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What I'm finding is in throwing a fit around not getting what I want I get very pouty and outspoken and angry and crabby! So I go into it, then things get better, then I go back into it again. Do others seem to identify cycles of manifestation like this? Basically I need to be unhappy a certain percentage of time!

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So you can be happy most of the time. But you should definitely experience moments of unhappiness. I think what you're talking about being "pouty" and "throwing a fit" I think in those moments it's very important to focus on things you appreciate and let go of your ego or resistance that's in you(which can be very hard to do at first). In those moments you are quite literally stopping any positive manifestations from manifesting. Those moments could also occur as a test from the Universe(Or whichever higher power you believe in). Anyways I definitely think it's very normal and alright to feel frustrated and like our manifestations are lacking at times, after all, we are only human. But it's important to make an effort to see the better side of things. And really, whatever you can go through and come out with a positive attitude, makes you stronger, and helps you manifest more efficiently. I hope this helps you with your situation a bit. All the best to you.

But I simply cannot remain positive that much of the time. I was asking for others to chime in on if it seems required for them too.

If that is what you say you have to do, then that is what you have to do. It's not true, but you are making it true by believing it. Negative emotion (going into fear) is never "required". It is available as an experience, nothing more. You either allow yourself to feel it or you don't. 

I am asking if others get a certain kind if ease by being unhappy in cycles in this stuff too?

I was saying I like my crabby withdrawn time.Maybe t is about being about 65% introvert,? And overstimulation?

That sounds right Laura. Youre not being crabby. It is just that you want your space!

I mean, I like reasonably big cities, maybe 500K but I went to places like Phoenix, and it was SO OVERWHELMING. I start to get icky feelings and get insecure around safety and defensive very fast.

But also when things are just not working out for me, I'm in resistance and do not mean to be regarding this stuff. Or I'm literally getting past fear based evidence of manifestation and it's beating me up, like Abe says. Then I just want to HIDE, HIDE, HIDE and go watch a movie, or hang out in a park alone. I'm irritable over how wrong things seem to be manifesting for me. It makes me MAD.


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