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First of all, I know we can't necessarily force others to do or feel how we want them to feel towards us... or, uhm, maybe we can? At least from a few sources that I red online.

Idk, this tends to get mixed opinions. Some people say you can, while others say you cannot because it's against their freewill and it could backlash at you - and so on and so forth. But then again, experts of such law often say that the LOA knows no limits, boundaries, or justice. Therefore, most if not all things are possible in the universe if only you truly believed it 100%, and hence the only limit is your own mind, really.

Seriously though, I so happened to be a gay guy who admittedly is crushing on a straight dude. However, the confusing part is that I genuinely also want to have a platonic friendship with him. It goes both ways for me. I'd honestly be happy either way no matter how this potential "friendship" plays out at the end.

Right now, I'm just trying to build a platonic friendship with said straight dude, but so far he seems rather... idk, distant and aloof towards me? Almost like it feels one-sided. I just wish he could be more receptive towards me, maybe even more friendly, too. I mean... the only good thing he said to me during our last interaction was that I can workout with him at the gym if I want, since I told him I needed a workout buddy. So, that MUST mean something at least, right? The fact he offered me to workout with him was very considerate of him. But somehow, I just can't seem to "visualize" him being friendly towards me beyond that. My skeptical brain keeps telling me "sorry bud, he's just not into you...", which really discourages me.

Could I use LOA in some way to influence him to be more interested, even if it's in a platonic way? For real, I'm not wishing him to be my gay boyfriend at all, although I wouldn't mind if it did manifested that way, hehe.

Any advice or thoughts on such matter? Anything would be appreciated.

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You can attract evidence that MAKES It LOOK that way, if you THINK that WAY!

I guess nobody likes gay guys, lol.

Just... look at the lack of responses. Oh well, time to look for help elsewhere!

Imagine a straight woman had a crush on you. Despite knowing that you are a gay man, she tries to use the LoA to change your inborn sexual preference to straight so she can have you as her boyfriend.

Do you think this would work? I do not think so. 

So why, then, are you here asking how to use the LoA as a form of reverse "conversion therapy" to turn a straight man gay in order to please you?  

The lack of response here is not because you are gay, but because you are asking, "How do I override this other person's desires and make him be what I want them to be, for my benefit and enjoyment?" This sort of question gets asked a lot here (or used to; this forum is nearly dead). No matter the gender or sexuality of the two people involved, it is fundamentally the same question in every single case, which means it has the same answer: You cannot use the LoA to override another person's free will; it does not give you that kind of power over other people. 

This man has qualities you find attractive, but he is straight. Other men exist who not only have the same qualities, but are gay. Rather than fixating on this one straight man, you would be much better served by setting an intention to find those gay men who are not only a match to what you have now identified as an ideal (as seen in this straight man), but are open to your advances and willing to act upon them.   

Okay, I agree.

Trying to pursue "straight men" always felt extremely frustrating to me, like really frustrating. It's like I just want a dude to reciprocate my feelings for once, SHEESH! It's like when you've been single your whole life, it doesn't matter whether the guy is straight or gay anymore. I want at least one of them to like me, lol. Sorry, I'm just really frustrated. But yes, I'm going to follow your advice as I feel I'd be more happy in the longrun if I do.

Do you have any good affirmations for gay men in particular? I've been doing a lot of "feeling as if I already have it" method, but so far I haven't seen any gay men show up in my life yet. And when I do see a gay guy... he's usually not my type, or at least does not fit my description of my "dream man".

Trust me, I don't have high standards at all.

My standards for a perfect ideal boyfriend would be a man who's actually masculine, strong, caring, and be somewhat into fitness (although, does not need to be overly muscular or anything...). Oh, and of course I want him to lead the relationship. Y'know, a man who's manly.

Also, if it isn't too much to ask, I REALLY want to get approached by a man - as opposed to the other way around. For some reason, it just feels better if men approached me and made the first move on me. I hate to be the one doing the pursuing as it's not something I enjoy doing.

Thanks in advance for any advice you or anyone else has for me, because I do want some help with this.

