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If I have been fearing something specific happening and having fearful thoughts about it for about a month now, if I change my thoughts now completely and work on forgetting about it, could the event I’m fearing still manifest even though I’m not thinking about it anymore?

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Good question.

What manifests is going to be a sum total of your expectations / beliefs and focus.

I have been in this situation often LOL .A little self talk session that helps me goes like this:

Become aware that my thoughts create reality . No event is likely to happen based on statistics . 

What we think is likely or obvious is just coming from our thoughts. The fact that something has happened repeatedly or with most others doesn’t mean anything in the LOA world. This is not just to soothe myself but it has been proven with scientific experiments that our expectations determine everything. It’s a law of the universe just like gravity.

I am the sole creator of my experience . No one and nothing can create it for me. 

I am source energy and I deserve it all . I came here to experience joy and expansion. The universe likes it when I am in tune with my real nature of joy and unconditional love and abundance. It doesn’t like or benefit from my pain. I will deliberately choose thoughts that lead me to my joy. I will choose the events that I wish to experience . I won’t let my past patterns or fears or insecurities create my life for me. 

Now , one thing you want to remember is to replace unwanted thoughts with desired ones . Otherwise you will keep resisting what you don’t want and end up manifesting it. First become aware, then detach the unwanted and then attach the wanted.

You figure out what you do want and then focus on it. I have found that the ‘what if ‘ technique is really easy and effective. You don’t force yourself to believe that you will surely experience what you desire. Just dwell in the possibility and connect with your joy. Follow the inspirations ( or instructions ) from the universe . Also try to be open to better possibilities, say I would love to experience this or something better. 

Practice this awareness throughout your day not just for this isolated event. Make LOA a way of life and not a last minute measure to avoid something or to fix something. Look back and see for yourself how your beliefs and focus created the past events. That is also a way of being more aware. 

Love that self-talk !

Thank you, Infinity!

I have a further question, something I don’t understand. If my thoughts have been on something specific happening that I don’t want to happen daily for about a month, if I choose to now focus on an entirely different subject, in doing so will I be “letting go” of my specific negative thoughts and allowing them to manifest? What happens to all the negative thoughts you’ve had surrounding a subject if you choose to turn your attention to a completely different subject and don’t think positively about the original subject before you do this? I hope that makes sense. 

I was under the impression that your very last thought about a specific subject should not be negative before you stop thinking about the subject entirely. Because if it is, you may be allowing these thoughts to manifest since you still feel the same way about that specific subject but just aren’t thinking about it. 

Anyway, I’d really appreciate clarification on this :) This has caused me to feel anxiety. 

I don’t think there is a specific number, order or formula for measuring the effectiveness of thoughts.

Its about your dominant vibration . I have had experiences when I shifted my reality within days because I changed my vibration of many years with the help of LOA and then there are some in progress for years . Some apparently haven’t changed a bit.

About ‘letting go’ : My short answer would be *no* but I don’t know how to explain it. Sorry.

Where do your negative thoughts go? Again I don’t have the perfect answer . But I know for sure that you don’t have to worry about it . 

There is some advice I wish to add to this. To me it sounds like you are strongly pushing the unwanted outcome. This is resistance. Instead of that you want to focus on how you want the desired outcome, how amazing it would be if it happened and why you want it to happen. And try to ease that resistance. Other than the self talk I mentioned above, try to not be so afraid of the undesired outcome. What’s the worst that could happen ? You are an infinite unlimited being with the universe inside of you. Even if it happened you will figure out a way for life to get better in that area. There are infinite solutions to the problem.

And in case you aren’t able to release your anxiety, you can turn it into excitement. Both these feel very similar and somehow it’s easy to switch. I have tried it and I can say it works.

About the last thought : I came across something similar to what you are saying here. If I recall correctly you must focus on a topic that brings up negative feelings, feel the feeling as you become aware of the thoughts without any judgement and then replace them with the required ones. Somehow the brain remembers the last solution that you have deliberately instructed the brain to follow. If done frequently enough you have a new dominant positive vibration on that topic. But this is more of a belief changing process and not a random mental conversation. 

Thank you so much. That helped ease my mind :) 


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