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Does the laws of attraction work when you want to attract a certain person into your life that you know already? please help x

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back at ya ...lol x
The source as you call it, that I call the Sparkel(le)Within ... is in each of us and with a very sure certitude (and I really talk out of experiencing it ... ), doesn't think even 1/1000 the way we do it, thoughts filled with "yes but what if", "But let's suppose..." etc..etc.. a mistake somebody else did, doesn't necessarly have to happen in our personal experience. When I know, ok that person is the one I'm interested in, I'm in love with...I repeat "I'M IN LOVE WITH" ... I just go 4 it & if it doesn't work out, well then it's ok, period! And everything that goes against it, coming from me or others .... that's the EGO talking, no matter how wise and intelligent it sounds. And maybe that's even a good challenge that will show you if you really want what you pretend. From there, you as being the 1st involved, you have 2 choices:

You follow your heart, no matter the risk... and the worst that might happen is ... to win... ;-)
You remain a sheep that follows what others think that this socalled source has to offer you and surely is better than what you want straight from the bottom of your heart ...

If someone experiences this divine source within, that is primarly & really everywhere, even within all of us ... when you are or had been so connected, you automatically recognize the difference of a message from this source or the seperational talk of the ego ...
You and I are absolutely one and your mindset will always work the way you tell it to work even if it's against yourself, that's how powerful we really are.
From there everybody chooses failure or success, no matter how the world outside looks like.
And only Katie knows, she's not child for got sake ...lol...
And if it's a mistake, she will experience it and then really know if it was one.
No Garanty on that, even for existing, perfectly good fonctioning relationships.
You just don't get what you want, when you don't try!
And nobody can better read the message coming from within, the universe, than the one involved ...
The universe is within you & all of us, not outside all of us...let's be clear on that ;-)!
(But of course nobody is forced to believe it)

So, we can give advice here as much as we want, with good intentions but on the bottom line,
how it's processed behind the both of them...we must all agree here:
Theory is ok, but far not enough to be useful!


P.S.:Thoses who got what they want are just in alignment with their Sparkel(kle)Within, that is what makes us all one and that's why they got what they want in the 1st place and eventually got even far better than what they've targeted without a transition through pain or experiences of that kind as they are the universe embeded in flesh!
I try to be aligned with the "Sparkel(kle) Within..." LOL!

Agreed. Align with you, the rest will follow, the best and highest good is on its way. No matter what.

I can't seem to reply to Shaun A's post. Anyway, here goes:

I guess it depends on if you believe that the universe has chosen a specific partner(s) for you to love... This we call fate/ the unknown or do you believe that it depends on what you choose or want or need... This we call the LOA... Only my opinion. I personally feel that we are in charge here - that is, if we accept the responsibility of being GOD.

