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I came across this Youtube video on the dangers of 5G internet technology and it puts me in a fear vibration.  It scares me.  Because it's going to happen everywhere.  It is happening - they've already got 180,000 of these set up on the poles.  The Elite seem to be moving forward on this dangerous technology that is going to put us all at risk and there doesn't seem to be anything we can do about it. 

Being bombarded all the time by wifi and cell phones and smart meter EMF waves is bad enough and dangerous to our health. Now they're taking it to a whole other level.  As this video shows 5G causes deaths, cancer, and serious pain.  As explained by someone who's been exposed to it and got cancer from it.  They've tested it out on airport employees and the results were horrible. And that doesn't seem to be stopping them from going forward with it.  They said this technology was created in Israel and even they banned this technology in Israel because of how dangerous it is.  Maybe it's part of their plan to reduce the population, I don't know.

Now I've heard Bashar say in one of his videos that if you fear something is going to happen you will participate in attracting it.  But if you aren't fearing it, even if it happens, it will not have an effect on you.  Personally I don't believe that.  What about the people mentioned in this video who worked at these air ports and were exposed to this technology?  It happened to them and they weren't fearing it.  Now they're all sick or dead.  And now this technology is soon to come to a light post near you.  Does that not scare you?  It scares me.  Every where we go our bodies will be exposed to it.


What are your guys thoughts about this?  I know we shouldn't live in fear, but what is the solution?  We could all get together and tear them off the poles, but you know nobody is going to do that. 

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Orson Wells did a re-telling of the War of the Worlds story via radio broadcast on Oct 30, 1938. Everyone listening thought it was real because of the realistic sound effects and the good story telling. There were mass panics and hysterias because a few people believed what they heard and started spreading the fear to everyone else. We now have people believing everything they see on the internet. YouTube is just that. Another media platform for ANYONE to post anything they desire, real or not. Nothing is monitored for accuracy. Stop believing everything you see. The internet feeds off those who are gullible, uninformed, and easily duped.

What you should do is to get off social media and go start living a life that doesn't involve being directed by what you see and hear on TV, your phone, and the internet. Try interacting with people standing next to you. Go volunteer. Take up a hobby that gets you outdoors and moving. Breathe.

Sounds like fear mongering to me. I don't know much about this topic but most conspiracy vids on youtube have very little if any credibility and it's just speculative nonsense. I'm sure the technology will be tested sufficiently. 

So here's the giant hole in this "theory". 5G is designed to help the various customers of the phone and internet companies. This is designed to increase sales, as the technology is better than the previous tech.

You can't make sales when people are dead.

Whar do I think? LOL. It's fearmongering bullshit, just like chemtrails, Reptilians, and anti-vax nonsense.

And no, I didn't watch the video; I'm not wasting my time on obvious garbage. 

First, it's  not a sustainable business model for a telecommunications company to roll out new technology that injures or kills its customers. How is a corporation supposed to keep making a profit and expanding when they're losing both existing and potential customers to death and debility they have caused?

Second, who exactly are "the Elites" who are allegedly pushing dangerous technology, and how are "they" going to avoid being affected by the alleged dangers of 5G when they will, in fact, be among the earliest adopters of it? How are they going to protect their wide networks of family, friends, and allies from its alleged dangers? Like "chemtrails" that allegedly poison everybody in their path, the alleged threat of 5G is widespread and non-discriminating in its targets--it would affect everyone, even the children and grandchildren of "the Elites."If you were part of some diabolical group planning to sicken and kill part of the world's population, wouldn't you specifically target what you considered to becthe most "undesirable" populations? And yet the first people to make the switch to 5G would be among the most affluent, educated, productive, and influential people in developed nations, including "the Elites" and people closely associated with them. That makes no sense. 

Of course, if basic logic isn't enough to banish your "fear vibration," there's always that "top-10 genius" dude willing to sell you a special medallion that might just help with that:  http://www.powerfulintentions.org/forum/topics/can-this-medallion-k...  Might be time to crack open your wallet and see how well it works. 

Being is Being.... The One Alone

no " other " Being Be

as on(e)ly The One Being 

Be The One Being 

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Roses! Love you! YESSSSS!

Two words to say to this: FAKE NEWS.  Media companies love to find something wrong or dangerous with everything; look at the number of food scares there have been.  The media Stoke up fear, because fear drives sales.  We hear of something fearful, so we go and buy a paper, switch on the news, or Google something we hear about, and that spikes up their sales or advertising revenue.  I have been bored of the news over the past few months, so I haven't really tuned into it.  A lot of it just goes over the top of my head and I think " It's tomorrow's chip paper. "

Remember, with LOA you get what you believe in.  Believe in this story, and something will happen which is connected to 5G technology.  Believe that 5G technology serves you well though, and that is what will happen.  You control what happens in your life, so use your thoughts wisely.  And if you hear about scary events in the experiences of others, remember that that is their life not your's. Remember the adage " not in my circus and not my monkeys. "

I understand and actually appreciate your concern and worries, but rest assured, like others have said already, a lot of this information is actually incorrect.  As with anything, there can be disadvantages and advantages, and 5G is no different here.  There are actually many good things that are possible with 5G.  Now also its important to look at your thinking here, because you are kind of caught in a circle f worry.  There is always something that can be done – no matter what the situation and sometimes its simply recognizing that you have choices – makes you feel better. 

Now if I was to say to you NDACloud to go to a mirror and several times a day say “I am getting old and sick” with passion and energy – you wouldn’t do it would you.  Because you know that’s programming and you are giving your cells a specific command.  Well the same is true when you engage in fear thinking, its giving your body a command.  Also its not actually banned in Israel, although his is being policed a lot more as a result of ongoing studies, but there are actually some really cool things happening.  For example, its being used in the treatment of cancer – to kill off cancerous cells.  (Not that I’m personally a fan of any sort of killing – but its something where that condition nowadays is very much common and so this is looking to be a great treatment for people who are elderly and fraile and cannot handle other means of treatment).  Its also being used to target pain release in places so its not at all – ALL BAD.  Like anything it really depends on how it is used, and therein is perhaps something we can all focus on – so that the best people who will use it in the right ways do so for the whole planet (and humanity) too. 

Now with the people who were mentioned in the video, I can guarantee you at some point they would have heard opinions about what they were doing being bad or unhealthy.  In this day and age, there is always someone who is going to tell you that what you are doing is wrong for you (and they may be right) but that idea actually gets fed with our thoughts and energy.  Whilst they weren’t fearing it, they did accept it at some level as being true. Also do we really know if they are all truly sick and dead – probably not.  Some times people move, or change names etc.  So what if there are some of those people who are still alive now – doesn’t that feel a better thought to think?


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