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This is about employment.  I have been nursing for 9 years, and have noticed with my efforts with job applications and being unsuccessful and that is okay.  Maybe its the Universe having my back for something better.

I applied for this job, non nursing, I thought what the heck, will give it a go and now an opportunity for an interview.  I am like wow, maybe the Universe wants me this direction, cool.

It got me thinking, in this lifetime, does it really matter, what we do on this planet for work?  As long as we are happy right?

I have been trying to find quotes about this.  Appreciate if you have something to share, or quotes.

thank you :D

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Wow these words are everything Roses!

I am desiring the ideal job for me. I have asked the Universe and awaiting the sign to know which direction to go in?  

Yes, ask the Universe, and in the meantime, keep on giving thanks in advance for the guidance which the Universe will provide. The fact that you desire a new job now, is a sign itself that now is the right time to go for it.

yes, thank you Sir Neil :) Finding my true path is a mission, looking forward to the Universe's guidance :)

The Universe knows what is best for me, I got the casual Nightfill position for my favourite grocery store yay :D  and it seems the universe wants me to do this rather than nursing?

I start my new casual job this Thursday, it will be induction and I am looking forward to it.  Its not a job that pays highly and that is fine.  Its nightfill at a grocery store, and its different, and I remember trying to apply for this job in my 20s and now I have this job.   This maybe my new career path working in grocery store.  I am not 100% sure, a little mixed up this year as I really thought working with animals may have been my true path? I am still doing other casual nursing work, however I will re evaluate to keep on with it, as it would be so nice to have a break.  So I will seeeeeeee :)

I need advice especially in cover letter and interview.  There is a job support working that I want to do.  Its less responsibility as a nurse.  I feel this is right for me, I do like helping others but not with the highly strung role of nursing with so much responsibility and you need to have an elephant brain to remember everything.  

I want to apply for work as a Support Worker, and maybe later on I may want to return to nursing.  For now, doing this for me, as my soul has been screaming at me for years to get out.  So I need help in my cover letter as to why I want this career change without sounding weak.  Usually I say I am seeking a career change to pursue a job role that I find is ideal for me and would like to take a break from the nursing role for a while. I am able to do this role, as I have been advised by the Nurse and Midwifery board that this is possible, providing I work within the scope of practise of Support Worker.

Does this sound okay, any advice I would appreciate. I have been wrapping my brain around this, as I want to sound legit.  I recently applied for a job role as Support Worker, I got turned down.  The recruiter advised me Yes you are over qualified and that we needed someone in the suburb for where the position was advertised and that she will keep my file on record knowing my case of detaching from Rn role.

Thank you :)

Hi there

Don't focus on the negative reasons you are leaving (eg too much responsibility) because no employer wants to hear those kind of things - it sends of warning signals and don't tell them about leaving the door open to nursing - that's good for you to know but only sounds like you're not really commited to the idea to them.

So spend some time thinking and writing a list of the things about the job that appeal to you and those that you know you are good at.  (And often they list the important aspects in the job description/ad to help you along)

For instance

- More time with individual patients than in a critical care environment

- Greater opportunity to provide an more encompassing care model than in critical care environment

- Greater need and opportunity to develop and foster deeper relationships with your care recipient(s) 


Then you can frame your application in terms of you choosing to focus in on the areas of care that you most enjoy and excelat , rather than it reading like you are just looking for an easier option and/or you haven't fully considered the difference in the role and are at risk of returning to nursing once you experience it. 

Hope that helps.  Just think of it in terms of positive framing.  They want to know that you understand what the job entails and so will stick around and why you will be good at it. Just focus on getting that message across and don't worry about all the stories of the old job and old experiences. 

Thank you Daydreambeliever for your helpful response :)


Tingeling, that makes a lot of sense!


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