and weekly results. I started raking in the money after just day 7-9 but stuck to it. It was so much fun fun fun. I done the same for love after the 30 days and it too worked a treat. 

I would love to join an active group and may well start one up if there is any interest.

Group would be fun. :) I am now focusing on being in the now in short spurts many times a day. This is something, I would like to continue, because the goal would be to get to the point, where I am present more than thinking.


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