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Does the laws of attraction work when you want to attract a certain person into your life that you know already? please help x

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It can, but it depends on a few variables such as their will power, your power of manifestation, etc.
thank you both for your reply. Shaun, i underdstand what you put and i think that you are right. I really dont knoww what his intentions are for me reagarding me and him on a personal level.My intention is that we start building a life together. The hard thing is is that we spend alot of time together and sometimes he has gave me the idea that something could come out of this. He works very hard and his mind is noramally on business all the time, I use my pwer of visulisation of us together getting married nd being happy together, but if he is not thinknig the same then your saying this wouldnt work? Also regarding him, he knows how to "push my buttons" so when im thinknig positive he can do or say one thing that can totally change that, this is my usally letting my emotions take over me, can you suggest anything for me to do to help control my emotions more better? thank you so much again for your feed back on my question. both of you. Hope you have a lovely and positive day xx
Me again,

There is more than one way and I'm sure you'll get some great tips from the cool PI people! One thing I use to quickly change my emotions is a trigger, give this a go:

Think of a moment when you were very happy, remeber every detail and how you felt. Then touch you ear. Do it again with another happy experience and again touch you ear. Keep doing that and pretty soon your brain will associate the touching of your ear with happy emotion. So next time you feel your emotion shifting all you have to do is give your ear a little pinch.. No one else will know what your doing but you get all the benefit!!

I use it alot playing golf, it works a treat!!
thanks i have started doing what you adviced, it was when iwas making my little nephew laugh, his smile makes me soo happy inside. i will keep on with this and lets see if it works xxxxxxxx
I don't completely agree. Have you ever heard a person saying - I will never date that guy/ girl. Guess what... a few weeks later he/ she ends up dating the very person they disliked or didn't think they would ever date.

There is more in it than we might think... You have the ability to fall in love with anyone and visa versa. I think we create these situations that we call relationships, but when you understand unconditional love you will know there are no variables... Make it happen.:-)
Bernard you gave me that good feeling in my tummy when i read your post.!!!! your right i will not give up! my dreams will be my reality, it jsut depends on how much i want them to
I was just stopping by to see if I could lend a hand with this and Bernard, that is great. I love the last paragraph. I feel the same way. I would add that life is about learning and growing. I don't think every relationship we attract we're meant to keep. We're meant to learn and grow from them. Sometimes they won't serve us anymore and learning how to move on is possibly the hardest lesson to master.

Good luck Katie. I'm rooting for you.

I think that the important things is that you should at least give it a try... What do you have to loose?

We humans are constantly changing and our ideas on things and people change too... A lot!

Sometimes you might know someone as a friend (nothing more) for your entire life and then suddenly... You see him with new eyes. You look at him with in a new way... This can happen and does happen all the time.:-)

'If you want something in life - reach out and GRAB IT!' - Alexander SuperTramp.
I was friends with my fiancee for 10 years before we got together and started a family!!
Sooo, agreeeee with Bernard :-)!
Why shouldn't it? On the other side having the intention to attract someone is far not enough; is an essential part, but still only a part of the equation. My ex was desperate to attract me back into her life again by any means necessary and I was so not intended to go back....so the strongest intention wins and that was mine.The other point is even if she would have attract me in her life again, it would have been the same horror story as before, just repeating things I actually had nothing to do with and that only she would have been able to solve, but that's another long story.
But yes, it can work to attract someone you already know into your life. There's no reason why it shouldn't. I once was in the case, had friends who knew eachother since years, even decades and suddenly ended up together and even married to finalize this chapter. And I guess it didn't really matter if it was by conscious intention or not. But if you want to attract this guy you already know into your life, you should just become closer to him, period! Thoughts are fine to define intentions, but they don't replace acts, behaviours, manners to talk to someone, the fact that you can inspire by what you say to someone and how you treat him/her. We all have a free will but all what I told, and this are just a few examples, are noticed by your spirit and his. and the most attractive factor will be a nonverbal one. You have the feeling that he goes on your path, well follow the lead and create situations on the instant that just even increase the tention of the momentum that such situations manifest. And if he's into business and you too well... :-) ... I guess I don't need to tell you what's to do there ;-)! You don't need to concentrate on his intententions as he's big guy enough to know what he wants. It's just about similarities and thoses attract each other. Let the door big open for you to succeed, but at the same time be in acceptance of a possible failure concerning your primary intention concerning both of you. That releaves unecessary tentions that might disturbe the manifestation process. And from there, Just go 4 it .

Now that you know what you want and that your intentions seem to be very clear, stop to think too much and pass to action as apparently there's sth. in the air ... As I told before, from my understanding, there's no reason why It shouldn't work out, even if there's no garanty for it.


thank you so much talking to peopl is actully helping me understand the sercret so much better and im taking and using the adivce you gave me. again thak you so much


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