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This is about employment.  I have been nursing for 9 years, and have noticed with my efforts with job applications and being unsuccessful and that is okay.  Maybe its the Universe having my back for something better.

I applied for this job, non nursing, I thought what the heck, will give it a go and now an opportunity for an interview.  I am like wow, maybe the Universe wants me this direction, cool.

It got me thinking, in this lifetime, does it really matter, what we do on this planet for work?  As long as we are happy right?

I have been trying to find quotes about this.  Appreciate if you have something to share, or quotes.

thank you :D

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The Universe supports what you want. The Universe doesn’t want you to do anything, other than whatever you want.

“As long as we are happy right?”

That’s all that matters. You could be a garbage woman, a singer, dancer, penguin enthusiast, hentai lover or balloon maker. You’re here to have fun. Follow your highest excitement, and you are in alignment and allowing everything you want.

Maybe its the Universe having my back for something better.

     Yes.  Maybe you have been in nursing for long enough now and it's time for a change.  The Universe wants you to be happy all of the time, and go from strength to strength for all of your life.  It knows what will make you happy every phase of your life (for instance, what made you happy years ago, may not do as much now).

does it really matter, what we do on this planet for work?  As long as we are happy right?

     In theory, no, but the Universe is always capable of helping and guiding you to the right things.  Jobs, careers, work etc in which you will be happy and feel great.  Your job, is to ask for help and guidance in this matter.  If you are going round in circles in your career and not really getting anywhere, it's time to allow the Universe to guide you.

     Under spiritual law, the Universe is ready and willing to help you every step of the way, but it can't impinge upon your free will.  It can only provide you with help and guidance if you allow it, so give it your permission.  Allow it in through something like a prayer or letter to the Universe, and then get into alignment.

     You can do this by taking your attention off being stuck or going round in circles, and put it on being helped and guided to glory.  The Universe works according to what you believe it will do, so if you believe it is helping and guiding you, then that is what you will get.  You will be put in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing and meeting the right people to benefit your career.  The Universe isn't restricted by the limitations of your life, or by the state of the economy etc.  It is INFINITELY BIGGER than those, and it can open doors for you to go to great things.

Thank you Brian and Sir Neil. I do feel I have been nursing long enough, I did say 5 years and now its 9 years.  My passion for nursing really isn't there anymore.  I do like to help people, now I can do it another way which I feel is suited to me.

I wonder if I can say that in my interview, I have been nursing long enough now and seeking a new career chapter change :)

I will see what the Universe says :D

Happiness is inherent in Being, as such never changes, never begins and never goes away


Obviously, Being cannot not Be, since to not Be, Being must already Be


What I am, You are

what is mine is yours, what is yours is mine

Who I Am, You are

There is no Universe, World, Life, Body-Form, Consciousness, Spirit, Self, Being etc. "out there or in there" or anywhere but right Here and Now, the One and only. You know this inherently, as it is impossible for any other here and now to exist, it is inconceivable.

The promise of Eternal Life and Joy does not mean "at some future time, inferring it is missing now, conditional upon some process of redemption", it means it is EverPresent and cannot be lost or diminished, it simply IS .  BEing.  Self Revelation

"I wonder if I can say that in my interview, I have been nursing long enough now and seeking a new career chapter change :)"

If you are in an interview, then I would reframe this as saying your want to expand your opportunities and skill sets. If you can find a way to apply the skills and experiences you have from nursing into this new job and talk about that in the interview, then that shows the employer that you are looking to grow, change, and adapt. You don't want to frame anything in a negative tone.

Depends on the job you are interviewing for. If it's nursing related, then don't say it as it will create a bad impression and they will wonder exactly what you are doing there. If not, then say yes. Remember, employers are looking to find out a candidate's motivations other than earning money. If you are motivated in other ways to do this job (such as wanting a new change, and the particular job could be good for you) then it sends out a good impression to them. Always seek to show some other reasons why you want to work for them other than money: near to where you live, you like the work involved, you like the type of workplace, it fits in with your education etc.
Cool answer

I remember one book I read said "doing" is of the body, "being" is of the soul.  After you die your soul is not going to give a crap what you were doing while you were here, it's only cares about what you were being while you were here.  We're you being happy? 

I remember a quote that went something like this:

Success in life is not measured by how much money or things you have, but by how much joy you have. 

Thank you Ndacloud, love what you said, that is how I feel.

My family put forth their opinion especially having superannuation.  They say You need to consider your superannuation. Honestly, I do not think like them, I am going on living day by day, as in the end I will survive once I retire and I will pass on, so why am I to worry about superannuation.  A few of my close friends do not even think about their superannuation. I see my sister working in a job she does not enjoy, and all she cares is about her superannuation. Its just not me. Anyways, I really appreciate the advice.

I recommend watching the Abe videos on Hitler.

Lauro have listened to the Abe on Hitler, what is the correlation?

The past has never passed, the future has never come .  Now, the present, is the Heart of Eternity


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