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if for a desire to be manifested it takes the approval of two people(one being the receipient and the other the giver)..so now if the recipient wants to use the LOA to get what they desire from the giver..is it negating the free will of the giver...if so what is the best way (assuming there is a way) for the givers free will to also be there and for the recepient to get their desire manifested...sorry for confusing you guyz...please someone help clear my confusion also..

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if so what is the best way (assuming there is a way) for the givers free will to also be there and for the recepient to get their desire 

Treat the giver as a person and communicate with them instead of treating them like an object/tool meant to manifest selfish desires. You'd be amazed at how helpful and useful people willingly are when you communicate with them and treat them with respect/sincerity - even further when you're just as helpful/useful to them and their life.

You weren't really specific about what you're trying to obtain from this other person, but I imagine it's something bad since talking to them or viewing them as a person is out of the question. To answer your question, that isn't how LoA works, and free will is hardly a problem for anything since free will is easily used against people; assuming free will is even a thing, which is doubtful considering all things already exist. If you want someone's free will to be in alignment with yours, then make them believe that your desire is their own desire. 

Its interesting how you have managed to jump to this conclusion that what i want is bad...can it not be something that will improve the quality of my friendship or relationship...i was just confused that asuming someone Thinks something else is more suitable in that scenario is using LOA ok because i will be desiring things that i want..thats it..

Its interesting how you have managed to jump to this conclusion that what i want is bad

It's not all that interesting that I did that. As I mentioned, you weren't specific at all, so you left room for it to be understood however one saw fit, based upon the vague information given. For myself, what I read and understood was that you want something from someone else, but you want to do it in a way that they just align with what -you- want. I assume it's something on the selfish/bad level, because instead of communicating or interacting with this person in a way to achieve that goal together, you want to do it from the shadows and manipulate their actions. That's not a relationship. 

can it not be something that will improve the quality of my friendship or relationship

Who knows? You didn't bother to give us any of that information or tell us what your true intentions are. If it was for the intentions of improving the quality of the friendship or relationship, then using "voodoo" on them to control their actions isn't exactly the best means of improving relationships. 

So instead of us making assumptions upon each other, lets address this in a more practical and useful way. What are your intentions? What is it that you're seeking? What is the story to this thread? If you throw some information our way, we can give you helpful advice that is specialized to your situation. Maybe LoA is a good choice, but maybe there are better solutions and LoA brought you to me so that I could share those solutions with you. Either way, I apologize if I made inaccurate assumptions, but please understand that I was simply working with the information that I was given. 

The LoA is not a tool used to force others to give you anything they are not already prepared to give you.

You cannot force another to love you, simply because you want it.

You cannot override whatever social attitudes or cultural values they choose to live by, if those stand in your way.

You cannot make somebody want anything they don't already want, and are not willing to provide.

I see it all the time, here--people want their exes back--or for the object of their infatuation to notice them at all. They want someone they believe might have been the perfect marriage partner to abandon whatever reasons they had for choosing not to marry the seeker, and fall into compliance. Or they have a roommate, employer, parent, friend, co-worker, or spouse whose behavior and desires they want to change in their favor.

Whatever it is they want, they're trying to use the LoA to force an unwilling other to bend to their desires and give them what they want. And it doesn't work.

There's a common misconception that you can be, do, or have anything you want, using the LoA. Various teachers repeat it as if it's a fact. But they're wrong--you can only be, do, or have anything you can come fully into alignment with. And wanting, desiring, yearning for, daydreaming about, or affirming that it is yours is not the same thing as being in alignment with it. If it was, I wouldn't watch the same people come back here for months or years on end, wondering why the thing or person they desire hasn't shown up.

Here's the thing: Whatever you want, wants something from you. It doesn't matter if it's a house, a car, a career, an education, some sort of political/cultural/social change--or a person. It's a co-creative universe where everyone and everything is trying to get its needs and desires met, and if you are unwilling or unable to meet someone or something's desires, you're not in alignment with it. You won't attract it into your reality at all, or if you do there will be frustration, conflicts, and loss (as that person or thing moves toward someone who is in alignment with it).

I could go buy an exotic car today. Why don't I? Because an exotic car is demanding--it wants things from me that I'm not willing to give it. We're not in alignment. And I can't force it to want only what I'm willing to give it; not unless I am okay with it running poorly because I don't want to deal with the intensive maintenance schedule, or damaged from being parked on the street instead of in a garage, or not running at all because I refuse to pay for expensive repairs. There are people who are in alignment with owning exotic cars, and it's okay that I'm not one of them.

There's a man I like a lot, we share many things in common, and I think we'd be great together. But he's an observant Jew, and takes that very seriously, and is only interested in forming long-term relationships with observant Jewish women. I'm not willing to convert to Judaism, adopt that culture and religion, and do so in a serious, committed way that would satisfy him--so we're not in alignment. He has every right to want what he wants, and I can't force him to change his mind. So rather than try to change him, I'm going to look for men I am in full alignment with, who share many of the same traits I like in this man, and who are willing to be with me.

