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do you really really really want to manifest things fast? everytime?


it's SIMPLE, you can manifest ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in a SPLIT second. you can really and seriously have whatever you want really really fast if you just do this ONE THING.


let go of what you want as soon as you ask for it.... ask.. believe it is GOING to happen.. and then LET GO... completely LET GOOOO and move on with ur life and do other things, try to manifest other things.

its kind of like... when you let go and focus on other things...the universe feels like u already have it and u don't lack it..

I cant seem to be able to explain this.. but i really hope that u guys got it.
i just wanted to share this.. coz ive been manifesting things REALLY quickly... and just a second ago.. i knew how i've been able to do that.

hope that was helpful :D

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It is! It defenitely is!

I'm still struggling with that stupid guy! And i just want him to contact me again. But i guess now i will just let go.
aww.. honestly.. i want my close friend to contact me as well. hehe.
but I'm going t start to let go.. because i truely feel like it is the only way. because holding on to this whole thing too much is like im telling myself that im lacking it.

so definitly.. letting go.. but deep down.. believing everything will be okay.
and go on and manifest other things that u want.

and things will work out great in every aspect of ur life. .. :)
oh and one more thing.
know that the universe KNOWS what u want... so whatever happens between u.. its what the universe is doing to get u what u want... u know what mean?
so maybe him not contacting u... might end up makin him feel.. so lonely.. n he'll sart to miss u ALOT..
n soon come back.

if u know what i mean.

coz i did that the other day, and my friend saw me somewhere but was too shy to come up to me n say hello coz i was with my family but she called me up and we talked for 5 hourse lol.
Girls, to attract someone back you have to truly truly let go AND spend your time making yourself the best person you are instead of pining for ex boyfriends and friends.

The hard thing to grasp is that (it may seem bad at the time but) * it won't happen over night but it will happen*. In my case, best friends have turned against me or there has been guys and I'd been dying to talk to them. Every night I'd be like "PLEASE UNIVERSE GET X TO LIKE ME!!!" but I'd still be unnoticed. BUT, about a year or so later, out of nowhere I'd get a message of these guys or off the b**** "friend" apologising for her ignoring behaviour etc...
exactly... things start to happen when we let go.
thank you for sharing Me *huggggggssssssssss*


I too had a friend who ignored my texts, fb messages etc.I tried to make amends with her but she didn't wanna know! :-(...I tried my best but it wasn't enough! Though its been a few years now..I sometimes wander what shes doing! but i guess I just gotta let go huh?! and get on with life...


He will call you (:

Just LET it happen. It's like calling someone into your house, bolting the doors and then crying about why they're not coming in, you know? 

This is true :) however her last words were...I don't care, I don't have the energy to waste anymore and I have bigger things to worry about! :-(...yet she was the one that ignored me for the past year or so!! :(

I know you are so right, because I have experience this lots of times. It's mostly about smal things, but I always get the things fast, when I unconscious ask for the these, and immediately let go.
What would you suggest when it's hard to let go - do you have a tips/exercise to help one to let go?
just believing that letting go is the only thing that is going to get what iw ant to me.. makes me let go.
and also, i ask for signs... signs telling me that what i want is on its way. and i do see them alot. especially with the big stuff.
another thing is keeping urself busy.. everytime u feel like asking again.. STOP.. and say.. i know that its on its way...
keep asking for other things that u want to be manifested..
ask for house..once.. n let go
n then ask for a car.. once n let go
ask for a donut.. once n let go..
so on..

know that the universe knows what u want when u ask for it.. and then when u let go.. the universe starts to find ways to bring that to u.. and whatever happens is what the universe is doing to bring what u want to u..

hope this helps :)
let me know if this works.. if not.. i'll try to remember other things that i do.. that might be able to help.
Thank you very, very much. It's was prima advise, it helps a lot!!

Love & hugs from Eva
welcoooooooooooooooome :D


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