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Have known about the power of attraction for years and am only now starting to apply it and feel it within. I really am reaching for the stars here but need to know if Im outside my means by trying to come into acting late in life. I feel so full of energy and excitement when i focus on being a big time actress, but i would like to hear what other people think about using this to break into one of the hardest industries to get into? Not just that, but when i picture my perfect life it includes being married to a celebrity. Is this attainable or just crazy talk?

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There are lots of examples of women who became actresses later in life. It can happen to anyone, at anytime. Think of all the teenage/early 20s actresses & actors who wash up after 30 and then you never hear about them again. Very few have longevity. Some examples of people who got into acting or became successful late in life:

Marion Lorne - didn't become famous until she was in her late 70s-80s!

Julie Child - became a TV star with her cooking show at 51

Robin Chase - founded Zipcar after her 40th birthday, while she was at home taking care of her children

Vera Wang - started her idea for a design company at age 40 (after being a figure skater & a fashion editor)

Joy Behar - launched a show business career after age 40, after having been a high school teacher

JK Rowling - developed the Harry Potter series, while on welfare, going thru a divorce, & needed to support her family - her books were turned into movies

Alan Rickman - prior to age 28, had never acted in any films

Other late life success examples:

Diana Nyad - after the 5th attempt, successfully swam from Cuba to Florida in 53 hours at age 64

Laura Ingalls Wilder - wrote the Little House series, first one came out when she was 65

Martha Stewart - prior to age 35, had no home decorating experience

I could go on, but you get the idea. You are never too old to follow your dreams. Now, go out and make your mark on the world!

It's the concept of the late bloomer, or the polymath.  Society has been fixated upon youth for a long time now, but I think that still comes from collective beliefs we have about vitality.  You can do more and achieve more, and be more alluring and positive when younger, because beliefs say that we decline as we get older.  That includes both body, mind and mindset.  But these are still beliefs we have, rather than how reality actually is.  If your beliefs are outside of this norm, then the Universe will find a place for you within the industry.

As with any industry, you will get recruited, hired and cast if the agents and producers think that you are going to be of use.  I don't mean this cynically either, because anyone can be of use at any age if they believe.  Use your thoughts to get your beliefs outside of the societal norm, and give producers etc a vibration to latch onto.

You need to believe deep down that you are TRULY GOOD ENOUGH, and that you are a GREAT ACTRESS.  If you believe this deep down, you will then attract situations and circumstances in which you really ARE good enough, and a great actress.  Producers will pick up on this vibration and act accordingly.  Paths will open for your big break in the industry, and the people who believe that it's so hard to get into, will just stay on the outside.

Prepare yourself an elevator pitch.  When a recruiter asks you the question " tell me about yourself, " they don't want to know about your stamp collection or your West Highland doggies; they want to know about your employable qualities, so how would you answer this question?  What makes you a great actress?  Can you think of 5-10 replies to this question, and put them into affirmations.  Write them down as affirmations, and go over them a few times a day so that you know the answer off by heart.  You will also start to believe THOSE as thoughts, and send them out as vibrations as well.

The more you believe in your acting talents, the better you will become.  Demanding scenes such as tears, difficult conversations, or ones requiring swift mood changes, will become easy for you: because you ARE a great actress.  The Universe will be giving you what you believe.  Your range will expand, and roles will open up to you.

You will also attract EVERYTHING YOU NEED to become a great actress.  The Universe will provide you with the right agents, tutors, mentors and so on, as well as put you in the right place at the right time to benefit from things.  What you may once have called good luck and big breaks, will be the result of your thoughts.  Helpful synchronicities to get you acting career under way.

You may attract small roles at first, but these aren't to be dismissed.  These will be acting credits under your belt, and these will be reflections of the great actress vibration you are building.  Mind power works in increments, with small things at first; but as the vibration gets stronger and stronger, so do the circumstances it attracts.  

So start today and focus on the fact that you are a great actress, and that will come out of you.  It will be like hotwiring your subconscience.  When you fully believe this, you will elicit performances and situations you never used to think were possible...but which are now.  Part of it you have done already, by feeling so fill of energy and excitement when you act, and that is fantastic.  Add a sustained belief in your talents, and you will be irresistable to casting agents.  

Best of luck to you.

This is far more of a response than I could have asked for. Just reading it filled me with that energizing whole feeling. So many great points and things to consider. Cant wait to apply them!!!
You're more than welcome Bre. Also have a read at my post called 'LOA and Momentum' where I have written about how using a focused thought form works in increments.

Something else to remember is that your higher self has given you this desire, and it is connected to the higher wisdom of the Universe.  What that means is that it knows what it's doing.  The fact that you have been given these talents, and given this desire NOW, is that it IS meant to be, and that NOW is the right time to do it.  As you focus, so you shall be guided and so doors shall open for you.

Im trying to let it all unfold in front of me a little at a time. Just to get me to the next step and then the next and so on. I am however faced with the hard decision that should i need to move, I do not think my boyfriend would be coming with me. While i dont want anything to stop me from my destination, i still have to consider both sets of feelings on the situation. I feel like this os my largest set back.
All of the examples of people who achieved their goals late is crazy encouraging. I also know that Meryl Streep hit it big at around my age. I love all of these responses and helpful comments so incredibly much. Im glad i found Powerful Intentions. I need to exercise my ability to use the power more. What are some practices you like?

Wow, I'm also an actress, and I'm trying to focus on a particular role, and to take my career to the next level. I almost scrolled past this post because I thought 'dream job' wouldn't be about acting, and here we are! Perfect timing or what ;) 

People have shared some amazing insights which I will take on board myself, but I must add, AGE IS NO BARRIER, life experience only makes you a BETTER actor. xx


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