There's an art gallery in Los Angeles I'd like to be represented by. But the owners want artists with more substantial exhibition and sales histories than I currently have. We may be in alignment in the future, but we're not in alignment right now, and for me to tell them that they're wrong for wanting what they want, and try to force them to want me as I am right now, will only push them away and ruin my future chances with them. So I accept that I'm not in alignment with them yet, but n this case, I'm willing to do the things that will get me there (or at least into alignment with a similar, just as desirable gallery).

The term "allowing" in LoA-speak isn't just about allowing what you want to come to you; it's about allowing others to get what they want, too, even if what they want isn't you. If you've got a mindset genuinely focused on abundance, you'll know that even if you can't have the first person or thing you desire, there is someone or something coming along that will be a closer match to you. You don't need to cling to any one person, or try to control them, because they're just one example of what is out there in the world. Release the person you're not in alignment with, and you open the door for the one who is. But if you stay fixated on that person who you aren't in alignment with, you've not only shut the door on all the ones who are, but are forcibly holding it shut.

And one last thing: Imagine it was you, on the receiving end of this. Somebody you don't like, or don't want, decides to try using the LoA to make you choose them, or change things about you that you don't want to change. They're projecting all of their desires onto you, trying to make you be what they want, and give up your own desires in favor of theirs.

Do you really think that's going to work?

Would you want that to work? Would you be okay with having your own choice in the matter disregarded and pushed aside in order to satisfy someone else? Somehow, I don't think you would. So why would you try doing that to someone else?

I think you're wrong. I used LoA to attract you to this thread and make a post. Now what? All your will are belong to me. :D

It's good to see you; it's been awhile. We've always shared a common perspective on all of this, and as such, I agree with what you're saying here. In my opinion, it's always been more about your perception, what you've programmed into it, and how you're going to choose to reprogram it, as that'll dictate how you see / experience your relative perception of reality. Sure, that doesn't sound as awesome as "Make a wish! It's yours!" but that doesn't mean it's less powerful/important to your life and well-being. The way that you see the world and interact with it drastically changes the types of actions you take, the things that you say, and your ability to see the various opportunities in your life. When you practice LoA, it's teaching you how to reprogram your perception of your reality. Do you see only your burdens as problems? Are they challenges? Do you see the lesson in your burdens? Do you see your blessing in your burdens? Do you think you deserve it? Do you think you can do it no matter what it takes? Do you think you're amazing? Do you .... You get the point. We've already answered these questions in our lives, and we've been living through whatever rules we decided upon when we agreed.

I'll leave this with a couple stories to depict my point:

There was a little girl who had a beautiful singing voice and loved to sing all day long. However, one day her mother was having a long day at work and was frustrated by the time she got home; she just wanted to relax. When she got home, the girl was singing to her heart's content, and due to her long day, the mother snapped on her and told her to shut up. She told the girl to just be quiet, no one wants to hear you sing! The mother didn't realize the affect her words had on the girl, and inside of the girl, those words resonated and transformed into her own words that she would recite to herself. "I can't sing.... no one wants to hear me.... I just need to be quiet. I can't sing... I can't sing.... I can't sing..." Even though the girl had an amazing singing voice, she never sang again in her life; always repeating those words inside of herself. Her perception was transformed that day and a new rule was accepted into it that dictated that she couldn't sing. Our perception has never cared about if something is true or not, its job is to simply listen to you and then become the filter through which you filter life experience. It is a necessary system for us to have, but the problem is that we often unconsciously program it or allow the rules/words of others to enter into it as our own. 

Unfortunately I need to leave, so I can't post the rest of what I wanted to post. I'll come back later. Take care gang. 

Can someone please explain all of the things mentioned above in a simpler way.thanks.

To sum it up, that isn't what LoA is or how it works. It's not a genie. It's a tool to transform your relative sense of reality; your perception. Sure, that doesn't sound as cool as me saying "magic! genie! its yours!" but don't underestimate what your perception is or how it transforms your reality when you learn to consciously program it. You'd be amazed at how many miracles and blessings already exist within your space, but you don't have the eyes to see them yet. Even further, actuality itself may not even exist beyond your relative perception, so with that being said, guard how you program your perception. It's how you see, hear, and experience life. 

As I mentioned in your other thread, you're wearing a tool belt, but keep focusing on trying to use a hammer for every job. Use the appropriate tools for your given situations. As Jacob mentioned, why don't you talk with this person and try to communicate with them? That should be your first option. If that fails, then either accept their decision, or maybe spend more time learning more about how your body/brain/mind works. When you realize how your own being operates, you learn a LOT about how everyone else operates also. It's not hard to convince someone into something, or make someone believe that your idea is their own idea. Voodoo isn't required to manipulate people, and free will isn't even something that matters at all; it's just a comfort phrase so people feel better and in control. 


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