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Is it possible, okay to create an intention for someone you know will serve for their best interest?

Its of good :)


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Not accepted by their inner being unless they want it.


These questions in the forum usually elicit 3 types of answers

1) No.  You can't interfere with someone's free will.

2) Yes, if you hold focus on the version you want you will only rendezvous with them when they are a match to your vision of them.

3) Yes because everything we experience is a reflection of ourselves.

All of those are different philosophical approaches, non of which can be proven. 

I fall mostly in position 1.  But I think it''s important to take the focus on if you can and on to why you want to?

Even if you say it's for the good - who are you to determine what is the good for that person?  I understand that you may want to save a friend or help them avoid a situation you believe is hurtful but is that your choice to make? We don't know what people need to experience or what they have to teach us through their experiences and trying to get them to short-cut through some struggle can be counter-productive.

For instance there have been experiments done where butterflies or birds are helped to hatch.  But then they are found to not develop fully because the struggle in emergiing helps them develop. Humans are a bit like this.  Babies born through caesareans face challenges with their breathing and their gut biome because they didn't go through the birth canal. Circumventing a process in which something/one can be seen to be struggling isn't always the best way.

That's not to imply we can't help people who may be struggling. But there's a difference in stepping in when when we are helping bring someone's intent into being versus determining what their intent should be.  

Going back to the giving birth example, a baby is coming and desired outcome is healthy mum so there are times that a caesarean is the best way to get to that outcome.   So you wouldn't not intervene and help because they could both die. In that case you are helping someone bring their intention into being.  But you also wouldn't tell someone at the outset, before they even got pregnant or expressed a desire to have a baby, that when the time comes must have a caesearean because giving birth is really hard on their bodies.  

We tell ourselves that we want people to change because we love them.  But that's not unconditional love.  That is the definition of conditional love.  Can you love someone just as they are?  That doesn't mean you have to put up with their behaviour or stay close and subject yourself to their behaviours - it's still in your power to remove yourself from situations while letting them be and loving them from afar.  But if you really love and care for them, do you love and care for them enough to let them work things out for themselves?  

Thank you, so for example if i know of an artist and would like to see them do well for my intention for them? They get recognised.

Hello GRL,

You can hold an image of them as their best self, as sort of a possibility for them to attain IF they choose to do that. Remember though , that that is YOUR interpretation of their best self.

You said, "to create an intention for someone you know will serve for their best interest" You cannot know that. You cannot ever know anyone else's evolution. You "believe" you know what will serve them, but that is only your opinion and nothing more. In the healing work that I do, "I" do not tell them what to do. Their soul tells me what to say to them and what questions to ask so that they come to their own answers on a conscious level. They then decide to either do what is going to help or not. Doesn't matter to me either way. It's not my evolution. It's theirs. For you to attempt to have your idea of what's best for them take over their evolution is infringement. 


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