On a somewhat similar note, I have read about some people successfully manifested a specific person to text them. Or in other cases, some people had been able to manifest a specific person to ask them out on a date.

Technically, wouldn't that be considered making someone do something against their will, too? If it's considered so bad, why are some people doing this?

No actually this isn't a case of making someone do something against their will. Everyone has free will. If someone "claims" they manifested a specific person to text them, it was because that other person was also thinking of them and in the same vibration. No one forced anyone to do anything.

And you say this guy is aloof & distant. Well have you considered that 1) he knows you are gay, 2) he has a sense you are more into him than you are letting on, 3) he's not gay and is uncomfortable with you because he knows you are into him. Like the other poster said, how would you respond if a female was crushing on you & you had no romantic interest in her?

Personally, it sounds to me like you need to move on and let this guy go. Focus on yourself and get to know yourself really well (most people claim they know all about themselves, but they don't). Question why you are pursuing a guy who you know is straight. Are you attracted to rejection? This is an easy guy to make that happen with. You already know the outcome. Does this guy resemble a former partner of yours?

If there are aspects of this guy that you know you want in a partner, then focus on that. Focus on those qualities and see yourself with someone who has those qualities and is also gay/bisexual, just not this straight guy.

Once you've done that, release that manifestation to the universe and allow it to send that person your way. Don't dwell on it or try to force it out of someone. Otherwise you just create resistance that prevents it from happening.

As various replies have said, you can't force anyone to be interested in you, but what you can do is to change your vibration, so that you do attract people who are.

Be honest, how do you feel about yourself?  What do you think about yourself?  What do you think and feel when you look in the mirror?  This is key to your self-esteem and self-image, because if both are poor, then they will acts as blocks to what you desire.  A poor collection of beliefs about you will create a poor vibration, and that will go out into the Universe as what's known as a 'pilot wave' attracting back people who treat you badly, or nothing at all.

If you want to feel the love in your world, you need to love and feel good about yourself first. That means, first of all, loving and accepting WHO YOU ARE NOW (including what you feel are imperfections) because in hating those or trying to correct them, you are also creating resistance and negativity around yourself.  

Make a list of your positive qualities and make it long.  Refer back to it often, and read it through, so that positive ideas about yourself start to sink in subconsciously.  As you do this, you will start to believe a new message: I'M A POSITIVE PERSON WITH SO MUCH GOING FOR ME, and its offshoots (I'm gorgeous, talented, worthwhile, handsome etc). These send out a much better pilot wave, which is magnetic to people who love and appreciate you as you are, and who would also want a relationship. People you think are fit (hot) and who really appeal to you.

Start today in the run up to Christmas, and things will get going for you.  But you have to be CONSISTENT with your practice and do it every day.  You will probably have a lifetime of thinking badly about yourself, already in your vibration, and that won't be healed straight away.  But with some gentle persistence, you will get there, and probably easier than you think. 

Doing this is much easier than trying to change someone else, or make them interested what they may or may not be. 

Oh wow, thank you so much!

Your advice was extremely helpful. The funny thing is, I've recently started appreciating my appearance more when I look in the mirror. In fact, I've actually been doing this for the past 3 days now. Therefore... to see you confirm what I'm already doing only motivates me even more. Perhaps it's a sign from the universe letting me know I'm on the right track now.

Idk, the skin cream I've been using has made a huge improvement on my skin. I'm feeling more handsome everyday when looking in the mirror, and this is RARE for me to say about myself. :D Next, I plan on working out at the gym so I could start improving the rest of my body as well.

Hopefully I could keep up with this newfound positive mindset about my self-image. And like you said, of course there will be some days where I'll be hard on myself (mood swings could be a bitch, lol), but hey, as long as I could quickly get back to feeling good again, my vibration shouldn't be affected.

Excellent, you are already feeling the effects.  The skin is a reflection of that since the skin shows to the outside world, what you are feeling about yourself, so if it's improving, it means that your self-opinion is too.  It won't be long before positive people in your outside world, start to reflect that too.

You may find this video super helpful:



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