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Difficulty ignoring current reality and self belief limitations

I know this has probably been posted before, so I do apologise if so.

But I am really struggling with this at the moment. My job is a very toxic workplace, I try to see it in a different perspective and try to focus on the good parts in my life. But emotionally it wears me down, bringing my mood down, which therefore brings my vibration down. 

I am trying to manifest my dreams to come true, I also take positive action as well, so its not like I am sitting around for this to happen. I am just sick of this job getting me down, I have days where I go home and just want to stare into space because of how my bosses are, I can't find a new job at the moment as I am in the process of getting a mortgage with my partner (which is great) so I feel quite stuck here and not able to just quit and go find a new job. 

But I am trying to manifest my dream job. I just feel exhausted trying to stay positive in a place that feels like prison - the rules here are so ridiculous to the point where they are dictating to what we can and cannot eat in the office, there is a lot of sexism and bullying. (its a long story with a lot of negativity so  I won't go into too much detail) 

I am just asking for some advise of how to create more inner peace and focus on manifesting my goals and not be beaten down by their issues and negativity. I want to feel stronger whilst I am here. 

Is there anything I can do to help? 

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Have you ever heard of the phrase, "If nothing changes, nothing changes."

I have found that crises can cause real change and sometimes it is the only way.

I haven't heard of this, please can you explain more as I would love to understand this :) thank you xx


Okay firstly great awarenesses you have here already.  Recognise first off that you are way ahead of the game already in recognizing that its your workplace that’s toxic please.  Some people take years to recognize and realise that.  Now its not surprising its wearing you down. 

Now firstly as bad as your workplace is, it can only effect your vibration if you let it, but you can develop coping strategies for dealing with when things seem heavy.  It can be as simple as spending time in nature or looking at a beautiful painting or photograph or even doing some deep breathing.  That alone will help you to raise your vibration above the negativity.  Reaching for a higher feeling thought is always possible – no matter what the situation so whenever you recognize the toxicity simply reaching for a feeling good can be a life safer (literally!). 

Now also fantastic that you are taking actions too.  A lot of people wrongly think the LOA is about sticking a rainbow coloured plaster over a wound and it will magically heal and to some degree it isn’t understood at all.  Its not about being positive all the time either – because that is very difficult for anyone to do 24/7, 365 days a year, year after year.  Its about simply recognisng when you are not feeling 100 and simply reaching for a better feeling thought and moving up the emotional scale and that can be done in a variety of different ways.  For example, having a salt bath is a great thing to do for cleansing energy from the body (and a lot of reiki practitioners and teachers insist their students do this).  You can meditate too.  Even having a pampering bubble bath at the end of the day can literally help you to feel more balanced and wholesome.  Eating a bar of chocolate too is another low cost effective way.  Anything that helps you feel good.  If you feel angry though, then its not about ignoring that anger, but expressing that anger in a healthy way to release it from your body.  It can be as simple as writing your feelings out, or writing a letter to someone who has made you angry (not that you send it – but hey you can if you want).  Simply getting the emotions out.  Hitting a pillow for example can really help move the energy too and there are millions of other ways too. 

Thank you so much, I do sometimes think I have to be positive 24/7 for things to manifest and have to remind myself that I am human and that I am going to have bad days! I will definitely try the salt baths, that sounds very relaxing! 

I appreciate your advice, thank you x

Absolutely and you aren't the only one.  Sometimes the way LOA is painted leads people to wrongly think its all rainbows and unicorns 24/7 - but even those who teach LOA know we will all have ups and downs and the real secret is learning how to deal with both using the tools in the toolbox that is LOA.  Salt baths are just one easy suggestion thats often recommended by energy practitioners but its not the only one.  Some people sewar by apple cider vinegar for cleansing their energy field.  Some visualise light for example when they shower.  Its really a never ending toolbox or toolkit you have.  So see what works for you.  There is never a one way only route to any destination - ever.  LOA is a collection of tools for you to really pick and choose as you desire to help you feel good.  


