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By un-deliberate thoughts, I mean ones which you aren't necessarily consciously thinking. You're not making a deliberate effort to think them, it's more like a trigger-thought has shaken your imagination loose, and then one positive thought about something, follows another. Before you know it you have a head full of them.

I have had numerous experiences of this before. Many years ago when I was a student, I was wondering about what I would do once I had graduated. I started thinking about jobs as I went out for a walk, and then hit upon the idea that I could work for the local council doing something varied. Thought followed thought, and after about an hour I had imagined the job, the people, the tasks, money, circumstances, and also the type of house I would live in, in great detail. A few weeks later, I saw a house which matched what I was thinking about, and a van outside it with the job title written on the side.

Years ago, I booked a week away in Istanbul. Whilst I was at work I was thinking about all of the things I could get up to, and my thoughts then took on a life of their own. I started thinking expansively about activities, sights to visit, and socialising. A number of them then manifested in my experience.

Last year, I started thinking what I could do during World Cup month. I wrote one thing down as a deliberate intention, and then my thoughts took on a life of their own. I began thinking of numerous other things I could do, where I could go and what could happen. A lot of these things then manifested in my experience.

Now I have been thinking about girlfriends. I have had an idea of one, first expressed in a piece of creative writing I have been doing for the past year (referred to as my poem-story in the appreciation thread). The denouement scene has the main hero (me!) get with his fairytale princess, and I was thinking about her qualities. I decided to flesh them out and get them down on paper, and my thoughts have since taken on a life of their own. I have been thinking about what she looks like, her personality, her family, her life, what we get up to, how she gets on with my family and friends, and so on. She almost feels like a real person now, with a back story all of her own. I have since started seeing pictures and girls in real life, of what I believe she looks like.

So I am wondering if anyone else's mind works like this? Have all these experiences just been firings of my very fertile imagination? Or could they be my inner guidance/the Universe, showing me a reality I could possibly manifest, if I keep thinking along the same lines?

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It’s very normal.

When you’re in the receptive mode, you receive your Inner Being’s thoughts, and everything unfolds from there.

Right! My mind too works like that, it's like it builds a fantasy world but the interesting thing is that wonderful things start happening :D because as LOA coaches teach us the brain can not make a distinction between what's real and our imagination so we can create the reality we prefer with some truly fantastic thoughts :)))

“The brain cannot make a distinction between what’s real and our imagination, so we can create the reality we prefer with some truly fantastic thoughts.”

Thoughts do create your reality, but the thoughts you’re thinking, such as imagination and visualization, aren’t creating your reality, directly; they’re tuning to the reality you’ve already created, just by living life. Your imagination is not coming from you, it’s coming to you. You’re not creating those wonderful scenarios in your head, you’re receiving them.

When thoughts occur to you about specific details of something you want, when you receive those thoughts—not conjure them, you receive them—you are tuning to what your Inner Being is seeing. Think of it like you’re FaceTiming with Source’s perspective, and what you see them showing you, is what you would call your imagination. Your imagination is actually their reality; that’s where your imagination comes from.

Your imagination comes after the vibrational reality that already exists, otherwise you couldn’t imagine it. Your imagination is your Inner Being’s perspective. It’s reality to them, because they’re already living it.

So as things stand, it looks like I am allowing/receiving very expansive and even barrier-breaking thoughts from my inner being, and the trick is not to force them but just allow them to come into my thinking when they do. That's not hard at the moment as all I have to do is just think about one or two related things, and then numerous others start flooding into my mindscape. That's fine by me as long as they are positive scenarios (which they are). 


I have had this experience again today.  It began as a fairly deliberate exercise in making intentions for the summer when the Euro 2020 football tournament is on, but the more I wrote, the more ideas came into my mind.  It was like they had a life all of their own and I just wanted to keep on writing.  They put positive energy out into the Universe just the same as deliberate conscious thoughts, so let's see what manifests in 6-7 months time. 

Had this experience again a couple of nights ago.  It started when I was on my evening walk and I was giving gratitude for the job I currently have.  Things are going to change a bit soon as my department moves down to the ground floor, and the gratitude process shook loose some positive thoughts about how things could improve now. Before I knew it, I was contemplating a wide range of positive scenarios, and I think this was my inner being's way of saying " this is what you will attract, if you carry on showing gratitude for your job. "


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