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Dealing with horrible intrusive/obsessive thoughts--how to get my old self back-tips on affirmations

HI all, 

I have been dealing with intrusive/obessive thoughts since I was around 30 years of age. It didn't make sense because i was all about happy person, but now I am suffering. I get scared all the time intrusive thoughts/images/flashbacks appear. I have been working out, eat healthy, taking vitamins and doing my best to be aware and accept but these keep scaring me all the times. I won't say what it is. 

I went from several intrusive thoughts/anxiety now to just mild anxiety but so much intrusive thoughts. I get anxiety right away. 

I know anxiety like to trick your brain into worrying but that's enough. It's not fair for me to suffer. 

I want them to stop forever for good as I can go back to normal life, find the right partner, and have kids. I have to put on hold because of the nasty thoughts. It' is enough. I will be soon to 40. I want to have kids. It's taking over my brain and I couldn't control. Im trying to control but i couldn't. its like 95% of horrible thoughts//images/flashbacks taking over and just 5 percent of me trying to control. 

I will start to seek reiki master for now to help with this, It's too much for me. I don't want to cause any physical pain in my body or  head when I get older. it's enough. 

I am going to keep focusing on affirmations such as

My body can produce all the neurotransmitter to heal my body. Thank you thank you

I am more than happy and grateful to be back to my old self  thank you thank you. (I like this better)

what affirmations do you suggest? I want to get my old like back like I'm 20 years old all happy and don't care about anything but enjoy my life and be happy. Just want to rewire my brain and mind back to be happy and don't care nor worry/anxiety. 

Thank you! Cheers, Chloe Elizabeth. 

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Hello Chloe

Sorry to hear about your issues. I can relate to this a lot.

I have written a post about a very similar situation I was in. I just hated it that there were so many things that I was wanting to do in life but my body didn’t support me. 

I am sure that you will receive plenty of great LOA advice here. 

I could suggest a few alternate solutions . Have you tried nootropics? There are herbs like Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Shankhapushpi that people have been using for many many years . I personally use Ayurvedic supplements made with these herbs and they help me a lot. Also look into your diet, check if it’s right for you. Cutting down or eliminating foods that disrupt your mood like sugar, dairy, gluten, caffeine etc also helps. And the vitamins- are they enough ?  Most supplements don’t contain enough vitamin D .(  I was shocked when I found out that my levels were super low because I am from a tropical country! ) Then there are vitamins that some people cannot absorb well, like B12 . I was having neurological symptoms because of it. I had to do some research into all of this and experiment with myself. 

Are there any other changes that you think might help you? Like going to bed early and waking up early, walking in the sunlight or in nature, having a routine ( we use up a little motivation with every decision we make ) , organizing the room and pre planning a weekly schedule, decluttering ( could be things and thoughts and activities) . 

Coming to the intrusive thoughts that you mentioned- I did experience something similar. One thing I have noticed is I react differently when I am in a better mood. Once I made the necessary changes in my diet and lifestyle, the thoughts that used to haunt me don’t bother me as much. My outside world has become better without me doing any LOA practice. You see what I am trying to say? The other thing was I had to accept these feelings and had to do something about it. I mean I had to change or  improve certain habits of thought and action. I realized I have to change the way I approach certain areas of my life and I am still in the process of doing it.  

I hope this helps. Don’t worry, you are on your way to the amazing life you wish for. 

Lots of love,


Thank you

Its not easy.. its very frustrating for me. My friends and relatives are married and have kids, and I keep getting more engagement/baby news annoucements and Im just stuck with thoughts hunting me everyday. It's hard to be happy when the thought worry you. 

I eat less sugar, very little, don't drink coffee or tea, eat healthy food and take supplements, multi vitamins, b complex, magnesium, vitamin D drop, fish oil, 

I take turmeric often--just to keep myself and brain healthy 

I will try with cbi oil just for temporary, but with the thoughts--all i did was be aware without feeling attached and all, but then it just won't stop. it just keep popping up all the times, like flashbacks reminding me that it will happen soon. It like the thoughts are expecting me to happen or i expect to happen--I don't want that. just stop and can have new day everyday as everyday a new day

I have to increase more exercise and breathing exercises so i can keep my brain and body healthy 


Oh okay. Breathing exercises are wonderful! So is exercise.

