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I recently embarked on my journey based on the law of attraction. A part of my journey is to discover my true hearts desire or my purpose. I am really struggling with this as I don't feel I have found it yet. Does anyone have any tips or techniques that will help?

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Hi Barry- I think you should ask the universe/ God to show you and be patient. Let go of focusing on the struggle and in time you will see.

That's it. My true heart desire:

L'immagine può contenere: possibile testo seguente "When I grow up, want to be that old lady with long grey hair, who lives in the corner of the countryside surrounded by mountains and rivers and all the animals.. who grows her own food and makes her own remedies; and her house is surrounded by plants, wind chimes and all sorts of weird and funky ornaments."

Make a list of everything you're good at, your skills and experiences, the things that makes you happy, and the places that make you feel comfortable. Those should point you in the right direction.  

This is probably the biggest thing we can discover in our lifetimes, and is something a lot of people struggle with. However, it is also something the Higher Powers are ready and wiling to help us with, we just need to GIVE THEM OUR PERMISSION first, and then they will come into our lives and move things in our favour.

It can be as simple as asking the question: HIGHER POWER, WHAT IS MY HEART'S DESIRE? Or even, WHAT AM I BORN TO DO? HOW CAN I BE OF USE TO THE WORLD? A lot of people are hamstrung by low self-esteem and by believing that they are useless and don't have any purpose at all, but the truth is that we are ALL glorious creations, and are all here for reasons. Some sing, some create, some fix, some lead, some sell, some have children, some heal, some make us laugh. The list goes on.

And some people can do many different things. US President Thomas Jefferson, and Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson, are splendid examples of multi-talented, polymath people. I'm not saying that we'll all be world leaders or heavy metal singers; but we all have talents and abilities which we can make use of and with which we can make a glorious contribution to the world.

When we ask the Higher Powers, and allow them to do their work, they will then start to move thing for us. The process of synchronicity will put us in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing, and will also put us in contact with people who can really help us. It could be something as significant as THE employer you need, who will give you the right job; or it could be something smaller like a 'chance' conversation where you find out the very thing you need to know.

It may also be that you need help to overcome something first, and that you will meet the people who can assist you in doing that. If for instance, you are an addict, the Higher Power will put you in the path of help and healers first. Or it could be that you need to forgive something in the past first which is blocking you. The Higher Power will then show you how you can go about doing this.

We are all here to make our glorious contribution on EVERY DAY OF OUR LIVES, not on some mythical day in the future according to perfect timing. I don't think that belief ever helps, and just delays what we could be doing now. We are supposed to flourish, and go from strength to strength all throughout our lives. This can be started today. You will be guided to the things which are relevant to your life NOW. Not in the future, and not in the past, but now.

And when you have achieved those, you will move on to something else, because we all have contributions to make at different stages. What's relevant to you in your teens, will probably have changed by your twenties. The contribution you make in your fifties will be different to the one you make in your eighties. The higher power can guide you through this as well.

Some of our heart's desires will last forever, and some will be more temporary things. You will achieve them and then move onwards and upwards to something else. Don't worry if you achieve all of your current desires and feel that you won't have any others, because once an initial 'list' is completed, you then give rise to others. Some will be related, some will be very different. That's the nature of desires, and also the nature of the flow of life, in that we are all supposed to keep on evolving and feeling good. It's just that people get very stuck with the initial process or the belief that they don't have any purpose.

Once we start asking for help and manifesting desires, we don't want to stop, and the Higher Power doesn't want us to stop either. In manifesting desires, we fulfil a major desire to grow, to know and to develop, and that too is the nature of human life. It experiences itself through us, so the more we grow and evolve, the better it gets for the Higher Power too. It is there to help us with our desires: ALL WE NEED TO DO IS TO ASK AND INVITE IT IN TO HELP US.

Also I think its good to look at what do you actually enjoy doing.  We all have things that we do in our lives that bring us joy.  Where we lose track of time and get lost in the activity and it brings pure joy and ease to our heart when we do them.  If you don’t not yet know what that is, look at what you are drawn to.  It may mean trying out different things and different activities but that in and of itself is such a good thing to do to discover what brings you fun and pleasure. 

It can be helpful to chat with people who you see enjoying what they are doing too.  Sometimes just talking with them about what they are doing and asking what they enjoy about it – can shift you up to that vibration too.  Plus usually it gives you a taste of what your looking for and how it feels.

Also its not a one time only thing.  What may bring you joy or you think is your desire now, may change a year from now, or 5 years or 10 years.  Its not a one time only thing that you find a joy and desire and discover it and it never changes. 

Another thing which came up on a thread yesterday, is to actually believe that THE UNIVERSE HAS A PLAN FOR YOU. So often, we get stuck in life and don't think that we have any purpose at all, but when we start to believe that the Universe has a plan for us, it too is a believe which produces a reality. We get what we believe in, which is quite literally, the Universe having a plan and providing it for us.  When we start to believe this, all sorts of help, guidance and synchronicity comes our way.  We just need, again, to give the Universe permission to help and guide us in this, and it will start very quickly.  There is never any need to be stuck. 

Well it depends on your definition of plan.  For most, when we say a "Plan" it can be referred to as a limitation as in a no choice universe, and this is far from it.  For me, my ultimate purpose this lifetime round is to have as much fun as possible no matter what the circumstances!  Many would judge that as not being a good enough plan, but it suits me fine.  

I wouldn’t mind having that as my plan either. When you make that your plan, it becomes tailored to you and you start to attract the things which mean fun and happiness to you. These differ from person to person, but the Universe knows that. 

Well the thing is that its not unchangeable either.  You may have a plan for 2020, and that may change in 2021 too.  Universe isn't limited or bound or immovable, and it will support us no matter what we choose or wish to change.


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