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Does LOA allow you to be like God and create and manifest new things into existence?

I know its not called Law of Creation but do we really have the power to create our own Universes and have what we create inhabit within it. I mean can we manifest something like that into reality? The only reason I hope we dont have that power is because being given such responsibility can be dangerous considering our own limitations as humans.

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Does this have to stay theoretical? I'm always much more interested in the actual personal truth---your truth---behind such queries. What is the genuine desire driving this query? But to answer the query as is, yes, and no. Yes, because, aren't there new things that come into your experience that didn't previously exist all the time? A new relationship, a personal robot butler (OK not yet), you as a year older? And No, because all that can ever be, already is. Already is, just not physically manifest at the time being, in your experience. 

So that means that all the Universes filled with every conceivable reality already exist. Regardless of what I was doing with my thoughts mind etc. Because all always has been and always will be.

Exactly. It all already exists. But that's super good news for you, as a creator, because you can align with any of it and experience it. Imagine how much more work it would be to create everything from scratch. It's all been done for you...you're not the Creator so much as the beloved child of the Creator, and it's all yours to play with. Depending on how you focus, where your alignment with your authenticity lies. 

I actually feel better that we dont manifest it so much as its already there and were simply accessing it. 

That's awesome, Jman, your guidance system is working beautifully!! Going in the direction of what feels better...it always leads you deeper and deeper into your authentic self (and thus your authentic desires). 

Knowing that we don't create Universes or places and we are not God like creators makes me feel better. The process of manifestation is simply attracting and immersing yourself into what already is your just becoming apart of it. Or at least that is what I think you guys are trying to tell me.

Yes, our language says we invent things or make things but it's really just a vibrational pairing. Your vibration brings it forth. Everything waits outside of time for its moment in time, it waits in the unmanifest for its moment in physical form. The way a seed will wait for hundreds of years for a forest fire that releases it. One cannot be aware of what one is unaware of, except maybe in the intellectual, like Donald Rumsfield's "unknown unknowns", but just because one is unaware of something does not negate something from existing. How can a whole contain anything less than everything? 

I had heard Abraham Hicks talk about Esther and her relationship with Jerry in the non physical. I always just kind of listened and moved on, it didn't resonate with me. At all. But then a certain person died and I had to learn to accept the undeniable truth that yes, I could communicate with them, they hadn't gone anywhere, they just weren't physical anymore. Now, it seems so...obvious, how nothing or anyone ever leaves, just form changes. And it makes me sort of laugh to think that I ever couldn't see it..it's like "duh." But last year I was unaware of this larger truth, except as someone else's idea, till my vibration was such that I was ready to step into my higher level.  

All that time I couldn't see the larger universe, all that time I didn't really understand that the non physical literally exists with the physical...it didn't mean it wasn't true, that it didn't already exist. I didn't 'create' the non physical communication...i just became aware of it, my vibration became matched to it, or as AH would say, I tuned into the right frequency. (I really just stopped resisting it). What a game changer. Well, they (all higher vibrations) are all game changers, I've used that term so much I'm starting to sound a little suspect. :D

It's just so easy to be authentic when you look at it from the perspective of simply removing all that is inauthentic to you. The rest just takes care of itself. 

So we are eternal beings who have no beginning middle and end we simply transition from one place to another most people call that death but it isnt. I actually had some negative experiences with spirits one once told me I will stop receiving and I think Esther mentioned receiving mode in one of her lectures. But I guess the lesson of all of this is that there is no past present and future and that all has always existed and a person manifesting it is simply coming into contact with it. 

"But I guess the lesson of all of this is that there is no past present and future and that all has always existed and a person manifesting it is simply coming into contact with it."

The more you grow in awareness---and growth is eternal---the more you'll see that anything with which you are in contact, anything you're experiencing, is just your own vibration in a form you can experience. This is how you are the creator that you express reticence to be. This is how you create what you want, what is authentic to you.

You create by becoming conscious of your vibration, and then seeing through whatever beliefs or identities you've been holding that no longer serve you.

That's all. Anything and everything else is just banging around with toys and playmates in a make-believe world that you think is real. Which there's absolutely nothing wrong with. A valid a choice as any, living less consciously is no better or worse than living consciously...the great call to all people is to live out their own authenticity, and only an individual knows---they feel it---if they're living the life of who they really are.

For example, I know this is a past situation for you, but if a spirit is talking smack to you, and it doesn't feel good, look inside to the vibration you hold that is calling forth this form and experience to you. Of the top, I'd suggest see if you hold a belief that someone or something outside of yourself can hold power over your life. :)

Yes, every time you have had a new and unfamiliar experience in your life, you will have created it in this way.


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