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There's a random cute guy in college who sorta caught my eye, and like, for several weeks now we've been crossing paths a lot... but I was never brave enough to strike up a conversation with him.

Finally, it hit me hard last night---I started to cry. The strong emotions I felt for him could also be felt within my chest. Really, I felt it so powerfully. I cried and I cried until there were no more tears left to cry. I REALLY wanted to talk to him. The desire of connecting with him is so strong. It's like, my soul can't relax unless we talk to each other...

Anyways, the next day, my sister asked me if I wanted to go to the dollar store with her, and since I was free, I thought why the heck not? So, we headed to the dollar store. When we arrived there, guess who I ran into? The SAME cute guy that I've been dying to speak to. Oh-my-god!

The weird part was how he kept looking at me as I was strolling around the dollar store. In addition to that, I also noticed how he would gravitate towards me (for example, if I went to the food section, he would come near the food section--and if I moved to the toy section, he would also move there, etc)

At this point, I KNEW this was a clear sign from the universe, but unfortunately I chickened out once again and failed to take action.

Someone, please shoot me in the head. I keep screwing up by not taking action! -sigh-

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Hey honey, you're not screwing up anything, you're doing great!! You're wise enough to not take action because you don't feel ready. Be clear about what you want and THEN take action so that you will have d best outcome!! Or you can take a random action & follow your bliss - but you have to keep thinking positive!! The Universe gives you endless opportunities in any moment. You can turn your head right now and see that cute guy winking at you :D


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Thank you so much!

You're very welcome sweetheart!!

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Yes, you did manifest this guy into your life and the first sign is that you're attracted to him. Going off from that attraction is leading him to gravitate towards you and that's why you're seeing him more. This is your manifestation continuing in your life.

Just let the manifestation keep going let it flow and don't focus on actions that you haven't done yet like talking to him. He's still around and just because you missed a opportunity or many opportunities doesn't mean its too late. There's always more opportunities coming your way. Enjoy your manifestation be happy no more worries. Who knows maybe its him that will be the one that talks to you first! Be open minded to possibilities.

A woman caught my interest at college it was lunch time and my first time seeing her. It was that moment that it was her that this is the woman for me. We kept looking at each other at lunch just glances but I felt that connection. I was thinking she would be perfect if she playes the same sport as me. That same day my sister told me to come to the gym early instead of the later time that was planned. That same woman from lunch was there! Not only that but playing the same sport that I was thinking!!

She was looking at me a lot I noticed and even was helping me out too. A thought came into my head to play a quick game with her but I didn't and we didn't talk either. I felt like I should talk to her!!!! lol but everything came together even though we didn't talk I'm still happy that I seen her at the gym. Opportunities will keep on coming no matter what that's the working of law of attraction.


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