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it makes sense, god neutral, so is it all loa? serious messed up diseases, I cant buy that everything is not loa, diseases no one even kniws how about,how could they attract that? what about pOwer of prayer that can help,

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If God were ever not present, there could be no identifying God to deny being present. So much for the belief in any power to "denial", or "separation".

Does God care what name we may call God, since God is all there is to any name that could possibly be ?  In The One, All be being this very One. "We" cannot be other than God. Whom do say "I am" is, when you speak, when you are so moved to be conscious of existing ?  Whomelse is, but God, the One? The WHOLE? Is there more to All than the All, more to any I than the God's I ? Is here God, and there something else ?   By golly God is the Absolute, Absolutely. 

Now if I am wondering, why does God not heal Natalie, heal Roses, heal the whole world of it it's ills ........ why does not God answer, why does not God just "fix it" all ?  

Now take a step back and pause and just listen.....

Since God, the All, is by nature The All......there cannot be more or less than All, else All be not All. One is always One. Since there is no alternatives to All, what could there be to fix, since everything be the All. The All cannot be sick, or broken, or diseased, or out of alignment, or un or sub conscious or in any way limited, partioned or divided or mutliplied or applied or worked. The All cannot be created or uncreated, All IS All !


So am I going to sit here and claim that you and I are now separate from All , deny the All,  when the All is all there is to "me and you" ?  That "we" are anything of a personal self that we have  been so held back and deserted by the All, despite the All being All of "we" ?  How impossible !  No heart can deny one's own existence, since every heart IS the Heart, known as God. 


My take on this is that there is a GOD who is all loving and good, who wants nothing but goodness for us all.  But to expand all that goodness, GOD created our Human Experience and Universe and that is ruled by the LOA.

In the Human Experience there is contrast, Good and Lack of Good. By experiencing Lack we appreciate Good even more. By experiencing sickness, we appreciate wellness more, by experiencing pain we appreciate ecstasy more etc.

LOA is simple, if we react to situations with fear or hate or sadness, we create more of these experiences, if we react to situations with love, awe, laughter, joy, we create more of these experiences.  They are all good, they all contribute to the expansion of our knowledge of GOD or Goodness. 

In Heaven we cannot explore Goodness because everything is Good, but in our Universe we can explore Goodness by looking at a Lack of goodness, which might be Badness, Anger, Fear, Worry, Hatred etc  But these are not 'things" in themselves, they are a lack of LOVE, a Lack of Goodness.

The great part about living in this Universe with LOA, is that we can create anything.  Everything already exists in Heaven, so we can reproduce anything, Health, Happiness, Wealth, Love, we can also create any form of lack, hatred, poverty, pain, suffering. We do it all with our Thoughts and feelings.  We can produce the worst illnesses ever, we can invent new illnesses, we can even produce terminal illnesses ..... but the flip side is we can heal ourselves from Anything, we can have be and do anything, once we understand the rules of this Universe and that is the LOA.

We create our lives here in this Universe and there is no limit to what we do, because GOD or Goodness or LOVE is infinite.

Personally I dont see GOD as being out of the formula, I see GOD as all that is and I see our Universe as a creation for us to enjoy and expand ourselves.  I see the GOD state as all of us as ONE, and in the Universe we get a chance to be many individuals or souls interacting with each other.

I sometimes pray to GOD, when I feel overwhelmed by this Universe and with the LOA and I believe that GOD responds with love always. But I know now more than ever before that when I pray to GOD, I am praying to everyone and myself the separation is only a temporary 'state". LOA sometimes feels harsh, we often want things and we cant muster up the positive feelings to achieve it, in fact often when we want something our sense of the lack of it only makes us create more and more hardships for ourselves. So sometimes people do turn to GOD for help and they always receive Love in return.  Love then gives us more energy to engage with the LOA and get on with trying to create our dreams.

People who dont know about the LOA, create by default, and there is nothing wrong with that. Great civilizations have come and gone created by people who didnt know how the LOA worked. Life here in this Universe is expanding on GOD and LOVE by exploring LOVE through lack, Wellness though Sickness, and Abundance though poverty.  Our history is filled with people who achieved amazing things and overcame amazing obstacles, who were brave and courageous.

We are priviliged to know about the LOA, and we have a chance to be more creative. But whether we succeed or not, we contribute to the expansion of our Universe and to understanding our GOD or our LOVE or our ONEness.

Its a great time to be ALIVE !


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