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I am really low, almost no income. My attitude is I am glad o be surviving, and be given basics like good, sometimes housing free, but how do I get happy when I hate living this way? I would do ANYTHING I SWEAR THAT is LEGAL to live and have real money again. I feel very doomed over my health, doomed yo be trapped living this way indefinately. I want to scream at codependent people who give me I'll fitting advice. This especially because all 9 health issues I have are invisible to the naked eye.   I equate these two things and together, don't others too?

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I'm not so sure they go hand in hand, in fact, I'd say that there are some beliefs that people have that having money makes people unhappy (but in my world - money makes things easier).  Money isn't actually connected to happiness at all.  When I was younger and went travelling the world, in Ind ia particularly - the poor lived really inhuman lives on the streets but I noticed they were incredibly happy somehow.  It didn't logically make sense to me at the time but I realised that they were not unhappy at all despite being poor.  That memory still lives in my mind today.  I've seen several other similar incidents in travelling the globe.

Yes, I do not buy that...that they are happy. I think it was an act. Unless they were being completely cared for and living comfortably. Poor and homeless is what I'm talking about.

I was sharing an example of where poor doesn't equate to happiness.  Maybe one day you can go to India and experience it for yourself as then you will know that its true.  Also I understood what you meant, and that example was just that where you have families living roughly who support and care for each other, and yet their lives do not match the picture book image that we have.They were definitely happy and it was something you could feel.  They were living comfortably to them (which is probably not comfortable to you or me).  They were homeless (in that they didn't leave in a home or a house or a hut and slept in the streets or in the wild and with no health care, or food and they would beg or work and often times they would travel around like gypsies to make a living).  

Are you female?

I just manifested a poor guy smiling at me and giving me a thumbs up.

*They are doing this all over town right now as it's spring!

Was the guy happy?  If he was poor he couldn't be right. Yet we know that smiling releases chemicals in the brain to make a person happy.  The old fake it till you make it is a saying based on this.  It also uses less muscles than frowning, so when you smile your body actually starts releasing chemicals within the brain to make you happy and feel good no matter how much money you have in the bank.  That's a great example I hadn't thought of till now - so thanks for reaffirming my belief that they aren't actually a non exclusive match.

Also I noticed you asked if I was female.  Well what has that got to do with this discussion?  Do you think that sexuality plays a part in this?  All women and all men are not identical and so I'm a little confused as to what that has to do with this conversations at all?


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