It seems you are doing a great job at taking care of your health.

I would suggest asking yourself what you want at this point , why you want it and then aligning yourself with it by giving it positive attention.

You mentioned you want to manifest a good life for yourself and feel uneasy when you hear other people’s engagement or baby announcements. Have you asked yourself why you feel this way and what is that you actually want? Is it that you desire a certain thing and feel fear or jealousy ( I am not saying this out of judgement, we all feel all kinds of emotions , doesn’t mean we aren’t good people) when you see other people experiencing what you want? If you are sure that you desire something then focus your thoughts on attracting it or ‘how wonderful your life will be when you have it ‘ rather than on ‘why it hasn’t come yet’ . How can you tell that you have made the shift? You will feel excited when you hear such news, you will say to yourself-yes, I want that for myself. Remind yourself that the universe is all about abundance and ease. Make sure that you want to manifest this desire so that it makes you happy and not to measure up to others. Because when you fall into this trap you will never really feel good enough. 

One time I had a desire to manifest an internship opportunity at an esteemed institution. I had applied for it in March 2011 but I wasn’t accepted until March 2012. I was counting on it and really wanted to get in. I had even begun to feel anxious . I met a new friend who was already accepted at this place,although she got into a less desirable department . She was a real nice person and shared with me the picture of their welcome dinner which apparently was a huge thing( nothing extravagant but only a few people make it there). I remember watching that picture and saying to myself- I want it too! I started emailing them and they finally gave me an official rejection. But I kept emailing my future mentors. The coordinator was probably sick of me by then. LOL

A few things happened and I finally got the opportunity to work in a department that was even better than what I had applied for, beyond my imagination. Looking back at it,I think things began to change when I shifted my feelings about it from fear and lack to desire and anticipation. 

I have to admit yes I am jealous. I am so ready to have a relationship, home and family but with the intrusive thought and anxiety disorders going on, i have been suffering. so yes, I am jealous. 

I like your thoughts on this. Thank you for this. Maybe it would be better for me to focus on healing myself first, with reiki, vitamins, etc and being happy and grateful, hopefully it gets better. 

Thank your explaining the shift of feelings. 

Thank you for the another post. 

Maybe it would be better for me to focus on getting back to my old self, be happy and be healthy with no anxiety, intrusive thoughts, as I can be happy forever 

It is hard to feel good but I will try to focus inside my head, focus on me being laughing all the times, excited, jumping, acting like a kid---use that  imaginations more often, with smiling. I have hard time to "feel good" so maybe smiling and silent laugher will help. Hopefully will take my life back to normal. Will take time. 

Risultati immagini per your heart is the light of this world don t cover it with your mind

There is a small trick I use . I have read that other people use it too.

So what you do is think about your desire when you are feeling good , may be after your exercise routine. If you are stressed at some point in the day refrain from thinking about your desire . If you can’t control your thoughts then try doing some trivial activity like laundry, cooking or any chore. Your brain will have to focus on this new activity . 

Coming to affirmations- choose something thats general and easy to believe. Affirm ( or remind yourself) that the universe is abundant . It wants to give you everything you desire, and much more. It’s impartial. We are in complete control of our lives . The universe always obeys us by reflecting our vibrations. 

You can get more and more specific . You can affirm - marriage and kids and family is an amazing idea. If you don’t experience any wobble until now then go ahead and affirm that you are living your dream life with your amazing husband and wonderful kids. I heard Abe discuss this concept of going general first and getting more and more specific , then stopping when you experience wobble. 

Thank you so much for this. You are too sweet! I really appreciate all of your help here

i LOVE this lesson to overcome any trauma you may have:




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