- Haven't I said ye are gods...
... a lot of compartiments...lol. :-)! Concerning my feminin side, it's in full union with my masculin side; there's no separation! And that doesn't mean that I'm gay, what I'm not, if somebody absolutely wants to know...lol..! The point is to be specific and when I say to Katie that she just should go on for what she wants, I must honestly say that I really, but really don't care about me being a man and her being a woman. I'm talking to her whole person and straight to her personel core; therefore...from Spirit to Spirit, if the message empowers her to go forward, inspires her to be the co-creator that she is, than all is good. And yes, we are all creating at the same time at the same place and the mess just exists for each of us in the needed degree to understand how to remodel the mess into spirit, into sth. that has value for others too as for oneself. The order follows the mess or the magic that you created, so start to create sth. magicaly spirituel
You say:
while you slumber yet, your sparkel (le) will be making it's own call, and so will you, and so will the universe be dishing out an outcome based on conflicting requests... lol What a mess... :-)
Euuh... yes, when all the different parts in you that we might be able to identify as being different and separated, are talking another language, you're right, it's just a mess...lol..!
But I'm talking from being unified and that is actually really simple to do as long you are open for the idea.When you know what want, I mean really know it and can feel it in every cell of your body, every part of your emotions and your thoughts are clear on that, believe me that the sparkel(kle) is surely not the one that doing sabotage acts on board. There's always an order and we are part of it, no matter if you call it chaos or equilibrium or how ever; you're the one who has to take responsability over what happens to you.
You know, my girlfriend has sides in her that other wouldn't accept in a partner or just would tolerate because it's far to stretched compared to what they are themselves. I love theses sides as they can not harm anybody. Bottom line all of us have the devil within and the more you love him, the nearer you become to your partner and even god; impossible to miss the paradise :-)! Billions of Gods? Only from the perspective of the Ego, my friend because the sparkel(kle) within me, is the exact and very same undividable sparkel(kle) that you've within you. And this Sparkel(kle) talks Spirit, not human...
And as you seem to believe that you're human 1st....well, then it's clear that you must 1st reconnect with the spirit in you to recognize where it also is located except where you think and understand its language... ;-)!
Katie doesn't have to take care of the other's intention in order to have her's. She just has to respect it. But as long nothing talks against to have what she wants, only one way counts out of all possible doubt and that's: I GONNA CATCH THAT GUY...lol...
Yep...lol... 1st you put this in your attitude and than.... you forget about it and focus on what is the best in what is the actual relationship....just that simple.
At least for me ... that just produces wonders ever and ever again ..hihiiii !
Is exactly the same fo a lot of other people, so ...there is not just me :-)!
All good responses -- what a great community. :)

I think one thing you should keep in mind is that the other person has their own intention in this situation as well. In fact, that is the BIGGEST factor in the situation other than your own. Certainly we cannot violate someone else's intention with our own. If a person, for instance, has a clear intention to focus on their work, or their career or -- for whatever reason -- they're not interested in a relationship......then one's own intention is not going to override that person's desires and make them enter into a relationship that they don't intend.

Obviously I'm not saying that's the case in your situation, Katie -- just be aware that there are two people involved and they each have their own intention.

It's a bit like the "warning" sometimes given in self-development books that it's not always wise to say, "I want THAT particular house". After all, what if the present owners have no intention of selling. It sets one up for some frustration. Much better to say, "I'd like a 4,000 square foot house on a grassy lot with a swimming pool; four bedrooms and baths; an office; and close proximity to a health club, library and shopping mall."

The Universe can deliver that order far more quickly than trying to exert your energy to overcome someone else's intention.

I'm probably overstating my point which is simply this: focus on the ideal traits of the person you want in your life and make that your intention. If it happens to be the person that you already know, that's wonderful! (And it absolutely CAN happen. It does every day!) Or it might be someone even better than you haven't even imagined yet.

I hope that assists!

Tony Rush

Tony Rush -

I find your perspective a very wise one.

When we leave it to the universe, our wishes are fulfilled even beyond what we dared to dream of.(as long as we put out a clear and strong intention).

The irony is that when we leave it to the universe, even that specific person comes along. This is a subtle dynamic, just that subtle difference betweeen floating on faith, or catching the universe by the neck to force it out.
I am of the school of thought here on doing Inner SELF LOVE work, not "win him back at all costs" type of work.
Most people are clinging on to a person due to lack of self esteem in believing they deserve a great partner that will have the cool traits they desire. They feel unworthy and that triggers a clinginess to one particular individual. Instead of telling someone "don't give up, keep working on getting him back", I always tell people to instead do DEEP self esteem work, get yourself feeling Worthy of the greatest relationship possible and backing it up with creating a list of what they desire in a cool relationship and then releasing that with Faith into the Universe---the results of that are far more powerful than "how to win him/her over techniques. This way, you will magnetize the GREATEST candidate out there. If this dude is the one that is that guy, great, if not, you'll attract a guy that has such amazing traits that you never even imagined it was possible----pretty cool, dont you think Katie?
yes, I am one million percent in agreement with Brian Erik.
Self Love and Faith in deserving a cool relationship are the way to go. THAT will be the most powerful tool in bringing you a great partner, not just dwelling on one dude.


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