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Dont get me wrong....I love and appreciate my family. But....whenever I talk to them, I always find myself listening to their negativity about things, or voicing my own complaints because they will listen.....Every phone conversation with my mom or Grandma always turns into a gripe fest from them or from me. Aside from alienating myself from them....what can I do to change our conversations? I feel that this is a major hurdle in my life....and a tricky one! Thanks everyone!.

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I usually turn the earpiece away from my ear when it's going on and think about something good, until I can hear blissful silence again, then I come back into the convo with something like, 'So, what else is happening with you these days?' This really works for me as no one knows I haven't been listening to their crap, they don't dis me for never calling and I feel good for keeping in touch. Believe it or not, miracles have happened for me in my family since I started doing this! Try it. It might work for you too. : )
This reminds me of a specific part of "The Secret". If you own the movie, it's right about 57 minutes into the movie. I'm sure watching this part specifically will back up what I have to say about it, but you're focused on what you don't want to see in your family. "You must orient yourself to the best part of those people who surround you."

They suggest that you get a notebook, and write out, and focus on the things you like most about those people, and those people will become that mostly to you. Think about this, and add some emotion to those thoughts. If you do this correctly Law of Attraction will cause those people to only communicate with you when they are going to be positive, and when they are going to show the side of themselves that you've been thinking about, that you like most. To quote the movie again, "If they are in a mood or an attitude that doesn't match the mood or attitude that you have about them, they'll zig while you zag".

I actually had a similar experience with my younger brother not too long ago. He broke up with his girlfriend of 4 years and was constantly calling me to complain about this that and the other thing. I tried this method, and just this past weekend he drove out to see his ex girlfriend, they made peace, got back together, and I haven't heard him say anything negative to me since.

I also recommend checking out this website: http://www.indraslawofattraction.com. There is plenty of useful information on here about Law of Attraction that could help you understand the concepts better.

I hope this was helpful for you, Law of Attraction can be a very useful thing, you just need to stop and recognize when you are having negative thoughts about something, and figure out what positives you can focus on instead to make that negative disappear. If you re-read what you posted originally you can see all the negative thoughts you are having about this situation. Turn those around and you should be home free =).

Good luck,
Great Post, Drew. I can definitely benefit from this as well!!
Thank you for your responses! I will definitely be happy to work on this!
For me personally, it's not about them, it's about me. They are just being who they really are and I can't change that.

What I CAN do is raise my own vibrations. When I am feeling good, I feel light, happy and compassionate. They either don't annoy me or else if they are talking negative, it doesn't make me go upstream. It's pretty amazing. We could have the same situation e.g. say if there is a big conversation about the recession. If I'm feeling bad myself I'd probably start arguing back and getting more and more irritated and feeling bad afterwards. If I am feeling good, they either will "zig when I zag" or I'll just let their conversation go right over my head without it bothering me.

Listen to lots of happy fun music and dance in your own room to help raise your vibrations!
Hello Jules,

I perfectly understand your situation as I am faced with the same problems myself. Sometimes it gets overwhelming having to deal with all the negative vibes coming your way. I think you might like to read my blogpost on "Dissolving Negativity". I posted it minutes and then came across your post in the forum. Coincidence? Maybe, but I think not.

I hope you can share your views with me on what I've written.

I was the same when I first started applying LOA into my life. I now see it in a different light. I started working on myself. I told myself every day that "I love me"It took a while, but then it started to kick in. I felt so much better in myself. Then I started to see my family members different when they started to go on about all the bad in their lifes. It was like I was standing back & looking at it all in a new light. I started to lose all fear from my life when I knew that, I loved me. Nothing really worried me. I could see that all it was from family members, was fear. They are living in fear most of the time. Now I can talk to them & when they start on the negativity, I say to them, I don't really want to know! At first they didn't like it at all, as they had nothing else to talk about. But now they talk about other things, but still at time they go all negative on me lol but now I sit with a smile & think, they will get passed it. I just say to them at times. This will just be a memory in a week or two. They just laugh. We can't change them or anyone else. Just see them all in Love & sent loving thoughts to them all. They will change just by doing this. It worked for me :O)
Hi Jules,

You could try after listening to all the bad news, just say "any GOOD news today" ? .... I have started to say this with my family and it is amazing ...they are all SO unuse to good news that they usually laugh as though I was making a joke, but sometimes someone will pipe up with a bit of Good news and for a short while the conversation is positive.

