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“Some say to visualize and live in the end, while others say not to think about it.”

Contradictions like this only arise when action is the focus, and not emotion. All contradictions cease to exist when emotion is at the forefront, because it is reliant on one core, consistent theme: Do what feels better for you.

Two people can have the same results with different processes, which is why they each can recommend valid, yet opposing ideas. However, they only appear different on the surface. From an energetic standpoint, they’re exactly the same.

The process itself doesn’t yield the result, it’s the individual’s belief in the process, and how they feel. This isn't downplaying the role of action, but it is remembering that action is, at best, the sidekick to emotion, who’s the main character in this series.

The confusion comes when the focus is on what to do, instead of what to feel. So do something as long as it feels good. When it stops feeling good, your emotions are telling you you’re wasting your time, and then go do something else.

You don’t even have to do a process if you don’t want to; that’s the beauty and freedom of this work. You could do a million techniques, or you could do none. It doesn’t matter. Attraction is like a gymnast; it’s very flexible. What you do, is not as important, as how you feel, while you’re doing it.

So if you visualize, and don’t feel good, compared to waddling around, confidently proclaiming, “I am the Penguin King!!” and feeling good, embracing your penguin holiness, will be more effective at allowing your desire.

“What are the best words to use, and also avoid, when manifesting? I’ve heard you should write, ‘I am,’ and not, ‘I want.’”

Use words that make you feel better. Avoid words that make you feel worse.

The words themselves don’t hold the power. It’s how you feel about the words, that determines everything.

“Which process is more powerful?”

Whichever one feels better in the moment. So if visualizing feels better right now, it is more powerful. If twenty-six minutes later, hanging out with your friends to take your mind off of things feels better, that is more powerful. If crying and binging chocolate ice cream the next night because you just had a breakup feels better, that is more powerful.

The power doesn’t come from the process itself. Which is great, because it makes them interchangeable. The power flows from your satisfaction. So every process has equal power, to assist you, in allowing your power.

When doing it “the right” or “best” way, takes precedence over how you feel, then ironically, you’re not doing it the best way, and contradiction is the only inevitable result. It’s when people associate action with results, that your vibrational indictor (i.e. emotion) gets sidelined.

Action isn’t what makes the system work; vibration is. So if you’re not tending to your most essential asset, then you’re going to get mixed results, (such satisfying results at first, but after awhile, nothing is happening) and you don’t understand why (because you’re supposedly doing all of the right actions, despite not enjoying yourself—which means, you’re missing the point.).

When you shift the conversation from, “What is the better action?” to, “What is the better emotion?,” then the answer becomes obvious. There is no cookie cutter process that is effective for all people, all of the time. Because, its effectiveness is completely dependent on the user’s emotional state while doing it, in addition to how they feel throughout the rest of the day.

Don’t be reliant on made up, rigid rules, of what you supposedly need to do to manifest. Because those prerequisites don’t exist from an unconditional perspective, despite how confident others may be in them. Your comfort and satisfaction are far more important than any technique.

Do it if it’s fun. If it’s not fun, then do something else that is. Keep it silly; not serious.

For further guidance, I do coaching calls and e-mails. For more info, see my Profile Page.


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i needed to read this, thank you! And your penguin holiness' example was hilarious! LOL

This feels like it was written specially for me! WOW! Thanks so much for this post

No....it was written for me! ;D

GeeFyWeefy i found a great Abraham transcript (and a quote) that can really help your manifesting:


It can go SO fast after you've decided:

L'immagine può contenere: oceano, cielo, nuvola, testo e spazio all'aperto


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