The best thing you can do right now is try to find everything in everyone that is similar to you or what you can appreciate in each individual you have to deal with. Also, focus on what you DO appreciate about your job, and only that. This is so when you move on to a new job, you won't attract the same nightmare because you will be in a better mindset as it relates to your attitude towards your co-creators. Unfortunately, your contract has been established so as long as you stay there, you will be in the same rut. The best/worst-case scenario is your newfound appreciation for your job and your co-workers will breach the contract and you will lose your job.

In my research, I have found that deliberate manifestation is a compartmentalized strategy composing of eight compartments. Each will render results if focused on alone. compartment 2 and 3 relate to your beliefs about yourself and your beliefs about others. If you proceed with attracting a dream job without taking head to these 2 compartments, you will land a job you love, surrounded by people you can't stand.

The universe is nothing more than a big cold void, filled with mirrors. It will only reflect back what you shine upon it. Therefore, in the end, when you are ready to interject with the word, the universe will take everything you give it and make it your reality. This includes the mending of good beliefs with bad beliefs to create a full picture or platform for your next experience. 

This really made sense, thank you. The past few dates I have been writing down what I am grateful for, even the smallest things. I have been watching videos and trying to shift my perspective and I feel much better for it, thank you :) 

Also question if it is actually a "difficulty" or instead a "gift" of yours too.  It could well be a "blessing" rather than a "curse" - its just a matter of perception!

This is very true, I have been focusing more on the great things I have than letting the one terrible thing consume me, I feel much better the past couple of days for it! Thank you for giving me advice, it really did help :) 

This post has already had some great responses.

I will try to write down whatever has worked for me .

One time I was in a highly unwanted place and I had to stay there for a little while. This was before knowing about the LOA. I would soothe and comfort myself with the fact that this will end soon and the day I walk out of here would be such an awesome day! And it was! I still remember packing all my stuff and looking at the place thinking to myself - good riddance! 

The other thing you can do is to not try being positive all day. May be keep aside an hour or two for meditation or some positive vibration activity . You want to gradually increase your momentum and raise your vibration . Then you won’t have to try too hard.

Always try to go from negative to neutral before jumping to the positive state. 

The most powerful technique you can use would be to become aware. Aware about everything. Aware that your coworkers are reflecting your negative vibration . Without you expecting them to behave this way they cannot do a thing. Imagine you holding one end of a rope and them holding the other. This rope represents your expectation/ belief about them. When you let go of this end you are no longer connected to them. Basically when you drop your belief they will disappear from your life. I have experienced this a lot. There is a chance this might make you feel guilty of creating a negative experience. That’s ok! Being guilty is far better than being a powerless victim ( referring to the emotional guidance scale ). Therefore just try to feel better , not necessarily joyous . Also become aware that they would behave the same way with any other human who offered that vibration so it’s not personal at all. What I am going to say next might not sound very good but it worked for me. In such situations I used to feel sympathy for these kind of people as they aren’t living their best life. That way I don’t make them powerful villains in my head. 

I have a question for you .. you said it’s not possible for you to quit this job and look for another but you can always find another job and then quit this one? 

Thank you so much, this has really helped. I find by observing them lately I do feel more sympathy as its more about whats going on inside them, its just hard when its in the midst of them behaving badly that I sometimes forget to apply this. But thank you for reminding me it can actually be a powerful tool! 

I can look for another job, but here in the UK you need to be in a job for 3 - 6 months to apply for a mortgage, and my partner and I are in the process of selling and applying for a new mortgage, so I don't want to mess that up by quitting and starting a new job. I'd rather try to ride it out then once we have the mortgage I can finally leave. I just feel quite stuck  I suppose. But I am realising now its more to do with what is inside, and that I am okay to feel a bit low sometimes without it affecting my vibration. 

thank you for your input, this has really helped xx


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