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I LOVE cold weather.  I was born and raised in the north.  I definitely do not like Florida weather and want to move back up north soomer rather than later.


I try to go back to NY as much as work allows in the Fall and especially the Winter.  I went for a long Thanksgiving weekend and again for two weeks Christmas and New Years.  Before I left I wished for SNOW.  We drove up through that blizzard that hit the Southern states.  I also wanted not just a White Christmas, but also a White New Years.  It DID, which is very rare for downstate NY.


I was very depressed about coming back to Florida, and offhandedly said to myself, if this Secret stuff really works, I want it to be COLD IN FLORIDA.  Oh, not just a few days here and there, but CONSISTENTLY cold.  I completely forgot I thought this.  It HAS been consistently cold for weeks, and now MONTHS, for days on end with lows in the 40s and highs not getting out of the 60s in South Florida.  They are saying we are breaking records for the longest DURATION of COLD.


I have seen a couple of forecasts where they would predict it would get to 80 degrees, and I just said, no it won't, and it DIDN'T. 


It just hit me today that I actually wished  this.  Is it POSSIBLE for one person to create this much of a change by thinking it?   Did I get the "sign" I wanted????  All, I can say, if so, then wow. 


I know the people here like their warm weather, but I just wanted it to be cold for my (wish) to be my last winter here.

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You know the saying.........careful what you WISH for!!!!
I think you definitely have an influence on your environment. When you ask for the kind of weather that you like such as on that trip to New York, it was given. And when you returned to Florida and asked for cooler temps when you returned to Florida it was also Given.

Ask and It is Given is a common theme in the LOA. You have a knack for believing in a very powerful way.

Someone in Maine must have heard your plea for cooler temps because our here even now the temp is at 38 and highs are expected to be in the 40s all through the week. It has been warmer in Maine as long as it has been cooler in Florida.

We traded weather. And in the process you saved Maine millions and millions of dollars in saved oil heating bills. So I want to say thank you very much,

My daugther went to USM and we have friends who live in Gorham. Maine is a beautiful state. If my wish for cold weather in Florida somehow helped outed Maine, I am very happy.
It's actually very probable that your wish for the cold, combined with the wishes with others to bring it forth. Last March, Colorado had a huge, unexpected blizzard and several days prior on a colorado pagan website, it was posted to "Think Snow Because We Needed the Moisture". According to the site, around 300,000 people said they focused on snow and it snowed.

Interesting how that works.

I'm a typical Englishman, I don't like excessive cold or heat.  I prefer weather to be somewhere in the middle as we have here in the UK: generally mild and never sustained for very long.  That said, I do like it when we have warm spells and heatwaves in Britain, even if they don't last all that long. It gives us a taste of something out of the ordinary, and I have noticed that there have been times when the weather has reflected my thoughts and emotions.

In Autumn 2005, I was focusing my thoughts on self-esteem using the affirmation I AM WORTHWHILE.  It was an especially beautiful time with plenty of warm sunshine and Autumn colours. 

During 2007, I had been having a gloomy time of things at work, and the summer that year was notably wet (raining constantly from the start of May to the end of July).  Things however improved at the end of July that year when I deliberately began focusing my thoughts on PROSPERITY.

in the summer of 2011, my workplace closed down and it was a pretty worrying time. However, at the end of September that year, I began to focus my thoughts upon BEING AT PEACE, and 'created' a very surreal Autumn heatwave which resulted in record-breaking October temperatures. 

During 2012, I was out of work, and the summer was even wetter than that of 2007 (though it did have one good heatwave at the end of May).  Things began to cheer up quite quickly at the end of July though when the UK hosted the Olympics (a very happy time for the country) and I began to focus more on a new job coming to me with ease. 

During March 2013, it was a worrying time in my family because my Dad was in a coma, and the weather that month was generally easterly winds, cold days and snow.  Unusual for a UK March.  A year later though, and I was back in work and rather enjoying life.  The weather from winter 2014 to winter 2015 was noticeably warmer and sunnier. 

From March to June 2015, I started each day by declaring that IT'S A GLORIOUS DAY, and would repeat that affirmation through the daytime. As a result, I had 4 months of memorably good days, and generally fine spring weather. 

In in the run up to the 2018 World Cup, I made some intentions in advance to have a FINE TIME AND ENJOY LIFE.  As a result, the weather in that time (and for several weeks afterwards) was dry, sunny and warm or even hot. Perfect for football watching and travelling (that said, I was glad when things changed to rainy, cooler weather in the August). 

A few few months later, and I decided to follow the 28 GRATITUDE STEPS as outlined in The Magic.  28 days in February, 1 step of gratitude practiced each day. As a result, I had a very enjoyable time in this month, mainly being very successful in my job.  The weather that month was fantastic as the UK drew in a plume of air from North Africa, and enjoyed two weeks of unbroken sunshine and warmth. 

In in the autumn (usually a glorious time in the UK) I had changed job roles and wasn't happy at all. The weather at the time was rainy, lacking in sunshine and the Autumn colours just couldn't really form.  Thankfully things have improved since.

So in my life I have several examples of how the weather has reflected my mood at the time, especially when I have been focusing my thoughts using a specific power affirmation. 

Love this. Yesterday i had a total shift in my emotions and where i live a really cold winter weather turned into a warm spring reassuring one, there was even a hot wind.

I travel a lot, and have also had experiences where holiday weather has reflected the mood and feelings I have had, or the thoughts I was thinking at the time. 

In in the autumn of 2005, I travelled around Northern Europe, at a time when the weather in that region is pretty reliable. However, the trip wasn't going too well, one thing after another wasn't really working out well and I was feeling a bit anxious. This translated into a rather underwhelming stay in Paris, where I had about 4 hours sunshine out of 60.  The rest of the time it was cloud and rain. 

A few months later, and I was travelling to Buenos Aires. The city had rather captured my imagination and I was feeling good about the trip, and excited about exploring the city.  March weather in Buenos Aires though can be hot, humid and rainy, but during the week I was there it was generally warm, sunny and breezy.  Very pleasant in fact. 

In the autumn of that year, I was travelling around Barcelona and Madrid, and though things were quite good, the weather really improved when I started using thoughts about my OWN MAGNIFICENCE.

Fast forward to the summer of 2014 when I was travelling to Lisbon in Portugal. Although the climate for August is usually dry and very sunny, Lisbon is also coastal and as such, can be very changeable. I'm a photographer, and I like sun and blue skies and there was still potential for cloud cover even at this time. I was enjoying life though (see above reply) and the week was a flow of life affair, with plenty of sunshine. I was also off for a Staycation week, in the June of that year (a month which can be a bit unreliable in the UK) and the weather was really good then too. 

Two years later during the summer of 2016, I was having a rather anxious time because the company I worked for went bust and I needed to find a new job. I took off to Rome on a pre-booked trip, and though it was sunny, it was also hot and uncomfortably humid. 

Last year though, during what was a happy and stable period of my life, I spent a week in Jerusalem. Again, a time which is usually excellent for weather, but which still had potential for cloud and humidity.  I though had really been looking forward to the trip, and was expecting it to be a trip like no other.  It certainly was, and I was blessed with abundant sunshine and pleasant breezes the whole week long. 

I have also also found during trips, that a day of forecasted bad weather, can rapidly turn round by PRACTICING FORGIVENESS the night before.  This has happened several times now, and do feel that the forgiveness unbinds energies which would otherwise had been trapped in either negativity or fear. 

I am here too. Let's leave together!


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