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Since there's been so much discussion and misinformation about signs lately, I thought I'd share my opinion on it.

Instead of waiting for signs, create them. Being in a perpetual state of waitingness is not really conducive to manifesting your dreams. You create it - signs and all. It happens through your energy. If it's stagnant, unmoving, you won't create anything new. If, however, you shift your energy you will quickly and abundantly notice signs, because they're evidence of your shift in physical reality. These signs are really hard to miss unless you're completely unaware. More often, they're slap-in-your-face obvious. If you want to experience something new, something different - you will have to change your energy. Your current energy = your current reality.  Different energy = Different Reality.

Simple formula, but it bears repeating until it's integrated.

Easily the biggest problem in the LOA community is people wanting to change their reality, while putting out the same energy. But first you have to be aware of your own energy. Your state of being, your beliefs, feelings, vibration, behaviours and so forth.  

Recently I had some really uncharacteristic and synchronous situations and people in my life. But how do I know if they're signs or just random coincidences? Well two things make me very certain: 1) The fact that these things are very out of my reality and unexpected, and (most importantly) because I've done energetic work a few days ago. Therefore I know that this is a direct result of the seeds i have planted. What you sow, you reap. That, and having seen similar patterns over the previous years. 

So, the moral of the story is. Change yourself and then, and only then, life/reality will follow suit :)

And for further clarification, when I say change yourself I don't mean don't be authentic. If anything, be more authentic and true to who you really are. But change who you define yourself to be. Examine the self definitions, your feelings, and thoughts - for all of those make up your energetic sum. 

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Very good post and a lot of food for thought. I like what Goddard said about signs "Signs follow, they do not proceed.". At first I was very confused by this statement. I thought, no, signs are supposed to be there to tell us that something is following them... But then, upon gaining deeper understanding I realized how right this statement is. 

 Signs follow that shift in your beliefs, signs follow the creation of your desires, signs come AFTER you've already began the work you should, want or need to be doing. I see signs as more of a spiritual moment of self awareness than a something telling me that what I want is on it's way or validation. 

 Love reading these discussions and seeing all the different views! 

Thanks Nicole, glad you liked it. I liked your summary: "Signs follow that shift in your beliefs...come AFTER you've already began the work". 

No Abe says everything you want can just come to you. And I have a friend whom had her fiance just show up at her door to repair her apartment!

It can come to you. But how will it come if you're not a corresponding match to it? 

I am a huge fan of Abraham .I have watched hundreds of videos, read a couple books and studied their teachings for a few years. It is pretty amazing!

I like how they make learning such deep concepts seem simple. But I think that sometimes it’s oversimplified.

Like what you said, everything you want can just come to you. It is definitely true. But there are so many wrong ways of interpreting it. Another teaching is ‘feel good now’ . They keep repeating it all the time. While it’s helpful, there are so many ways you could misinterpret that. 

While Abe has all the answers, they are scattered messages, you need to put it together to make sense of it. 

About the post, it is a great reminder indeed. I love what Nicole says- Signs follow, they do not proceed.

I have had a few ‘prophetic’ dreams, most of them were lovely but some were not. Not until recently, I realized it was not as prophetic as I thought . Rather it was simply a picture of what’s going on deep inside me,not something coming from the outside. Earlier I would feel doomed if I dreamt of an unwanted outcome . Because I felt like although I was ‘chosen’ to receive this message there is nothing I can do about it. A few months ago I had a dream that I will lose the guy I have a crush on to some other girl. I have had similar dreams about two past relationships and they all came true. This time I decided to think and feel differently about this guy and now my prophetic dreams have changed! LOL

I now think that dreams and signs are a great way to know what your subconscious is upto. Signs are a great thing as long as you can use them to get where you want to go. 

Love this post, thank you Astro!

you hit a homer with this one astro. great job. 


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