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Do you Believe in Fairies ~ Blessings Roshandra ~ let's have fun with some Pixie Dust and Chat on Fairies

Snow fairie Pictures, Images and Photos

Fairy energy is all about us......I had a new friend a year ago enter my life that is a Fairy person.
I noticed her pointed tips of her ears....she loved to wear pirate boots. She giggled a lot. She always had a dishovled hair look. A real natural blonde. Had fairy wings all over her cottage walls..Drives a cute bright blue mini cooper S with tinkerbell matts inside.

a REAL Fairy ~ smiles

do you have some fairy experiences or Stories to share and HOW do they help on Manifesting your MAGIC or in your LIFE?

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Hi well that's funny.............I have noticed there are a lot of people that manifest that are into Fairy energies..
just an observation..........smileslove the fairy Pictures, Images and Photos
the Books on.fairies..........sounds like you are being given some 'guidance' and connection to them..see what happens...so check out some books..............Fairy Pictures, Images and Photos
Hey Wes I am a sexy Fairy and I have curly red hair, that's hot!!! LOL

I manifest magic in my life everywhere I go, for example I went to my local coffee shop yesterday, my usual, and ordered a medium coffee. The cashier only charged me for a tall. He likes me, everyone likes me. I am likable. I treat everyone with kindness. As long as I stay in a happy state of mind everything good comes to me.

Recently I had a flat tire. Instead of cursing and getting upset (my old modus operendi) I was calm and happy. Everything was flawless my car service came out and changed the tire and I went home to sleep. All really is perfect.

This is my first story.....

Hi Marie..thank you so for sharing that ..and YUP Fairy energy is FUN and HOT and playfull and full of MANIFESTING...fairy Pictures, Images and PhotosBlessed Be Roshandra
fairy Pictures, Images and Photos
OH I so AGREE with you Sweetie............I love the fairies with animals and around them ..when I go to the BARN the Hay and the kitties there and it all is a wonderful wonder land......smiles..Roshandra
Fairies help us in our Wonderland ~ from baby times..our pets..our gardens and our adolescence and they we forget about them but they are still there and sometimes when we are having a good night out we SEE them again.......then we REdiscover them...........LIKE NOW..I see them in Manifestation all the TIME
orbs of light and zoom and fun happy playful energy.........start looking they are around us all the time.

moon fairy Pictures, Images and Photos
sweet fairy Pictures, Images and Photos
Well I am a huge faire fan, I enjoy them almost as much as I enjoy angels, it is their free spirits I am sure that attracts me.*smiles*Photobucket
Wes , since I have been collecting them their has always been some sexy fairy's. I think it is a apart of their whimsy,and magic.
I agree..I was reintroduced to Fairies a few years ago with a gal friend that LOOKED like a pixie fairy and she wore pirate boots..and had the funniest sense of humor..and always full of mischief..and very very sexy..too..
always a look about her of a forest fairy..I LOVE it......Tinker bell.pretty fairy lady Pictures, Images and Photos
wow this one reminds me a touch of Janis Joplin..I LOVE her Deea...you have some really neat fairy images
so SWEET Deea............loverli..


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