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I need a little advice. As it has been brought to my attention over the last few days that in order for the LOA to work it needs to be from within I am working on that. I've been doing a lot better overall but today I am kicking myself over something. There is a stock that went up 80% today and I'm kicking myself for not having brought it since it would have given me enough money to get through the next few months until I get my Real Estate license in check. I know there's nothing I can do about it now but I welcome feedback. Thank you!

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My friend,
Can you stop and learn to have compassion with yourself? Can you say "i am a work in progress, i am learning and i am not perfect and that is ok" or "i don't need to take all this so serious, i can control my financial abundance through loA, so eventually, i'll attract something similar"
Really get the point that "i SHOULD have invested in that stock" is not true in the sense that, yes, IT WOULD BE NICE if you had made that choice, but you are not so perfect that you are not allo'wed to make a small mistake." learn to say "oh well, TOO bad i didn't make that investment". Really learn to say "too bad" when anything is not as you would prefer it to be. "too bad" is the Truth that you are learning everyday and you can't get it ALL done in the most perfect way ever day, all the time because you are learning. you are a work in progress. Allow yourself to make DOZENS of mistakes and relax. keep learning to say "too bad i didn't BLANK".
We all have shortcomings, but, so what? This life is supposed to be a game anyway, why do we take it all so serious. your #1 priority is your connection with Source Energy anyway, not perfect investments all the time. This connection will give you everything you want in time. Especially deep joy.
Really contemplate these concepts Christian, don't just read them once. Deeply let them sink in. Write them on cards or keep repeating them for the next 10 days and your learn to Love yourself in a profound manner.
Always ask the Lord (or whatever you are comfortable calling Him, The Universe, your Higher Power) to guide your thoughts, your words and your actions, every day. And then believe that everything that happens in your life happened because that was what God wants for you at this place and in this time for your ultimate good. Then release and enjoy what God has given you to be happy about this day. Find the wonderful things in your life to be grateful for, and thank Him for those things, people. circumstances. You can be happy TODAY, not only in the future, when something happens that you think will make you happy, why postpone what you can have today?

You only attract what you think about. Kicking yourself involves saying negative things about yourself, "I'm stupid, I'm a loser", which becomes a truth in your subconscious and you will continue to attract what will reinforce those beliefs about yourself. How about thanking God for loving you enough to keep you from making that investment because it was for your higher good (it could wind up being another Enron)? And thank Him for your health, your family, friends, for loving you. Enjoy this beautiful Friday and make fun plans for the weekend. Your happiness and joy will bring more into your life.


Remember this: that the abundance never ends.

Just because a stock went up and you didn't buy it, doesn't mean something better will not happen. It doesn't mean that you were wrong.

The reality is, you just didn't buy it. Pure and simple. No judgment, it just is.

Now, it's an opportunity to see how you provide for yourself to get through the following months. Could be really exciting! Fun! Ask, "What are the next steps I need to take right now to __________ ?" Listen. Watch, You never know -- it could surprise you. Be open.

You weren't supposed to buy the stock because you didn't. So now you can do something else. See what comes your way.

The LOA works whether you do anything about it or not.

What you are attracting now is simply a sense of guilt that you could have done something different.

You couldn't have done something different, because you didn't.

Trust yourself. Kick yourself hard if you want and then be done with it. Imagine yourself kicking yourself. How funny is that? It's rather silly, eh?

This comes from one who kicks herself often, and needs to laugh about it as well!

No kicking. How about hugging?

I want to thank all of you for your posts and feedback. I am trying to stay focused on feeling good and being happy inspite of what might be happening in the 3rd dimension. At times I get a bit down about things but then I see that the 'Secret' (forgive the pun) to this whole thing really is about being happy after you've put your intentions out there and not stressing too much about how they'll manifest or when. Sure with things like money it can be tough since there are many things like rent and car payments that need to be paid on a monthly basis. Again, I thank all of you.


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