When my kids were young I use to ask them to tell me 3 good things and 3 bad things that happened in their day and I always remember that it was alwyas easier to find 3 bad things and harder to find 3 good things ...it was at that point that I bought them 'gratitude books' and I have always been amazed by all the great lists of things they found gratitude for when I look over these books.

If you DO ask your relatives for Good news, be sure to be sincere in showing your interest in their 'good news' because I have found that people love and respect bad news but they tend to laugh at or feel embarassed by 'good news' unless it is VERY good news like a wedding or a birth. But when a relative says "I got lovely flowers today ... you need to express an interest and ask to look at them and admire them otherwise some wisecrack in the family will make a depracating remark and gone it is the chance for 'good news' to linger !!!

Parents need to take 'great interest' in their childrens good news, admire the drawing, or look at the amazing insect or watch that little play they just put together ....because it is so easy to say 'later, later ....especially when they are being 'good' and then they find the only way to get attention is through 'bad news" like when they break something, or fight with a sibling .......... So nurturing an interest in Good news starts with US.

Another thing I have started doing is really 'looking out for Good news items" and telling people about them. Because everyone has a worse story to tell if you start on illnesses, or poor politicians, or corruption ....but not many people can top a good story story with another good one !

Then there is Segment Intending that The ABE/Hicks talk of ... start each segment of your day with a few Intentions that start with 'wouldnt it be nice if ....." ie Wouldnt it be nice if my inlaws and I had a great conversation today without any negativity creeping in", "wouldnt it be nice if we had a fun day today ...", "Wouldnt it be nice if I got a chance to day to show who I really am ..." or simply 'wouldnt it be nice if breakfast went really smoothly today ". Many people swear by this. I have had a lot of success with my teens behaviour using this. I suppose it changes US and our expectations and our attitudes and that in turn provokes a better response in them ..... but it does work !

love and light Gen
Wow great answer Gen!
Just another thought ...but when we encounter Envy or jealousy coming towards us ....it is interesting to try to define what 'we" are feeling ....as it is often reciprocated ...we may be jealous of something they have ..and if we are, then by letting it go we are severing the two way negative communications ...and if that is not the case, we may be feeling a 'lack of self esteem' and we want LOVE from them and yet they may not be able to give it. Often we need to build up our own self esteem and know that we are LOVED beyond measure by God and that may give us enough strength to face this person who is hurtful and angry and envious towards us ....after all all they want too, is to BE HAPPY and Be Loved , and we have that knowledge of LOA and of Gods Love but perhaps they dont have either. Yet anyway !
Thank You so much everyone! I am appreciative of all of you :) Just made it through a convo with Grandma.....Very positive....and very short! LOL
Wow! I posted a thread like this awhile back too! I know how you feel..

What I have personally done is focus more on their GOOD qualities that you do like. Did you ever watch the Secret where the guy comes home in a bad mood to find that his girlfriend was out having fun at a party? She ONLY wanted him to be loving & positive to her, so she focused ONLY on those qualities so much -- LIFE had no choice but to give her only that!

My mom used to be the most vile, negative, self-loathing person ever -- now we actually get a long MUCH better than before. Not because she changed, or because I had to DO anything much different -- but because I only focused on what I WANTED to experience with her (love, friendship, laughter, etc).

And whenever she's having a bad day, she wont even call me now! I only saw her twice this week!!! That's how negative she is to everyone else, but she stays FAR away from me when she's like that now.

Just redirect your focus! You'll be amazed at how quickly it really works!! =)


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