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Contrast is variety and options. Contrast is choice; You experience, and then decide. Think of a buffet. If you try something new, and realize you don’t like it, that doesn’t mean that experience was negative; it means that worked as intended.

You experience contrast all of the time. Such as, whether you wanted to still eat that cracker you dropped on the floor, quickly decided it’s fine, and ate it anyway. Or whether to get up to grab the remote and change the channel, or just let the TV continue playing what’s on, because it’s too much effort to get up. Or whether or not to delete that photo off of Instagram, because it didn’t get a lot of likes.

Contrast gives context, for solutions. Your Inner Being can guide you to a problem, knowing it will bring you closer to a solution you’ve been looking for (either on that same topic, and/or another one).

For instance, you’ve seen shows where one character unintentionally gives great insight to the main character, and then the main character stops midway through the conversation and runs off. They got the solution they were looking for, from dealing with another, seemingly unrelated issue.

“What is the difference between contrast and resistance?”

Contrast is: Chocolate, and vanilla ice cream. From there, you realize you prefer chocolate over vanilla (or vice versa).

Resistance is: Getting upset if you don’t get chocolate, and/or judging other uncultured swines for eating vanilla.

Contrast is what fuels Law of Attraction to network you with people and experiences based on what you want to do.

If you’re a painter, and have one color, you’re limited to what you can create. But if you have five colors, your world opens up. Ten colors; it opens up even more. The more options, increases specific preferences. Think of buying an item in the store that offers two colors, black or white, verses online, they have ten to twenty different colors. More variety, means more tailor-made desires, which allows for a more fulfilling life.

Or back to the buffet analogy. If a restaurant only served fish; you like it, or you don’t. End of discussion. But if they have a buffet with fifty different foods, fifty shades of play, you can mix and match all sorts of dishes that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Source is always in alignment, and still experiences contrast, though not as varied as you. Think of the difference between hope and joy, verses anger and joy. It’s a wider variance to live a more fine-tuned life.

Get more excited when experiencing a contrasting moment, because it means you’re collecting data. It gives you exposure to new ideas and desires, which then are ready for you, as you get ready for them.

I’d love to hear your experiences, and help answer any questions you have about this topic.

For further guidance, I do coaching calls and e-mails. For more info, see my Profile Page.


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Love this, thank you Brian!! So you mean we should not feel negative emotions even when dealing with narcissists/ abusive relationships? Because there are some people that always bring me down, i would love not to have them into my life but they keep showing up, should i see this a possibility for expansion (while waiting for the day they will be out of my life haha)? The fact is maybe i have too much negative momentum towards these persons so i keep experiencing abuse, while relationships coaches often say to go no contact with them, i don't know what to do, im tired to live in fear and abuse. Abraham says not to label people as narcissists because what we resist persist but when you have experienced so much negativity with a person it's easy to label them - maybe you would say that the negativity always and Only comes from my focus? You would say other people are "neutral"?
I feel trapped, it's like i have always attracted many narcissists in my life, im exhausted, i would love to have healthy, loving, fun, joyous relationships.Maybe im not experiencing them yet because we experience on the outside the relationship we have with ourselves/our inner being?
Thank you in advance!

“We should not feel negative emotions even when dealing with narcissists/abusive relationships?”

No. It’s great to feel negative emotion; it’s your guidance.

But it’s keeping in mind that your negative emotion comes from your thoughts not being in sync with your Inner Being.

“Because there are some people that always bring me down.”

Another way of saying that is, “There are some people that I unknowingly have been making responsible for my emotions. And when they behave in a way I don’t want, I use them as my reason to disconnect myself from love.”

“I would love to have healthy, loving, fun, joyous relationships.”

The more you soothe yourself, and give that your attention, you will allow it.

Great! Thank you!

I find it helpful to think of contrast in terms of the tech we deal with day to day.  Computers and phones give us the greatest example of how contrast is not an intrinsically negative thing.

If you heighten the contrast on a screen or photo, all you are doing is heightening the differentiation to allow better perception.

If I fiddle with the contrast settings on a screen, it can make it easier or harder to see the images I'm looking at. If I fiddle with the contrast setting on a picture on my phone, an object may come into stark relief or fade into the background.

The reason many teachers use the word contrast is to try and remove the perception of a good/bad or positive/negative polarity and the accompanying judgements. 

Contrast, in the right balance, allows you to see things more clearly.  Things aren't so easily blurred when they are in stark contrast.  

So contrast is about informing and teaching us about our preferences. How we then decide to further tune into the stark relief goes on to inform our further experience.


Well said.



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