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Can a person change their spots? Can a person quit being Mr. Laidback People Pleaser, and turn into someone who goes for what they want, and not considering first what other people want over his/her own needs? Quit worrying that one false step will land him in the doghouse with someone, or maybe even cause a breakup? I'm tired of being taken advantage of, and appearing weak, which maybe I am. 

Maybe at 59 I'm stuck in this mold forever.

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Laid-back is easygoing, relaxed and you go the flow. If you were really laid-back, you wouldn’t care what other people think of you and allow them to define your value and self-worth.

You’re only a people pleaser when you’re not a self-pleaser. You don’t please yourself. And the reason you don’t please yourself is because other people trained you to believe their emotions are dependent on your behavior. So when you behave the way they want, they feel good. When you behave the way they don’t want, they feel bad. And they want to change you so they can feel relief.

You free yourself of taking responsibility for when they feel bad because you’re not the reason they feel negative emotion. It’s guidance for what they are doing with their focus. And when you feel bad because someone else feels bad because of you, you’re receiving guidance with your emotions letting you know you are focused on the lack or absence of what you want. As you shift to focus on what you do want and why you want it, you will feel better.

Yes Marko! Absolutely ... You can change! :) Ignore the responses you receive from them when you do what's good for you. Their responses are their business not yours. Your business is to focus on feeling good all the time. When you're feeling authentically good, being true to yourself, you will be in the best emotional place to eminate that happy vibe which will then attract other happy likeminded individuals to you.

Take baby steps initially, try putting yourself first, in small ways, and note what happens ... The usual suspects won't like it! They'll tell you how selfish and unthinking you are because you doing something GOOD for yourself means you're not buoying up their emotional state. Tough! The sky won't fall down for you or them. The more you exercise your NATURAL desire taking YOU in the direction of everything that makes YOU HAPPY, the easier it will be for you to do it without beating yourself up which doesn't serve you at all. The more you gravitate toward your own authentic, happy experience those naysayers around you ,right now, will shut up and fade away looking for others to help maintain their emotional needs.

You really can do it! WTG Marko! Be Happy! :)

Hi Marko, no you're not weak, you're a victim of a narcissistic abuse, i have the same experiences..and i admit the work of Melanie Tonia Evans is helping me SO much! Here are 2 videos that could give you much clarity & help - she gives perfect healing remedies and she clarifies how and why we have created some horrible, disappointing and hurtful situations:



Much love & light****

Dont forget intending, intend to be who you want be, is more important that anything else...

Great insight

Change is the only constant. You might want to examine your deepest motivations, beliefs, and origins of your behaviour. How did this come about? What were you thought? A lot of inner work and deep examination is required, but definitely possible to change 180 degrees.

Love is All that matters and All that IS

Love sees no one to change, no one in need, nothing to change, nothing in need ...... as if Love were or even could possibly be absent, missing or in any way less than Love's Own Self 

Love is Pure , Whole, One, All

In Love ..... All is Love

What Love is not

is not 

My Heart and Your Heart are the very same One and Only 

Never was never was ..... and never will be never will be 

Truth is Love and Love is Truth 

Love is I and I am Love 

One and All 



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